What is a parchment?

Your parchment is a scroll of paper embossed with the name, crest and seal of Dalhousie University and signed by the Dean of your Faculty, the Chair of Senate and the President. It includes your name, the date, your degree and any defining characteristics (ie. program, field of study) where applicable.

When is my degree awarded?

Although your degree is officially awarded on the date that Senate meets to award degrees, your parchment is released to you at your Convocation ceremony. Graduates who choose not to attend their Convocation ceremony are asked to contact the Convocation Team so that arrangements can be made for the parchment to be picked up or mailed to their current address once all convocation ceremonies have concluded in a season. Parchment and certificate pick up for graduates who requested this service in advance will begin two business days after the last convocation ceremony in each season.

Graduates with outstanding fees

Graduates who owe more than $100 in outstanding fees to Dalhousie will not receive their parchment until the debt has been settled with Student Accounts. These graduates are still welcome to attend their Convocation ceremony and cross the stage with other graduates, however their parchment will be held at the Registrar's Office until it is released by Student Accounts. Once the debt has been settled, it is the graduate's responsibility to contact the Convocation Team to discuss delivery and pick up options.

What if I need my degree to be awarded before Senate meets?  

Under exceptional circumstances the Senate of Dalhousie University will consider requests from students who have met the graduation requirements and wish to have their degree awarded in session (between official dates). Please consult the Approval of Degrees between Convocations policy for further information.