Faculty and Staff Information

Courtesy Shuttle to Halifax Convention Centre

Although underground parking is available at the Halifax Convention Centre, we are pleased to offer a shuttle service to the venue for faculty and staff members who wish to participate in our Convocation ceremonies.

Shuttle Stops:
Stop 1    Forrest Building, 5869 University Ave
Stop 2    Student Union Building, 6136 University Ave
Stop 3    Sexton Gym, 1360 Barrington St
Stop 4    Halifax Convention Centre Loading Bay, Market Street (behind Convention Centre)

Shuttle Map

Please RSVP to reserve a seat and time on the shuttle. (Reservations closed)

Gowns for Faculty and Staff Use

Faculty and staff are asked to wear the hood and gown to Convocation that represents their highest degree in the style of the awarding institution. Most institutions are happy to allow you to borrow academic dress for this purpose. For those who do not own their own academic dress but are Dalhousie graduates, academic dress can be borrowed for the day of Convocation.

Faculty who do not own academic dress are required to reserve academic dress in advance of the ceremony they plan to attend. There are specific reservation portals for the Truro ceremony and Halifax ceremonies. Please choose your location from the links below:

Reservation portal open from April 1 to May 15

Dalhousie will continue to cover the full fee for faculty/staff rentals.

Faculty members who did not reserve academic dress in advance will be accommodated on-site on the day of their ceremony. Please viist the Gowns Room approximately 45 minutes before the ceremony for assistance.  

Academic dress will be available for pick up at the Halifax Convention Centre, Convention Hall Level, in the Gowns Room, Room 103. You will need to provide your Dalhousie ID or other identification at the time of pick up. Items must be returned the same day, in order for sufficient gowns to be available for subsequent ceremonies. You will be required to pay for items not returned.

For those faculty members who wish to purchase academic dress, the Registrar's Office can provide assistance in determining the correct colour and style of hoods and gowns for both Dalhousie degrees, as well as those from other institutions. We can also provide you with the names of suppliers.

Faculty and Staff Onstage

Assemble at Halifax Convention Centre, Convention Hall Level, Room 109 in academic dress one half hour before the start of the ceremony. There will be a coat rack in Room 109, and also a Coat Check located in Room 105 of the Convention Centre.

The Grand Marshal has a predetermined seating plan and is there to place you in the appropriate order. The plan ensures platform party guests and faculty are appropriately seated according to their role onstage.

The Chancellor, President, Provost, Vice-Presidents, Chair/Secretary of Senate, Deans, and Registrar sit in the first two rows and their seats are reserved.

The academic procession begins approximately 10 minutes before the scheduled start of the ceremony. You are led into the auditorium by the Grand Marshal. Please follow their direction once you are onstage. Remain standing until you are invited by the Provost to sit down. 

At the close of the ceremony, you will be asked to rise and remain standing for the singing of O Canada. Following the singing of O Canada, the Beadle will lead the platform party off stage. 

Please join your graduates and their guests at the reception.


Representatives from each Faculty participate as Marshals during Convocation. The role of the Marshal is a very important one; therefore, it is critical the person(s) appointed to act as Marshal understand the responsibilities of this role. These individuals assist with lining up graduates prior to the start of each ceremony, lead graduates into the Auditorium and assist during the ceremony.

PhD Supervisors

PhD supervisors are recognized at Convocation as being a major part of the graduate's experience at Dalhousie. The Dean will ask the supervisor to stand when the name of the PhD graduate is read out. The supervisor, if present, comes forward and stands next to the President to participate in presenting the parchment. PhD graduates are invited to join the faculty on stage for the remainder of the ceremony and in the recessional.

PhD supervisors are asked to confirm their attendance with the Admissions and Convocation Officer (fgs.convocation@dal.ca) in the Faculty of Graduate Studies.