2012 Honorary Degree Recipients

Fall 2012

Lt-Gen. Roméo Dallaire
Lt-Gen. Roméo Dallaire (ret ’d), appointed to the Canadian Senate in 2005, has shown extraordinary bravery and leadership in the face of atrocity and challenged the world to respond to the plight of child soldiers. He served in the military for more than three decades and was Force Commander of the United Nations Assistance Mission for Rwanda where his warnings of the massacre to come went unheeded.  As a result the 1994 genocide claimed an estimated 800,000 lives in 100 days. Senator Dallaire is an Officer of the Order of Canada, a Grand Officer of the National Order of Quebec, a Commander of the Order of Military Merit and an Officer of the Legion of Merit of the United States. He received the Meritorious Service Cross and the Pearson Peace Medal.

Peter MacKinnon
As president of the University of Saskatchewan from 1999 to 2012, Mr. Peter MacKinnon, QC, recognized the strength of the university and its people and charted a course for growth and innovation. He has also made his mark in public policy, and is the Public Policy Forum’s first recipient of the Prime Ministers of Canada Fellowship.  Mr. MacKinnon’s service has extended far beyond the campus. He is a member of the Advisory Committee on the Public Service and the Canadian Judicial Council Chairperson’s Advisory Group. He has served on Canada’s Science, Technology and Innovation Council and chaired the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada. 
Robert Roberts
Dr. Robert Roberts, a graduate of Dalhousie Medical School, is president, CEO and chief scientific officer of the University of Ottawa Heart Institute.  Highlights from his illustrious career include his roles in developing a test to diagnose heart attacks, establishing the field of molecular cardiology and identifying genes that contribute to heart disease. All of this has made him an international leader in cardiology. He has received honours from many organizations, including the American Heart Association, International Academy of Cardiology, American College of Cardiology, Memorial University and the Royal Society of Canada. 

Spring 2012

Marcia A. Boyd
Dr. Boyd has set exceptionally high standards for dentistry – both through her work and by her example.  As noted by a dentistry alumna, “Marcia is a human dynamo.  She makes things happen –effectively and ethically – and has set the highest bar attainable for all….”  She has made great contributions in the area of testing and evaluation for students wishing to study dentistry, as well as for dental graduates from Canada and abroad.  Dr. Boyd has influenced the dental profession through exemplary service.  It is a great honour to have Dr. Boyd with us today.
A. L. Burton Conrod
Dr. Conrod was the inspiration and inaugural recipient of the Canadian Dental Association’s Medal of Honour.  The award is described as celebrating “outstanding service, leadership and humanitarianism at the local, provincial, national and international level.  In this, the centennial year of dental education at Dalhousie, we are honoured to present Dr. Conrod with an Honorary Degree for his contributions to the dental profession.
John E. Dowling
Dr. Dowling is an international leader in vision research.   It’s been said, “….Dr. Dowling has made foremost contributions to the science of vision and the function of the retina from which much of our current understanding stems and medical treatments follow.   He says,” simple curiosity as to how things work has played an enormous role in directing my scientific life”, and we are the better for it.
J. Gordon Duff
Through his vision, commitment and selfless spirit, Dr. J. Gordon Duff has made a remarkable contribution to pharmacy education, and his leadership and hard work have laid the groundwork for the excellent pharmacy programs that are delivered today… here and far beyond.
Dame Wendy Hall
Visionaries have the gift of seeing the possible.  Professor Dame Wendy Hall is just such a person.  Dean of the Faculty of Physical and Applied Sciences at Southampton University, Dr. Hall is internationally recognized for her contributions to computer science, including pioneering hypertext research.  She is also a keen supporter and encouragement of girls and women considering careers in science and technology. 
Eugene Levy
Performer, writer, director, advocate, fundraiser, father, and in his own words, “a common man”, but to us, he is a Canadian treasure.  A native of Hamilton, Ontario, Mr. Levy’s contributions to Canadian entertainment in general, and comedy in particular, have been wide-ranging, unique and uniquely Canadian.  
Satya N. Nandan
In one of his nomination letters, it was written, “Ambassador Nandan is widely regarded as the pre-eminent international law of the sea diplomat of his generation”.  To earn such a tribute requires an individual to have achieved an impressive record of leadership and to possess a significant depth of knowledge.  Ambassador Nandan certainly meets these criteria.
Nancy F. Olivieri
Dr. Olivieri is Senior Scientist at the Toronto General Hospital and Professor of Pediatrics, Medicine and Public Health Sciences at the University of Toronto.  Today, we honour her for two reasons, for taking a courageous stand that helped bring issues of medical ethics to the forefront of our collective consciousness, and for her national and international research in blood disorders.  In both of these realms, Dr. Olivieri has chosen to look beyond herself in order to advance the greater good. 
Peter Sanger
Peter Sanger, teacher, poet, historian, critic, scholar and professor with a 30 year career at the Nova Scotia Agricultural College.  Mr. Sanger has made an outstanding contribution to agricultural life, has demonstrated high quality scholarship and has been a model of integrity and intellectual capacity.
Mohammed Shehadeh
Mr. Mohammed Shehadeh’s commitment to innovation and sustainability has made him a leader in construction in the United Arab Emirates and a driving force of change in the concrete industry.  A civil engineer, he is senior vice-president of Unibeton Ready Mix and board member of Al Fara’s construction group under which Unibeton falls.
Annette Verschuren
Ms. Verschuren is a dreamer….”a dreamer with the doing…”  “She never believed in, ‘you can’t do something.’  She always believed you could and she always did.”  These philosophies lead her to be an outstanding business leader, a dedicated volunteer and a Cape Bretoner who has never forgotten her roots.