Gowns Room Hours

Gowns and hoods for the day of your ceremony are supplied by a vendor at the Gowns Room. Potential graduates must reserve their gown and hood in advance. All gowns and hoods must be returned the same day.

NOTE: Graduates who did not reserve in advance will still be able to access academic dress from the Gowns Room. Please be prepared to pay the rental fee when you arrive to pick up your academic dress.

Gowns Room Location and Hours

Please note: the Gowns Room is only open during Convocation.

The Gowns Room will be located in Room 103 at the Halifax Convention Centre, Convention Hall Level, 1650 Argyle Street in Downtown Halifax

Open Hours

Monday October 7, 2019, 12pm to 8pm
Tuesday October 8, 2019, 730am to 8pm 

When you pick up your academic dress

Academic dress must be picked up the day of your ceremony. Please be sure to have your academic dress in hand in time to begin lining up for your ceremony one (1) hour before it is scheduled to begin.  

Your email confirmation from the academic dress vendor is required to pick up your gown, hood and mortar board or birretum (if applicable). If you are receiving two degrees, you will need to pick up two hoods.   

Late returns

Your gown and hood must be returned to the Gowns Room during open hours. If your gown and hood is not returned, you will be asked to cover the full cost of the items.