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Faculty and Staff Use

Faculty and staff are asked to wear the hood and gown to Convocation that represents their highest degree in the style of the awarding institution. Most institutions are happy to allow you to borrow academic dress for this purpose.

For those who do not own their own academic dress but are Dalhousie graduates, academic dress can be borrowed on the day of Convocation. Although we ask those individuals with degrees from other institutions to borrow their academic dress, we will have a limited number of Dalhousie Hoods available.

Academic dress will be available for pick up in the Gowns Room. You will need to provide your Dalhousie ID or other identification at the time of pick up. Items must be returned the same day, in order for sufficient gowns to be available for subsequent ceremonies. You will be required to pay for items not returned.

For those faculty members who wish to purchase academic dress, the Registrar's Office can provide assistance in determining the correct color and style of hoods and gowns for both Dalhousie degrees, as well as those from other institutions. We can also provide you with the names of suppliers.