Before the Ceremony

Arrival and Assembly

Parking: Parking is available at the Halifax Convention Centre with entry on Grafton St. and is managed by Page Realty. Rates can be found here. Please note, rates are subject to change. Additionally, there are two major parkades within close proximity of the Convention Centre, including the Prince George Hotel and Scotia Square Mall.

Coat Check: there will be a coat check located in Room 105 of the Convention Hall level, adjacent to the graduate lineup area. 

Assemble: Potential graduates assemble, wearing your gown and hood, one hour prior to the start of the ceremony on the Convention Hall Level of the Halifax Convention Centre. Follow the signange on the Convention Floor Level to find the assembly area.

Degree: Look for a sign with your degree name and stay in that general area.

Name card: A Marshal will provide you with your name card and line you up in alphabetical order. If you do not receive a name card, inform the Marshal as you cannot cross the stage without it. Your name card indicates the name of your degree and program. It will also mention if you have achieved first class honours, distinction, University and/or DSU special award.

Lining up: You'll be lined up in pairs with the person who comes first alphabetically on the right.

Procession: The procession begins 10 minutes before the ceremony start time. You will be led into the auditorium by the marshalls; please stay in pairs.

Seating: All graduates sit in the right-hand section of the auditorium. You are to remain standing until the Provost invites you to sit down.