Graduate Checklist

Before May:

  • Apply to graduate through DalOnline. Deadline is December 1.
  • Reserve your academic dress through the online portal between April 1 and May 15.
  • For students of African descent, contact the Black Student Advising Centre for information regarding their recognition program.
  • The Elders in Residence will attend Convocation to show their support and pride in the accomplishment of graduates Indigenous to North America (Turtle Island). The Elders will gift each Indigenous graduate with a hand made traditional medicine pouch. If you would like to be recognized by the Elders, please identify yourself by contacting
  • Check the date and time of your ceremony.
  • Check your Dal email account for information regarding your recorded mailing address and the appearance of your name for parchment.
  • Let the Convocation Team know if your plans have changed since you submitted your application to graduate and you wish to adjust your attendance status.
  • Double check the date and time of your ceremony.
  • Receive invitations by post in mid-April. Distribute guest invitations to family and friends. Contact us if you have not received your invitations by May 1. NOTE: The Registrar's Office does NOT maintain a waitlist for invitations. Any additional invitations will only be available one hour before the ceremony at the doors of the auditorium. Additional invitations are NOT available through the Registrar's Office.

Mid May:

  • Contact us if you or your guests have mobility or other ceremony concerns and require special seating accommodations.
  • Check your financial record in DalOnline to ensure all student fees and tuition are paid in full so that you will receive your parchment in person or following your Convocation ceremony.
  • Let your extended family and friends know that Convocation ceremonies are available for viewing via webcast.
  • Consider booking your portrait session with Lifetouch. They will be on site during your ceremony.
  • Explore your framing options and other grad gifts.    
  • Check the online list of graduates on Wednesday May 13 in the afternoon to ensure that you have met the graduation requirements and your degree has been awarded by Senate.

Following Convocation:

  • For graduates unable to attend, we encourage you to pick up your parchment at the Registrar's Office if you live in the Metro area. Parchments will be couriered in mid-June to those living outside the metro Halifax area who have requested this service in advance.
  • Watch for an email requesting your feedback about Convocation.