Spring 2020 Undergraduate Degrees

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Aaron, Sarah Alexandra (Juris Doctor)
Abarbanel, Sarah (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Abawajy, Aisha (Bachelor of Applied Computer Science)
Abawajy, Khadija Abdulfetah (Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences)
Abd El-Moneim, Noah (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Abdallah, Abdelrahman (Bachelor of Arts)
Abdelall, Mohannad Bahaaeldin (Diploma in Engineering)
Abdelaziz, Abdelrahman Essam (Bachelor of Engineering)
Abdelaziz, Mohamed Adel Ezzat (Bachelor of Engineering)
Abdessamie, Sara (Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences)
Abdou, Jewel Andre (Bachelor of Applied Computer Science)
Abdul-Ameir, Ameir Yahia (Bachelor of Commerce)
Abdulah, Zahraa (Bachelor of Engineering)
Abdulbasir, Tarek Mohamed Nabil (Diploma in Engineering)
Abdulrahman, Lida Hamayun (Bachelor of Science)
Abed Zadeh, Mohammad (Doctor of Dental Surgery)
Abed Zadeh, Mohammad (Bachelor of Science Major Conversion)
Abidi, Syed Ebad Raza (Juris Doctor)
Abou Rahal, Rebecca (Juris Doctor)
Abrams, Kori Patricia (Diploma in Technology)
Adams, Brittany Marie (Diploma in Technology)
Adams, Hannah Elizabeth Joan (Juris Doctor)
Adams, Jenna Raine (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Adams, Rebecca Lynn (Bachelor of Music)
Addison, Natalie Christine (Bachelor of Science (Recreation))
Adebola-Bello, Ikeoluwa Awwal (Bachelor of Engineering)
Afani, Farah (Bachelor of Engineering)
Ahern, Luke Donald (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Ahmad, Ismail Sharif (Bachelor of Science)
Ahmed, Lina Mansour (Bachelor of Science)
Ahmed, Salman (Diploma in Engineering)
Aisheh, Hashem Ahmad (Diploma in Engineering)
Akhtar, Farzana (Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies)
Akow, Evelyn Noelle (Bachelor of Science)
Akpan, Olufolakemi Edidiong (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Al Doss, Sami (Bachelor of Arts)
Al Faleh, Fahad (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Al Jawabra, Alaa Faisal (Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies)
Al Nasser, Abdulaziz (Bachelor of Science)
Al Salman, Batool Mbm (Bachelor of Science)
Al Sawadi, Hassan Zahed (Bachelor of Engineering)
Al-Bitar, Sami (Bachelor of Engineering)
Al-Hinnawi, Amera (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Al-Juboori, Sultan Saad Oudah (Bachelor of Engineering)
Al-Kabariti, Zeid (Bachelor of Engineering)
Al-Khaledi, Abdulla (Bachelor of Science)
Al-Razani, Rawand (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Al-Sharkawi, Razan Mahmood (Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences)
Alabdoulsalam, Mohammed (Bachelor of Science)
Alabdulhafith, Bushra (Bachelor of Science)
Alamri, Manar Abeid (Bachelor of Science)
Alashi, Ahmad Majed (Doctor of Dental Surgery)
Albather, Fatemah (Doctor of Dental Surgery)
Albring, Julian (Bachelor of Agriculture)
Alenazy, Faisal Souliman (Bachelor of Science)
Alexander, Diedre C (Juris Doctor)
Alfailakawi, Ali (Bachelor of Science)
Alghamdi, Mohammed Mansour S (Bachelor of Science)
Alhabib, Eisa (Bachelor of Science)
Alhadlaq, Saad Ahmed A (Bachelor of Engineering)
Alhassan, Fatimah Hussain (Bachelor of Engineering)
Alhejji, Mukhtar Abdullah (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Alherz, Ali (Bachelor of Science)
Ali, Ayeshah Akbar (Bachelor of Social Work)
Ali, Malik Idris (Doctor of Medicine)
Ali-Hassan, Liane (Bachelor of Management)
Allan, Ashley Nicole (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Allbright, Hannah Rose (Bachelor of Science)
Allen, Erica Ainsley (Bachelor of Science)
Allen, Jeremy Michael (Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences)
Allen, Jonah Blair (Bachelor of Engineering)
Allen, Kelsey Lynn (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Allen, Stuart Michael (Bachelor of Engineering)
Allen, Vanessa (Bachelor of Arts)
Alleyne, Kye Winsley (Diploma in Engineering)
Almeshaan, Abdullah (Bachelor of Science)
Almutairi, Maram Khalid (Bachelor of Science)
Almutawa, Yousef (Bachelor of Science)
Alotaibi, Mai (Doctor of Dental Surgery)
Alphonce, Joelle Anne (Bachelor of Management)
Alsaad, Abdullah Ahmed (Diploma in Engineering)
Altakrouni, Lainah TYM (Bachelor of Science)
Altourah, Omar (Bachelor of Science)
Alward, Emily Sarah Brannen (Bachelor of Arts)
Aly, Sara Ayman (Doctor of Dental Surgery)
Amijee, Aliasghar Hussein (Bachelor of Engineering)
Amir, Sana (Bachelor of Engineering)
Amyoony, Joelle (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
An, Kelu (Bachelor of Science)
Anabtawi, Saad (Bachelor of Science)
Anders, Nerissa Samara (Bachelor of Science (Nursing))
Andersen, Margaret Lauren (Bachelor of Arts)
Anderson, Christopher Matthew (Diploma in Engineering)
Anderson, Erin Mary Louise (Bachelor of Science (Recreation))
Anderson, Scott (Bachelor of Engineering)
Andrews, Brianna Marie (Bachelor of Science (Nursing))
Andrews, Gabrielle Linsey (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Angrove, Hilary Patricia (Juris Doctor)
Ansems, Megan Dawn (Bachelor of Science)
Anthony, Lori Aylissa (Bachelor of Engineering)
Antworth, Greyson Clair (Bachelor of Science (Agriculture))
Aoyama, Haruka (Bachelor of Arts)
Arab, Austin Anthony (Diploma in Engineering)
Arab, John Amir (Bachelor of Engineering)
Arab, Phillip Peter (Diploma in Engineering)
Arbuckle, Chloe Jane (Bachelor of Commerce)
Archibald, Carley (Bachelor of Science)
Ardila-Archambault, Lucas Adam (Bachelor of Science (Agriculture))
Ares, Haley Marie (Bachelor of Science (Agriculture))
Ariss, Iloe Margery Genosko (Bachelor of Arts)
Armour, William Gordon (Bachelor of Science)
Arsenault, Ashley Deborah (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Arseneau, Jeremy Dimitri (Bachelor of Arts)
Arseneault, Chelsea Alexis (Bachelor of Arts)
Arteta, Alejandra (Bachelor of Science)
Asetre, Monique (Bachelor of Science)
Ash, Cecil Samuel (Bachelor of Engineering)
Ash, Duan Jamal (Juris Doctor)
Ash, James Winston (Bachelor of Engineering)
Ashe, Cameron Gregory (Doctor of Medicine)
Ashley, Katie Jo (Bachelor of Science (Recreation))
Ashraf, Gazi Mohamed (Bachelor of Engineering)
Ashworth, Logan Derek (Diploma in Technology)
Ast, Daniel David Dover (Bachelor of Arts)
Asthana, Shatakshi (Bachelor of Arts)
Athanasopoulos, Anastasia (Bachelor of Social Work)
Atia, Manuel (Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences)
Atie, Anita (Bachelor of Management)
Atkinson, Lauren Rose (Juris Doctor)
Attridge, Claire Morgan (Bachelor of Science)
Atwell, Rhonda Rita (Bachelor of Science (Health Promotion))
Atwi, Zeina (Bachelor of Health Science)
Aube, Courtney Mary (Doctor of Dental Surgery)
Aucoin, Erin Elizabeth (Bachelor of Engineering)
Aucoin, Morgan Marie (Bachelor of Science (Nursing))
Austin, Zachary Daniel (Juris Doctor)
Avalos Mar, Shek Francisco (Bachelor of Science)
Avci, Eylul (Bachelor of Engineering)
Awad, Adam (Bachelor of Engineering)
Awan, Muhammad Hamza (Bachelor of Science)
Awe, Joshua Taiwo (Bachelor of Engineering)
Awotar, Pravesh Kumar (Diploma in Engineering)
Axworthy, Trevor Austin (Bachelor of Engineering)
Ayoub, Ibrahim Gerges (Bachelor of Engineering)
Azhar, Abdul Haseeb (Bachelor of Engineering)


Babadagli, Ege (Doctor of Medicine)
Babineau, Christian Alonzo (Bachelor of Commerce)
Bacon, Nicholas William (Bachelor of Science)
Badcock-Parks, Broderick Maxwell (Bachelor of Science)
Baggio, Christian John (Bachelor of Arts)
Bagnell, Lyle David (Bachelor of Engineering)
Bai, Haocheng (Bachelor of Science)
Bai, Isaac (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Bai, Yichen (Bachelor of Engineering)
Bain, Nicole (Bachelor of Commerce)
Bajelan, Sara (Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies)
Bak, Erin Victoria (Diploma in Technology)
Baker, Haley Kristina (Bachelor of Science (Nursing))
Baker, Kendal Marianne (Bachelor of Engineering)
Bal, Manveer Singh (Doctor of Medicine)
Balas, Deanne Louise (Bachelor of Science)
Baljet, Samantha Anne (Bachelor of Arts)
Ball, Jessica L. (Bachelor of Community Design)
Ballard, Ruth Abigail (Bachelor of Arts)
Balloch, John Faustino Robert (Doctor of Medicine)
Baltazar, Jazmin Ella (Bachelor of Engineering)
Balzan, Nicholas Anthony (Diploma in Engineering)
Balzan, Nicholas Anthony (Bachelor of Science)
Bandara, Ekanayaka M R Sarath (Diploma in Health Services Administration)
Banks, Corey George (Diploma in Emergency Health Services Management)
Banks, Laara (Diploma in Engineering)
Banks, Rachel Emmanuelle (Bachelor of Science)
Bao, Louise (Diploma in Engineering)
Barakett, Emilie Annie (Diploma in Dental Hygiene)
Barath Khanna, Logesh (Diploma in Engineering)
Barefoot, Samuel Ellis (Bachelor of Applied Computer Science)
Barkhouse, Chelsea (Juris Doctor)
Barkhouse, Nolan Rene (Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences)
Barnaby, Benson Edward (Juris Doctor)
Barnard, Ilne Luise (Bachelor of Science)
Barnes, Brayden Alexander (Diploma in Engineering)
Barnett, Amy Ellen (Bachelor of Science)
Barnett, Sarah Anne (Bachelor of Arts)
Barnhart, Grace Elizabeth (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Barnstead, Cali Anna Elizabeth (Bachelor of Commerce)
Barraclough, Lilian Jane Hegge (Bachelor of Science)
Barrett, Rachel Rheann (Bachelor of Science)
Barrett, Richard (Bachelor of Science (Agriculture))
Barro, Gavin (Bachelor of Engineering)
Barron, Chelsey Lee (Bachelor of Social Work)
Barron, Lauren Selena (Bachelor of Arts)
Barter, Emily Morgan (Bachelor of Science (Nursing))
Bartlett, Emma Margaret (Doctor of Medicine)
Bartolacci, Stefano (Bachelor of Engineering)
Barton, Jacob Rodney (Bachelor of Engineering)
Basden, Lauren Melissa (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Batarfy, Reem Tariq M (Bachelor of Science Major Conversion)
Bateman, Jacqueline Ann (Bachelor of Arts)
Battson, Elise Nicole (Bachelor of Arts)
Baumeister, Jeremie (Bachelor of Science)
Bayer, Caleidgh Grace (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Bazinet, Taylor Rebekah (Diploma in Technology)
Beaton, Amber Elizabeth (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Beaton, Nicholas Dwayne Walter (Bachelor of Engineering)
Beauchamp, Dennis Leo (Bachelor of Social Work)
Beaudoin, Michael Joseph (Bachelor of Science)
Beaulieu, Maxime (Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies)
Beaulne, Meaghan (Bachelor of Arts)
Beck, Caleb Thomas (Bachelor of Science)
Beck, Kyle Wayne (Doctor of Dental Surgery)
Becker, Christopher Nordin (Bachelor of Arts)
Becker, Kristen Joy (Bachelor of Arts)
Beckett, Johnny (Bachelor of Technology)
Beckley, Lena Katherine (Bachelor of Science)
Been, Ryker Kirkland (Bachelor of Science)
Beesla, Sean (Juris Doctor)
Beimuts, Christian (Bachelor of Arts)
Bekkers, Frederick M. (Bachelor of Engineering)
Bekkers, Jenna Rose (Bachelor of Science (Agriculture))
Belittchenko, Julia (Bachelor of Arts)
Bell, Bryan (Bachelor of Social Work)
Bell, Jennifer Marion (Bachelor of Health Science)
Belland, Mikayla Elizabeth (Bachelor of Arts)
Bellefontaine, Derek Ronald (Bachelor of Science)
Belliveau, Jacob Lee (Bachelor of Science)
Bellows, Thomas Hayden (Diploma in Engineering)
Benjamin, Justine Renee (Bachelor of Science (Recreation))
Bennett, Caitlin Briana (Doctor of Medicine)
Bennett, Danielle Lucille (Bachelor of Commerce)
Bennett, Madison St.John (Bachelor of Science)
Bennett, Regan Elizabeth (Bachelor of Arts)
Bennett, Robert Scott (Doctor of Dental Surgery)
Benoit, Taylor Kristen (Diploma in Dental Hygiene)
Benschop, Brooke Mykala (Diploma in Technology)
Bergeron, Maxime Andre (Bachelor of Engineering)
Bergman, Joel Charles (Doctor of Medicine)
Bergman, Sierra Brielle (Diploma in Dental Hygiene)
Berkers, Julie Diana (Bachelor of Social Work)
Bernard, Conrad Joseph (Bachelor of Commerce)
Berry, Bay (Bachelor of Science)
Bertagnolli, Katherine Sophia (Bachelor of Commerce)
Bertrand, Rebecca Erin (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Best, Joel Felix (Bachelor of Engineering)
Best, Nathan Alexander (Bachelor of Engineering)
Bethune, Scott Regan (Bachelor of Arts)
Betteridge, Jonathon Andrew (Bachelor of Engineering)
Betts, Matthew James (Bachelor of Engineering)
Bhutia, Zema (Bachelor of Science (Nursing))
Bhyun, Junghyun (Bachelor of Engineering)
Bietar, Bashir Nizam (Bachelor of Science Honours Conversion)
Bietar, Kais Nizam (Bachelor of Science)
Bigley, Austin Gregory (Bachelor of Engineering)
Bin Nazerollnizam, Irfan Faiz (Bachelor of Arts)
Binai-motlagh, Ali (Bachelor of Science)
Bird, Emily Diana (Bachelor of Commerce)
Bishop, Bryant Patrick David (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Bishop, Emily Caroline (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Bistekos, Joanna (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Bistekos, Zafirios (Bachelor of Engineering)
Bitar, Liam Georges (Bachelor of Engineering)
Bjerke-Clarke, Riel Morgana (Bachelor of Arts)
Black, Olivia Dawn Kathleen (Diploma in Technology)
Blacklaws, Jake Alexander (Doctor of Medicine)
Blackmore, Holly Kathleen (Bachelor of Community Design)
Blahey, Connor Alexander (Diploma in Engineering)
Blais, Cedric (Bachelor of Arts)
Blanche, Elizabeth Jean (Diploma in Health Services Administration)
Bland, Samantha Dawn (Doctor of Medicine)
Blois, Willem Vincent (Doctor of Medicine)
Boardman, Sophie (Bachelor of Science)
Bodenstab, Courtney Jenny (Bachelor of Commerce)
Boehner, Jenny Katherine (Juris Doctor)
Boer, Jonathan Geert Pieter (Bachelor of Agriculture)
Bogner, Emma (Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences)
Boisvert, Jenna Lindsay (Bachelor of Science)
Bolton, Jacob (Bachelor of Arts)
Bonang, Emily Campbell (Doctor of Dental Surgery)
Bonang, Jordan Jeffrey (Doctor of Dental Surgery)
Bonham, Alexandra Ellis (Bachelor of Science)
Bonin, Sydney Alexandra (Bachelor of Arts)
Bonnington, Abigail Charlotte (Diploma in Engineering)
Bonvie, Demetre Alexander (Doctor of Dental Surgery)
Boright, John Angus (Bachelor of Commerce)
Boucher, Daniel Edmond (Juris Doctor)
Boudreau, Abagail Kristy (Bachelor of Science (Agriculture))
Boudreau, Jordan David (Doctor of Medicine)
Boulanger, Lauren Elizabeth (Bachelor of Social Work)
Boulay, David Georges (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Bourgeois, Kristen Ellen (Bachelor of Agriculture)
Boutilier, Emma Joyce (Bachelor of Science (Agriculture))
Boutilier, Nicole Tyra (Bachelor of Science)
Boutilier, Tyler (Bachelor of Community Design)
Boutilier, Victoria Bawn (Bachelor of Arts)
Bowdridge, Kaitlynn Brianna (Bachelor of Commerce)
Bower, Lauren (Doctor of Dental Surgery)
Bowers, Chloe Campbell (Bachelor of Science (Nursing))
Bowers, Tyler William (Bachelor of Science)
Bowman, Margaret Shirley (Bachelor of Science)
Boyd, Allison Sarah (Bachelor of Arts)
Boylan, Benjamin (Bachelor of Commerce)
Bradley, Cassidy Jane (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Brady, Shelby Mary Patricia (Bachelor of Science (Recreation))
Brady, Shelby Mary Patricia (Bachelor of Management)
Bragman, Alexis Catalina (Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences)
Braha, Paul Avery John (Bachelor of Science)
Bramble, Chloe (Diploma in Technology)
Branchflower, Jacob Dylan (Bachelor of Science)
Brandt, Priscilla Jeannine (Bachelor of Arts)
Branton, Liam Roberts (Bachelor of Management)
Brauer-Chapin, Tatjana Roma (Bachelor of Science)
Bray, Ceilidh Anne Menzies (Bachelor of Engineering)
Bray, Ceilidh Anne Menzies (Bachelor of Science)
Breau, Derek Ryan (Bachelor of Science)
Breau, Holden Jon (Diploma in Technology)
Bredberg, Ingrid (Bachelor of Commerce)
Brennan, Thomas William (Bachelor of Engineering)
Brenton, Laura Jill (Bachelor of Engineering)
Brenzel, Max Angus (Bachelor of Commerce)
Brenzel, Roslyn Mehr (Bachelor of Arts)
Breski, Michael Francis (Bachelor of Engineering)
Briand, Colleen (Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies)
Bridge, Isaac Wayne (Bachelor of Science)
Brien, Martin George (Bachelor of Engineering)
Briggs-Morris, Amelia Mary (Juris Doctor)
Brine, Alicia Marie (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Brisebois, Kyle Gerard (Bachelor of Engineering)
Brittain, Haley Anna White (Juris Doctor)
Brooks, Emily Joan Juliette (Bachelor of Arts)
Broussard, Katelyn Joan (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Brown, Clarke Andrew Mitchell (Bachelor of Science)
Brown, Jacob William (Bachelor of Arts)
Brown, John-David Blair (Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences)
Brown, Julie Ellen (Bachelor of Social Work)
Brown, Kendall Allison (Bachelor of Commerce)
Brown, Leah Renee (Bachelor of Science)
Brown, Leah Renee (Diploma in Meteorology)
Brown, Samuel George Alexander (Diploma in Engineering)
Brown, Spencer Lawrence (Bachelor of Science)
Bruce, Dominic Christopher (Bachelor of Commerce)
Brunets, Artur (Bachelor of Engineering)
Brust, Catherine Marie (Bachelor of Arts)
Bryden, Clayton Mitchell (Bachelor of Engineering)
Buckley, Courtney Elizabeth (Bachelor of Engineering)
Buckley, Kyle Eric (Bachelor of Social Work)
Budd, Brian Samuel (Bachelor of Engineering)
Budden, David Gardiner Acton (Bachelor of Engineering)
Buhr, Christopher William (Bachelor of Commerce)
Bullerwell, Ryan Patrick (Juris Doctor)
Bullock, Clara Victoria (Bachelor of Agriculture)
Bump, Kiyalyn Renee (Bachelor of Arts)
Bunn, Jonathan (Diploma in Engineering)
Burack, Michael John (Bachelor of Commerce)
Burgess, Heather Joanne (Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences)
Burias, Bahia (Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies)
Burke, Jaqueline (Bachelor of Engineering)
Burke, Jordan Joseph (Diploma in Engineering)
Burke, Nicholas Pierce (Bachelor of Engineering)
Burnay, Manuel (Bachelor of Engineering)
Burns, Christopher William (Bachelor of Community Design)
Burns, Connor MacKenzie (Bachelor of Science)
Burns, Eileen Elizabeth Ann (Doctor of Medicine)
Burns, Evan Christopher (Diploma in Engineering)
Burns, Gordon Alexander (Bachelor of Agriculture)
Burns, Keanna Victoria (Bachelor of Science)
Burns, Mackenzie George Ross (Bachelor of Engineering)
Burns, Simon Wilfred (Diploma in Engineering)
Burrell, Kori-Lynn Margaret (Bachelor of Science (Nursing))
Burroughs, Andrew Peterson (Bachelor of Arts)
Burry, Robert Lee (Diploma in Meteorology)
Bush, Noah Robertson (Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences)
Busov, Petr (Bachelor of Engineering)
Butler, Amber Rae (Diploma in Engineering)
Butler, Samantha Adelle (Bachelor of Computer Science)


Cabel, Agi (Bachelor of Social Work)
Cabrera, Justin William (Bachelor of Management)
Caddell, Taylor Marie (Bachelor of Science)
Cade, Lucy Catherine (Bachelor of Arts)
Cadence, Jeremy Scott (Bachelor of Engineering)
Cai, Luwei (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Cai, Mengjin (Bachelor of Commerce)
Callahan, Tyler Timothy (Juris Doctor)
Callan, Taylor Michael (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Cameron, Adam Michael (Doctor of Medicine)
Cameron, Josefa Teresse (Bachelor of Arts)
Cameron, Lisa Marie (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Cameron, Zachary Isaac (Diploma in Engineering)
Campbell, Aldon Patrick (Bachelor of Commerce)
Campbell, Alix Jennifer Shirley (Bachelor of Science)
Campbell, Colton Al (Diploma in Engineering)
Campbell, Hannah (Bachelor of Science)
Campbell, Kaylee Mackenzie (Bachelor of Science (Health Promotion))
Campbell, Lauren (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Campbell, Myra Maud (Bachelor of Science (Nursing))
Campbell, Stephen Allister (Doctor of Medicine)
Camus, Dylan Patrick Eusebe (Bachelor of Engineering)
Candela, Cassandra (Diploma in Costume Studies)
Canning, Miranda-Lee Viola (Bachelor of Science)
Canvin, Haley (Bachelor of Commerce)
Cao, Jiaqi (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Cao, Mia (Bachelor of Engineering)
Capone, Derek James (Bachelor of Engineering)
Caracristi, Massimo Dante (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Card, Emelia Sarah Anne (Bachelor of Arts)
Card, Matthew Gordon (Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies)
Carew, Alycia Lauren (Bachelor of Health Science)
Carmichael, Edward (Juris Doctor)
Carr, Elizabeth Helene (Bachelor of Science (Health Promotion))
Carroll, Rachael Eileen (Bachelor of Science (Health Promotion))
Carsky, Melissa Kathleen (Bachelor of Science)
Carter, Andy (Bachelor of Engineering)
Cassell, Emily (Bachelor of Arts)
Castagna, Trevor Roberto (Bachelor of Commerce)
Cecillon, Natalia (Bachelor of Science (Recreation))
Cejpa, David (Bachelor of Engineering)
Cestnick, Nick (Diploma in Engineering)
Chadwick, Claire (Bachelor of Arts)
Chadwick, Meghan Ann (Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies)
Chaimberg, Matt Elijah (Bachelor of Arts)
Chamandy, Katherine Marie (Bachelor of Social Work)
Chamberlain, Elissa (Juris Doctor)
Chandler, Victoria May (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Chapin, Christopher William (Juris Doctor)
Char, Jordan (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Chaudhuri, Asmita (Bachelor of Management)
Chaytor, Joshua Norman (Bachelor of Engineering)
Chaytor, Nicholas Myles (Bachelor of Science (Recreation))
Chaytor, Nicholas Myles (Bachelor of Management)
Che, Chaoxu (Bachelor of Commerce)
Cheema, Jarwinder Kaur (Doctor of Dental Surgery)
Chen, Baihan (Bachelor of Management)
Chen, Cheng (Bachelor of Social Work)
Chen, Chin Wang (Bachelor of Engineering)
Chen, Evan (Bachelor of Science)
Chen, Guoxing (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Chen, Jared Allen (Bachelor of Arts)
Chen, Jing (Bachelor of Management)
Chen, Jingrong (Bachelor of Technology)
Chen, Rimin (Bachelor of Technology)
Chen, Sam (Bachelor of Engineering)
Chen, Vax (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Chen, Xi (Bachelor of Science)
Chen, Xiaoxi (Bachelor of Science)
Chen, Xingquan (Bachelor of Engineering)
Chen, Xinqi (Bachelor of Management)
Chen, Yao (Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies)
Chen, Yaqian (Bachelor of Commerce)
Chen, Yidan (Bachelor of Commerce)
Chen, Yueqi (Bachelor of Commerce)
Chen, Zeyu (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Chen, Zhiming (Bachelor of Arts)
Cheng, Guanhua (Bachelor of Commerce)
Cheng, Hanqu (Bachelor of Technology)
Cheng, Zihao (Bachelor of Science)
Chetwynd, Garrett James (Bachelor of Engineering)
Cheverie, Vanessa Rae (Bachelor of Social Work)
Chiang, Beatrice Elizabeth (Bachelor of Science)
Chiasson, Erin Elizabeth (Diploma in Engineering)
Chiasson, Jack Anthony Arthur (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Chiasson, Tyler Neil Paul (Juris Doctor)
Chicoine, Stephanie Laura (Bachelor of Arts)
Chiekwe, Nnamdi Lewis Chibuzo (Bachelor of Science (Recreation))
Chinnery, Daimhin Sara Grace (Bachelor of Engineering)
Chircop, Maximilian Janos (Bachelor of Applied Computer Science)
Chisholm, Brittany (Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies)
Chisholm, Rebecca Lynn (Bachelor of Science (Nursing))
Chona Pena, Jose Miguel (Bachelor of Science)
Chong, Jesse Won-Young (Bachelor of Engineering)
Christopher, Elliott Gordon (Bachelor of Science)
Chu, Chao (Bachelor of Science)
Chumik, Leland Gregory (Bachelor of Engineering)
Church, Rachel Betty-Ann (Bachelor of Science)
Church, Sophie Louise (Doctor of Medicine)
Cinq-Mars, Lise (Bachelor of Science)
Cipolla, Catherine Rubianne (Bachelor of Arts)
Clara, Cindy (Bachelor of Community Design)
Clark, Alexander Eric (Doctor of Medicine)
Clark, George Andrew (Bachelor of Applied Computer Science)
Clark, Michelle Katherine (Bachelor of Science)
Clark, Tristan Kennedy (Bachelor of Science)
Clark-Kenney, Logan (Juris Doctor)
Clarke, Dalton (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Clarke, Patrick Smith (Bachelor of Commerce)
Cloutier, Emma Louise (Bachelor of Engineering)
Cluett, Bryanna Sharon Michele (Bachelor of Arts)
Coady, Hilary Beth (Diploma in Dental Hygiene)
Coakley, Olivia Rose (Bachelor of Science)
Coates, Erik Christopher (Juris Doctor)
Cobb, Jack Buchanan (Juris Doctor)
Cochingyan, Estelle Kaye (Bachelor of Science)
Cochrane, Caroline Nicole (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Cochrane, Jamie Glenna-Marie Eileen (Bachelor of Science)
Cochrane, Sara Janice (Bachelor of Science)
Cole, Lexie Alicia (Bachelor of Arts)
Coles, Lilias Evelyn (Bachelor of Arts)
Collins, Nicholas (Bachelor of Health Science)
Colpitts, James Wilson (Bachelor of Science (Agriculture))
Colpitts, Julia Grace (Bachelor of Science)
Comeau, Emilie Leith Marie (Bachelor of Science (Nursing))
Comeau, James Alexander (Bachelor of Engineering)
Comeau, Odette Marie (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Comer, Patrick Joseph (Bachelor of Science (Agriculture))
Connolly, Michael Stephen (Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences)
Connor, Erin Whitney Grace (Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies)
Connors, Zaria Teaghan (Bachelor of Science)
Conrad, Julia Morgan (Bachelor of Science (Nursing))
Conrad, Sarah Nicole Evangeline (Bachelor of Health Science)
Conroy, Andrea Christine (Bachelor of Arts)
Constable, Lauren Nicolle (Diploma in Technology)
Conway, Rachele Rose (Bachelor of Arts)
Conwell, Micah Sasha Gabriel (Bachelor of Engineering)
Cook, Alexis Kate (Bachelor of Science)
Cook, Kyla Micheline (Bachelor of Arts)
Cooke, Jake Edmund Allen (Bachelor of Engineering)
Cooke, Jennifer Anne (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Cooke, John William Warren (Bachelor of Arts)
Cooke, Meaghan Catherine (Diploma in Dental Hygiene)
Cookson, Jonathan (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Coole, Mackenzie Karl (Bachelor of Commerce)
Coolen, Matthew Allen (Bachelor of Engineering)
Coolen-Jewers, Nathaniel Jacob (Diploma in Engineering)
Coombs, Hannah Madison (Bachelor of Science (Nursing))
Coombs, Kelsey Rebecca (Bachelor of Dental Hygiene)
Cooper, Nathan Michael (Bachelor of Commerce)
Cooper, Nicole Francis (Bachelor of Science)
Cooze, Alexander Harrison (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Copp, Sebastian Robert (Doctor of Medicine)
Corcoran, Samantha Barri (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Cordero Alvarez, Sofia (Bachelor of Arts)
Cordero-Doria Medina, Luis Armando (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Corkum, Donald Jon MacKeigan (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Corkum, Nicole Eileen (Bachelor of Commerce)
Cormack, Mackenzie Marie (Bachelor of Arts)
Cormier, Anthony Luc (Bachelor of Science)
Cormier, Michael John (Bachelor of Science)
Corrie, Taylor Jean (Bachelor of Arts)
Cosgrove, Brent Ryan Charles (Bachelor of Social Work)
Cosway, Mackenzie Gerhard Mager (Bachelor of Commerce)
Cote, Zachary Andrew (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Cottrell, Callum Percy (Bachelor of Engineering)
Courtney, Emma Jane (Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences)
Courville, Julien Maxwell (Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences)
Cousineau, Kyle (Diploma in Engineering)
Covalciuc, Claudia (Juris Doctor)
Cowles, Molly Jane (Bachelor of Arts)
Cowling, Matthew Adrian (Bachelor of Engineering)
Cox, Allan Bruce (Bachelor of Engineering)
Cox, Bradley Ryan James (Bachelor of Arts)
Cox, David Andrew (Bachelor of Arts)
Cox, Tahj Nicholas (Bachelor of Science)
Craik, Logan Clarence Michael (Bachelor of Engineering)
Crandall, Luna (Bachelor of Science)
Crandell, Sydney Erin (Bachelor of Engineering)
Cranston, Alexander Murdock (Diploma in Health Services Administration)
Cranston, Owen (Bachelor of Arts)
Cranstone, Connor James (Bachelor of Science)
Creaghan, Alysha Jo Lillian (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Creaser, Amy Brynn (Bachelor of Science)
Creaser, Jack Andrew Kinley (Bachelor of Arts)
Creelman, Samuel Patrick (Bachelor of Engineering)
Creighton, John James (Juris Doctor)
Cressey, Hayley Jane (Bachelor of Science)
Crewe, Michelle Kathryn (Bachelor of Engineering)
Cribb, Evan Peter MacAskill (Juris Doctor)
Crispo, Mark Nicholas (Bachelor of Engineering)
Croft, Theresa Edith (Bachelor of Arts)
Cronkhite, Emily Nicole (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Crosby, Lucas Hugh (Bachelor of Science)
Crosby, Taryn Elisabeth (Bachelor of Commerce)
Crouse, Rachel Johanna (Bachelor of Health Science)
Crouse, Ryan Michael (Bachelor of Science)
Crowe, April Lynn (Bachelor of Science (Nursing))
Crowe, Danielle Savannah (Diploma in Engineering)
Crowley, Jacqueline Kate (Bachelor of Arts)
Crowley, Micaela Lee Anna (Bachelor of Arts)
Crowther, Aidan Peter (Bachelor of Commerce)
Crozier, Lauren Surjit Kaur (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Csernyik, Kathryn Elizabeth (Bachelor of Social Work)
Cudmore, Natalie Noel (Bachelor of Science)
Cui, Fang (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Cui, Zhilin (Bachelor of Science)
Cunniah, Akshay (Bachelor of Engineering)
Cunningham, Joshua Alvin (Bachelor of Engineering)
Cunningham, Sarah Linda (Diploma in Technology)
Currie, Alana Louise (Bachelor of Health Science)
Currie, Brianna Awino (Bachelor of Commerce)
Currie-Forbes, James Lyle (Bachelor of Science (Nursing))
Curry, Matthew Regan (Bachelor of Science)
Curtis, Madison Lin (Bachelor of Science (Health Promotion))
Cutcliffe, Ryan Murray (Juris Doctor)
Cuthbert, Jessica Elora Margret (Bachelor of Science)
Cyples, Jessica Lynn (Diploma in Technology)
Cyr, Aidan Donald Joseph (Bachelor of Arts)
Cyr, Kayla Ryan (Doctor of Dental Surgery)
Czich, Andrew Noah (Bachelor of Science)
Czuczman, Amy Anne (Bachelor of Engineering)


D'Ascanio, Noah Angelo (Diploma in Engineering)
D'Ascanio, Noah Angelo (Bachelor of Science)
d'Entremont, Blake Tanner (Bachelor of Commerce)
d'Entremont, Joshua Aaron Luke (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Da Silva, Stephanie Anne (Juris Doctor)
Daboin, Silvia (Bachelor of Engineering)
Dai, Yuchen (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Daigle, Freya Kathleen (Diploma in Engineering)
Dalrymple, David Aaron (Bachelor of Engineering)
Dalrymple, Jessica Bishop (Bachelor of Management)
Dalton, James Eldon (Bachelor of Engineering)
Dalton, John Kevin (Bachelor of Arts)
Danecker, Erik Davis (Bachelor of Engineering)
Daoud, Amin Hassan (Bachelor of Engineering)
Darlison, Rowan Evlyn (Diploma in Engineering)
Darville, Kara Jodi (Bachelor of Commerce)
Darwich, Baraa (Bachelor of Science)
Darwish, Alaa M A (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Davies, Hannah Isolde Thomas (Bachelor of Science)
Davis, Angela Michelle (Bachelor of Social Work)
Davis, Keigan Michael Hunter (Bachelor of Science)
Davis, Savannah Mallary McNair (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Davis, Tegin Miles (Bachelor of Science)
Davison, Emilie Alexandra (Bachelor of Science (Agriculture))
Davison, Samuel Joseph (Bachelor of Science)
Dawson, Rebecca Ashley (Diploma in Dental Hygiene)
Day, Joshua Elliott (Bachelor of Science)
Day, Margaret Ellen (Juris Doctor)
de Haas, Sarah (Bachelor of Management)
De Stefano Reusse, Maria (Bachelor of Health Science)
De Vries, Jan Jetze (Bachelor of Agriculture)
de Waard, Dominique Louise (Doctor of Medicine)
Deagle, Kassandra Marie (Bachelor of Management)
Dean, Justin Mark (Juris Doctor)
DeBow, Doug (Bachelor of Engineering)
DeCoste, Madison Elizabeth (Diploma in Technology)
DeCruyenaere, Rochelle Torie (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Dedekind, Charl (Bachelor of Engineering)
DeDominicis, Malcolm Jacob (Bachelor of Science (Recreation))
DeDominicis, Malcolm Jacob (Bachelor of Management)
DeGregory, Kim Crispin (Bachelor of Science)
Delaney, Devin Roderick (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Delaney, Robyn (Bachelor of Arts)
Delorey, Noah Keighan (Bachelor of Science (Recreation))
Delorey, Noah Keighan (Bachelor of Management)
DeMan, Jerrett Jan (Bachelor of Computer Science)
DeMerchant, Laura Katherine (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
DeMont, Josh DeMont (Bachelor of Engineering)
Denardis, Halle Catherine (Bachelor of Science (Health Promotion))
Deng, Ke (Bachelor of Management)
Deng, Xin (Bachelor of Science)
Dennis, Stephanie Susan (Doctor of Medicine)
Denny, Shae Hannah (Diploma in Technology)
Derby, Brianne (Bachelor of Arts)
Deturbide, Stephen Michael (Juris Doctor)
Deveau, Adam Patrick (Doctor of Medicine)
Deveci, Rasim Ulas (Bachelor of Applied Computer Science)
Devereaux, Olivia Sarah (Bachelor of Science)
Deviller, Drew Taylor (Bachelor of Engineering)
Dewar, Alexander Lalonde (Bachelor of Engineering)
Dewar, McCaffrey Douglas (Bachelor of Engineering)
DeWolfe, Calvin Scott (Juris Doctor)
Dexter, Harris Wilson (Bachelor of Commerce)
Dexter, Ian Cameron (Bachelor of Engineering)
Dexter, James Michael Yates (Juris Doctor)
Dextrase, Avery Sarah (Bachelor of Science)
DeYoung, Dylan Robert (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
DeYoung, Jenna Marie (Bachelor of Science (Nursing))
Dhamdachia, Dylan (Bachelor of Engineering)
Dharmaratne, Shevin Nishesh (Diploma in Engineering)
Dhawan, Shweta (Doctor of Medicine)
Diamond, Paul Aaron (Bachelor of Engineering)
Digout, Christian Gregory (Doctor of Medicine)
Dime, Sophia (Bachelor of Arts)
Dimitroff, Serena Asuka (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
DiNatale, Josh (Bachelor of Commerce)
Dingley, David George (Bachelor of Management)
Dinneny, Patrick Wenzel (Bachelor of Science (Bioveterinary Science))
Dion, Angie (Bachelor of Science)
Dixon, Evan Daniel (Bachelor of Engineering)
Djetore, Ogheneovie Samuel (Bachelor of Engineering)
Dobbin, Michael Lawrence (Bachelor of Science)
Dobrosky, Paul Benjamen (Bachelor of Management)
Dobson, Colin (Bachelor of Arts)
Dobson, Sarah (Juris Doctor)
Dockrill, Kenzie James (Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies)
Dodge, Jaclyn Emily (Bachelor of Science (Recreation))
Doelle, Nikola Jardine (Diploma in Engineering)
Dollimore, Jamie (Bachelor of Science)
Dolliver, Stacia Mae (Bachelor of Science)
Donovan, Erin Lynn (Bachelor of Science)
Dorais-Fleming, Oliver Keith (Bachelor of Arts)
Dort, Joshua Stephen (Bachelor of Arts)
Dossetor, Kate (Bachelor of Arts)
Doucet, Erika (Bachelor of Science (Nursing))
Doucet, Gabrielle Marie (Bachelor of Community Design)
Doucette, Joseph Austin John (Bachelor of Engineering)
Doucette, Logan (Bachelor of Engineering)
Douglas, Gabrielle Enid (Bachelor of Arts)
Douglas, Sarah Blair Gorman (Juris Doctor)
Dow, Todd William Joseph (Doctor of Medicine)
Doyle, Patrick Michael (Diploma in Engineering)
Drake, Hannah Rosalynd (Bachelor of Science)
Drall, Sharestha Singh (Bachelor of Arts)
Drever, Callum Grant (Bachelor of Science)
Drouillard, Serena Lynn (Bachelor of Science)
Drover, Devin (Juris Doctor)
Du, Serena (Bachelor of Commerce)
Du, Siyi (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Duan, Xinyi (Bachelor of Science (Agriculture))
Dugay, Breanne Dugay-Whelpley (Diploma in Technology)
Dugdale, Madison Leigh (Bachelor of Science)
Dugdill, Victoria (Bachelor of Arts Honours Conversion)
Duggan, Elyse Catherine (Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences)
Duggan, Shona Kathleen (Bachelor of Science)
Dukeshire, Brianna Zinck (Bachelor of Arts)
Dumais, Myriam (Bachelor of Science)
Dumaresque, Brittany Alicia (Bachelor of Health Science)
Duncan, Derek James (Juris Doctor)
Dunn, Krista Jane (Doctor of Medicine)
Dunn, Nathaniel Robert Leland (Bachelor of Engineering)
DuPlessis, Charles Hiram (Juris Doctor)
Durham, Tess Hattie (Bachelor of Arts)
Duru, Jonathan Onyinyechi (Bachelor of Arts)
Dysart, Max (Bachelor of Arts)
Dyson, James Gordon (Bachelor of Engineering)


Earle, Ryan Brandon (Bachelor of Commerce)
Eaton, Jordan MacKenzie (Bachelor of Science)
Ebbs, John Riley (Bachelor of Commerce)
Eichhorst, Rachel Madeline (Bachelor of Science (Recreation))
Eissa, Mohamed Mahmoud (Doctor of Medicine)
Ejeh, Oritseweyinmi (Bachelor of Engineering)
Ekeadah, Chukwuka (Bachelor of Science)
Ekvall, Connor Vincent (Bachelor of Engineering)
El Bitar, Talal Edward (Bachelor of Arts)
Elder, Jennifer Breanne (Bachelor of Arts)
Elgendi, Mariem M (Bachelor of Science)
Elhakeem, Marrwah (Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences)
Elizabeth, Nichole (Juris Doctor)
Ellerton, Lauren Marie (Bachelor of Science)
Ellingsen, Aurora (Bachelor of Arts)
Ellis, Austin Laurie Trevor (Diploma in Engineering)
Ells, Olivia Eve (Juris Doctor)
Ellsworth, Christine Amelia Cecilia (Bachelor of Science (Agriculture))
Elnaggar, Abdelmoneim Hany (Bachelor of Engineering)
Elshafei, Heba (Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies)
Elzayaat, Eyad Essam Eldin (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Emam Metwally, Ramy (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Emin, Tatum Jeri (Bachelor of Science (Nursing))
Empey, Madelaine Anne (Bachelor of Science (Bioveterinary Science))
Eng, Victoria Jing Xian (Bachelor of Engineering)
Engio, Lisa Jennifer (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
English, Emma Catherine (Bachelor of Health Science)
English, Rebecca (Bachelor of Technology)
Entwisle, Noah MacLean (Juris Doctor)
Epstein, Jessica Naomi (Diploma in Technology)
Erdemir, Ece Irem (Bachelor of Arts)
Ersoy, Hande (Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies)
Esterhuizen, Dayna Lee (Bachelor of Arts)
Evans, Allyson Mae (Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences)
Evely, Sara Jennifer (Bachelor of Engineering)
Evong, Yolanda Dawn (Doctor of Medicine)


Facey, Hannah Marie (Bachelor of Science (Agriculture))
Fakhoury, Ramzi Nabil (Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies)
Falkenham, Alec Guy (Doctor of Medicine)
Fang, Shaoning (Bachelor of Science (Agriculture))
Fantaci, Daria (Bachelor of Arts)
Faoro, Gabby (Bachelor of Science)
Fareed, Sameer Ahmad (Bachelor of Engineering)
Farias, Nathan (Doctor of Medicine)
Farmer, Devin Alexander Niden (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Farmer, Rachel Heather MacKinley (Bachelor of Arts)
Farr, Jade Caien (Diploma in Engineering)
Farrashzadeh, Elmira (Bachelor of Science)
Farrell, Maria Jean (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Farrow, Julia Katharine (Bachelor of Management)
Fashir, Rania (Doctor of Medicine)
Fashir, Sana (Bachelor of Science)
Fast, Julia Mackenzie Redekopp (Bachelor of Science)
Fatungase, Ibrahim Boluwatife (Bachelor of Engineering)
Fawcett, Kyla (Bachelor of Science (Recreation))
Fay, Matthew Brennan (Doctor of Medicine)
Feeley, Kara Nicole (Bachelor of Commerce)
Fenech, Malcolm Kenneth Joseph (Bachelor of Science)
Ferguson, Rita Deana (Bachelor of Science)
Ferguson, Tyler Scott (Bachelor of Commerce)
Ferrari, Brett John (Bachelor of Engineering)
Ferraro, Lucy Angelina (Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies)
Ferrier, Brittny Dallas (Diploma in Technology)
Ferron, Myriam Eve (Doctor of Dental Surgery)
Festeryga, Deirdre (Juris Doctor)
Festeryga, Patrick Murray (Bachelor of Arts)
Fiander, Max (Doctor of Medicine)
Field, Melissa Letetia (Diploma in Meteorology)
Field, Rebecca Christine (Bachelor of Arts)
Findlay Black, Drew (Juris Doctor)
Finnegan, Liam Connor (Bachelor of Science)
Finner, Kathryne Elizabeth Victoria (Bachelor of Science)
Firth, Chloe Emily Mae (Bachelor of Science)
Firth, Marina Jane (Bachelor of Science)
Fisher, Aidan James (Bachelor of Commerce)
Fisher, Brock Patrick Otto (Bachelor of Engineering)
Fisher, Jacob Robert Norman (Bachelor of Commerce)
Fitch, Lucy Lorraine (Bachelor of Arts)
Fitzgerald, Jodie Maia (Bachelor of Science (Nursing))
Fitzpatrick, Erin Tracy (Bachelor of Science)
FitzPatrick, Mary Clare (Bachelor of Science Honours Conversion)
Flaherty, Hannah Sharbot (Bachelor of Science (Health Promotion))
Fleck, Chad Stephen (Bachelor of Arts)
Fleming, Evan Thomas (Diploma in Engineering)
Fletcher, Joella Jane (Bachelor of Science)
Fletcher, Peter Jan (Bachelor of Science)
Flick, Laura Margaret (Bachelor of Engineering)
Flight, Lauren Kendra (Bachelor of Science)
Flindall, Catherine Meris (Bachelor of Social Work)
Florian, Jonathan Franklin Micheal (Diploma in Engineering)
Floyd, Sarah Jean (Diploma in Dental Hygiene)
Flynn, Megan Leeanne (Bachelor of Social Work)
Flynn, Molly Annie Catherine (Bachelor of Engineering)
Fogarty, Lauren Caroline (Doctor of Medicine)
Foley, Mary Kathleen (Bachelor of Science)
Follwell, Frank Anthony (Juris Doctor)
Fong, Joel Evan (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Foot, Julia Isabelle (Bachelor of Science (Nursing))
Foran, Nicholas Joseph (Juris Doctor)
Forbes, Jill Patricia (Doctor of Medicine)
Ford, Rebecca Jane Louise (Bachelor of Arts)
Forrest, Richard Peter (Bachelor of Engineering)
Forsythe, Hannah Maria (Bachelor of Commerce)
Forte, Jerod Louis (Bachelor of Arts)
Forward, Evan Floyd (Bachelor of Science)
Fournier, Jeffrey Edward (Doctor of Medicine)
Fowlie, Evan David (Bachelor of Arts)
Fox, Fiona Marie (Bachelor of Science)
Fox, Rebekkah Erin (Juris Doctor)
Frail, Jennifer Marie (Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies)
Francis, Arielle Lisa Hardy (Juris Doctor)
Francis, Serena Alicia (Bachelor of Commerce)
Franke, Brandon Christopher Demelo (Bachelor of Applied Computer Science)
Franklin, Kimberly Jacklyn (Bachelor of Science)
Franklin, Lucy Ann (Bachelor of Commerce)
Fraser, Bailey Blake (Diploma in Technology)
Fraser, Delana Mae (Bachelor of Science (Nursing))
Fraser, Hilary Elizabeth Bliss (Bachelor of Arts)
Fraser, Kyle Kalon (Bachelor of Science (Nursing))
Fraser, Liam Gerard (Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences)
Fraser, Madison Erin (Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies)
Fraser, Nakayla Pearl (Bachelor of Arts)
Frawley, Catherine Rose (Bachelor of Arts)
Frechette, Madison Alana (Bachelor of Science)
Fredrick, Siddart (Bachelor of Engineering)
Freeman, Alec David (Bachelor of Engineering)
Fricke, Christian (Bachelor of Engineering)
Friedman Raz, Yotam (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Friesen, Hilary Anastasia Hui Lin (Bachelor of Engineering)
Frith, Rhyl (Bachelor of Science)
Frizzell, Stephanie Rhiannon (Bachelor of Science (Recreation))
Fromme, Clair Frances (Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies)
Frost-Wicks, Amy Marguerite (Bachelor of Science)
Fu, Meifan (Bachelor of Commerce)
Fu, Xiang (Bachelor of Engineering)
Fu, Yidan (Bachelor of Commerce)
Fu, Yu (Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies)
Fu, Yuchen (Bachelor of Engineering)
Fulton, Leah (Bachelor of Community Design)
Fyfe, Frances Grace (Bachelor of Arts)


Gagne, Andre Gerard Horton (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Galbraith, Jordan Marie (Bachelor of Science (Nursing))
Galbraith, Megan Katherine (Bachelor of Science)
Gallant, Chelsey Michaela (Bachelor of Health Science)
Gallant, Jason Michael (Bachelor of Engineering)
Galsworthy, James (Juris Doctor)
Galvez, Krystalli Princesa (Diploma in Technology)
Galway, Sean Liam Maheux (Bachelor of Arts)
Gammans, Elise Theadora (Bachelor of Science)
Gao, Hairong (Bachelor of Arts)
Gao, Jiahong (Bachelor of Engineering)
Gao, Meng (Bachelor of Commerce)
Gao, Qizhong (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Gao, Victor (Bachelor of Engineering)
Gao, Yu (Bachelor of Engineering)
Gao, Yuejia (Bachelor of Science)
Gardner, Graydon Robert Thomas (Bachelor of Arts)
Garson, Derek Josef (Bachelor of Health Science)
Gascon, Francois Pierre (Bachelor of Engineering)
Gates, Laura Elizabeth (Bachelor of Science (Health Promotion))
Gattous, Aisha (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Gaudet, David Robert (Doctor of Medicine)
Gauley, Hannah Elizabeth (Diploma in Engineering)
Gavel, Brooke Marie (Bachelor of Health Science)
Gavin, Kaylee Ja-le (Bachelor of Science)
Gawdat, Nary (Bachelor of Science)
Gawron, Gillian Kate (Bachelor of Arts)
Gebre, Afomia Birhanu (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Gendron, Chloe Alexandra (Bachelor of Commerce)
Geng, Han (Bachelor of Science)
Geng, Zihao (Diploma in Engineering)
George, Courtney Marie (Bachelor of Science)
Gerhardt, Emily Mackenzie (Bachelor of Science)
Gerrie, Charles Frederick (Bachelor of Science)
Gesse, James (Diploma in Engineering)
Ghanem, Sharihan Bassem (Bachelor of Science)
Gharagozli, Arad (Bachelor of Engineering)
Ghosn, Cynthia Dominique (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Ghosn, Paul (Bachelor of Community Design Honours Conversion)
Ghouti, Loukman (Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences)
Giannopoulos, Panos (Bachelor of Commerce)
Gibbons, Hannah Brooke (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Giblin, Anna K (Bachelor of Community Design)
Gibson, Cyerra Maria Albertha (Bachelor of Engineering)
Gibson, Griffin Robert Davies (Bachelor of Management)
Gibson, Layla Joy (Bachelor of Arts)
Gibson, Sebastien Javad (Bachelor of Arts)
Giddings, Stephen Aaron (Juris Doctor)
Gifford, Danielle Alexandra (Bachelor of Management)
Gilbert, Chidi Cajetan (Bachelor of Engineering)
Gillies, Simon (Bachelor of Arts)
Gillighan, Katrina Marie (Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies)
Gillighan, Robyn Nicole (Diploma in Technology)
Gillis, Bradley Alexander James (Bachelor of Science)
Gillis, Emily Marie (Bachelor of Science (Nursing))
Gillis, Jordan Alan (Bachelor of Arts)
Gillis, Melissa Kate (Bachelor of Engineering)
Gilson, Kimberly Lorene (Bachelor of Arts)
Ginson, Robert James Ward (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Gionet, Marc-Andre (Bachelor of Science (Recreation))
Girard, Angel Michelle (Bachelor of Science (Agriculture))
Glasgow-Thomas, Daelyn Micah (Bachelor of Science)
Glazebrook, Haley Marie (Bachelor of Science)
Glencross, Gregory John Wilfred (Bachelor of Science)
Glover, Christian (Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences)
Glover, Matthew (Bachelor of Arts)
Glozanski, Willem River (Diploma in Engineering)
Glynn, Adam Gregory (Bachelor of Engineering)
Gobran, John Gehad (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Godin, Eve (Bachelor of Science (Bioveterinary Science))
Godin, Mariah (Bachelor of Science (Recreation))
Godin, Mariah (Bachelor of Management)
Goguen, Charlotte Lynn (Bachelor of Commerce)
Goldsmith, Benjamin James Robert (Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies)
Gomez Rodriguez, Sebastian (Bachelor of Arts)
Gong, Keyue (Bachelor of Science)
Goodridge, Binta (Diploma in Engineering)
Goodwin, Danielle Ricky (Bachelor of Engineering)
Goodyear, Lauren Jayne (Bachelor of Science)
Goosens, Stephane Harm (Bachelor of Engineering)
Gordon, Catherine Maclean (Bachelor of Science)
Gordon, Ciara (Bachelor of Arts)
Gordon-MacKay, Kara Therese (Bachelor of Science)
Gorman, James Daniel Ells (Juris Doctor)
Gorman, Jesse Harris (Bachelor of Arts)
Gosse, Megan Leigh (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Goswami, Sara (Bachelor of Science)
Goucher-MacMillan, Noah James (Bachelor of Arts)
Graham, Carly Catherine (Bachelor of Science (Nursing))
Graham, Colton Stewart (Diploma in Engineering)
Graham, Jeremy Daniel (Bachelor of Engineering)
Graham, Justin Kenneth (Bachelor of Engineering)
Graham, Michelle Lise Marie (Bachelor of Social Work)
Graham, Sara Madeline (Bachelor of Science)
Graham, Shaye Elizabeth (Bachelor of Science)
Graham-Laidlaw, Maile Joy Alice (Juris Doctor)
Grandy, Nicholas John Lee (Bachelor of Commerce)
Grant, Alise Marilyn (Bachelor of Commerce)
Grant, Anfernae Ashley (Bachelor of Science)
Grant, George Bickerton (Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies)
Grant, Jordan John-Gary (Bachelor of Arts)
Grant, Krystal Lynn (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Grantmyre, Benjamin Edward (Bachelor of Science)
Grattan, Gina Emily (Bachelor of Arts)
Gravelle, Alanna Marie (Diploma in Engineering)
Gravelle, Alanna Marie (Bachelor of Science)
Gray, Caleb Patrick (Diploma in Engineering)
Gray, Emma Shirley Patricia (Bachelor of Science (Nursing))
Gray, Vanessa Marie (Bachelor of Science)
Greechan, Peter Lachlan (Diploma in Engineering)
Green, Kathryn Grace Kinsey (Bachelor of Arts)
Green, Spencer John (Bachelor of Arts)
Greenan, John Andrew (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Greenfield, Devin Dawn (Bachelor of Engineering)
Greeno, Leslie Katherine (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Gregan, Olivia Janelle (Bachelor of Engineering)
Gregg, William Clark (Bachelor of Commerce)
Gregory, Taylor Laura (Bachelor of Science)
Gregory, Victoria Megan Maria (Juris Doctor)
Grieve, Charlotte Alana (Bachelor of Science)
Griffin, Danielle Mary (Bachelor of Engineering)
Griffin, Jane Alexandra (Bachelor of Arts)
Gritten, Alysha Mae (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Groper, Adam Samuel (Bachelor of Commerce)
Groves, Chris Groves (Bachelor of Engineering)
Groves, Tascha Louise (Bachelor of Science (Nursing))
Gruchey, Matthew Paul (Juris Doctor)
Guan, Bohong (Bachelor of Science)
Guan, Fionica (Diploma in Engineering)
Guan, Yayou (Bachelor of Engineering)
Guan, Yuhang (Bachelor of Science)
Guang, Yinkuan (Bachelor of Science)
Gui, Zhaocheng (Bachelor of Engineering)
Gunby, Jamie (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Guo, Hanlei (Bachelor of Technology)
Guo, Jiaqi (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Guo, Jiaqi (Bachelor of Engineering)
Guo, Zichen (Bachelor of Management)
Guo, Zijia (Bachelor of Science)
Gupta, Krishan Kumar (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Gushue, Brooke Leanna (Bachelor of Science (Nursing))
Guy, Graeme Thomas Wiggin (Bachelor of Science)
Guzman, Jacob Benjamin (Bachelor of Science)
Guzman, Victoria (Doctor of Dental Surgery)
Guzman Skotnitsky, Sabrina (Bachelor of Arts)


Haas, Cody Henry Mitchell (Bachelor of Engineering)
Haas, William Micheal Darren (Diploma in Engineering)
Habchi, Joseph Anthoney (Bachelor of Management)
Habermehl, Esther Dawn (Bachelor of Science (Nursing))
Habib, Rami (Bachelor of Science)
Hache, Richard James (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Hadley, Marissa Raelene (Bachelor of Social Work)
Hadley, Stefan Alexander (Bachelor of Science)
Hadley, Tilda Jane (Bachelor of Engineering)
Hage, Jayme (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Hajibi, Faisal Nizar Hussein (Bachelor of Engineering)
Hallett, Brady (Bachelor of Arts)
Hallett, Jenny Louise (Bachelor of Science)
Halpern, Daniel (Bachelor of Arts)
Hamilton, Brett Madilyn (Bachelor of Science)
Hamilton, Lindsay Quinn (Bachelor of Commerce)
Hamilton, Olivia (Diploma in Dental Hygiene)
Hamm, Sara Irene (Bachelor of Science)
Hammer, Christine Louise (Doctor of Dental Surgery)
Hamodat, Hayam (Doctor of Medicine)
Han, Jiaming (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Hanlon, Jennifer Elizabeth (Juris Doctor)
Hanna, Connor Ian (Bachelor of Engineering)
Hannaford, Ryan Edward (Bachelor of Science (Agriculture))
Hannedige, Damsadie Kulara Kaluappuwa (Bachelor of Science)
Hanstead-Berezowski, Chloe (Bachelor of Community Design)
Hao, Junxiang (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Happ, Dexter (Diploma in Engineering)
Harakal, Kiara (Bachelor of Science)
Harber, Kallen Elias Ronald (Bachelor of Science)
Harden, Stuart Hugh (Bachelor of Arts)
Harding, Andrew Kenneth (Diploma in Engineering)
Harding, Christopher (Bachelor of Science)
Harding, Moira Esther (Juris Doctor)
Harker, Michael Jeffrey Frodsham (Juris Doctor)
Harlow, Amy Lauren (Bachelor of Social Work)
Harper, Alexander Randall (Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences)
Harris, Mitchell (Bachelor of Arts)
Harris-Eze, Ikechukwu Oluwatobi (Bachelor of Engineering)
Harrison, Benjamin William (Bachelor of Arts)
Harrison, Miriam Joy (Bachelor of Science)
Harrison, Thomas Peter (Bachelor of Science)
Hart, Mackenzie Payton (Bachelor of Science)
Hartigan, Jacqueline Marie (Juris Doctor)
Hartley, Benjamin (Bachelor of Management)
Harvey, John Phillip (Bachelor of Arts)
Harvey, Luke David (Bachelor of Engineering)
Harvey, Michael Parker (Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies)
Haslam, Lauren Honey (Doctor of Medicine)
Hatchard, Emma Lee Peache (Diploma in Technology)
Hatfield, Shannon Paige (Bachelor of Science (Recreation))
Hathat, Feras Basem (Bachelor of Engineering)
Hatt-Franklyn, Chloe (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Haughn, Jordan Billie (Bachelor of Science)
Haupt, Thomas Sebastian (Doctor of Medicine)
Hawke, Tristan Paul Andrew (Diploma in Technology)
Hayar, Joe Junior (Bachelor of Science)
Hayes, Emalie Katherine (Bachelor of Science)
Hazineh, Alia Maria (Bachelor of Arts)
He, Bin (Bachelor of Computer Science)
He, Suiqi (Bachelor of Arts)
He, Yuan (Bachelor of Engineering)
Heather, Taylor Rose (Bachelor of Arts)
Heatley, Savannah Rose (Bachelor of Arts)
Hee, Shuk Ling (Doctor of Medicine)
Heeney, Emma Margaret (Bachelor of Arts)
Heeney, Jane Lauren (Bachelor of Science)
Heffernan, Breanna Michelle (Bachelor of Engineering)
Heffley, Colton William Bruin (Bachelor of Management)
Hegazy, Zeinab Ibrahim (Bachelor of Science)
Heilig, Maggie Elizabeth (Bachelor of Commerce)
Heisler, Kimberly Dawn (Diploma in Technology)
Hemphill, Jacob Brian (Bachelor of Arts)
Henderson, Charlotte Nicole (Juris Doctor)
Henderson, Jenna Elsie Donna (Bachelor of Science (Recreation))
Henderson, Leigha Elisabeth Byrne (Bachelor of Commerce)
Henderson, Sarah Helen (Bachelor of Agriculture)
Hendrick, James Bruce (Bachelor of Science)
Henneberry, Kelsey Marie (Bachelor of Dental Hygiene)
Hennenfent, Anneka Joy (Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences)
Hennig, Anika Jocelyn (Bachelor of Science (Health Promotion))
Henteleff, Ross Abraham (Bachelor of Engineering)
Hepburn, Regina Deandra (Bachelor of Science)
Herbert, Morgan Odoska (Bachelor of Arts)
Herbinger, Simon Clement (Bachelor of Engineering)
Hercules, Jasmine Noelle (Bachelor of Science)
Hergett, Julie Marie (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Hermant, Jacob Adam (Bachelor of Arts)
Hersey, Megan Dawn (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Hetherington, Alexandra Margaret Anne (Doctor of Medicine)
Heubach, Lorena (Diploma in Engineering)
Hewitt, Matthew Gordon (Bachelor of Engineering)
Hewitt, Mitchell Casey (Bachelor of Science)
Hickey, Kirklan David (Bachelor of Engineering)
Higgs, Allison Elizabeth (Bachelor of Science)
Hijazi, Duaa (Bachelor of Engineering)
Hilborn, Michael Alexander (Diploma in Engineering)
Hill, Amy Elizabeth (Bachelor of Science (Agriculture))
Hill, Liam David (Bachelor of Engineering)
Hilland, Shannon Mae (Bachelor of Dental Hygiene)
Hillier, Benjamin Rodney Paul (Bachelor of Engineering)
Hiltz, Julia Marie (Bachelor of Arts)
Hiltz, Kelly Elizabeth (Bachelor of Science (Nursing))
Hinchliffe, Cassandra Ann (Bachelor of Arts)
Hinks, Meagan Elizabeth (Bachelor of Science)
Hippern, Cody Justin (Bachelor of Science)
Hoban, Brandon Todd (Bachelor of Engineering)
Hodgson, Jean (Bachelor of Science)
Hogan, Casey Mae (Bachelor of Science (Recreation))
Hogan, Casey Mae (Bachelor of Management)
Hogan, Lloyd Daniel (Juris Doctor)
Hogan, Patrick Lee (Bachelor of Engineering)
Hogg, Leslie Dawn (Juris Doctor)
Holland, Patrick Ryan (Doctor of Medicine)
Holleran, Jeremy Joseph (Bachelor of Arts)
Holt, Rhiannon Nicole (Bachelor of Science)
Hono, Kyosuke (Bachelor of Science)
Hooper, Colin Douglas (Juris Doctor)
Hooper, Mark Douglas (Bachelor of Engineering)
Hopkins, Jack (Bachelor of Arts)
Hopkins, Jacob Edward (Bachelor of Arts)
Hopkins, Noah Raymond Brinker (Diploma in Engineering)
Horn, Talia Jade (Diploma in Engineering)
Hoskins, Laura Ellen (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Hou, Jing (Bachelor of Management)
Hou, Qiutong (Bachelor of Science)
Hou, Shapeng (Bachelor of Science)
Hou, Tianyuan (Bachelor of Science)
Hou, Wentao (Bachelor of Commerce)
Houdeib, Hussein (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Howald, Spencer Nicole (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Howard, Rebecca Claire (Bachelor of Science)
Howatt, Evan Michael (Diploma in Engineering)
Howie, Cameron Scott (Diploma in Engineering)
Hoyt, Aimee Kirsten (Bachelor of Science)
Hu, Kaixing (Bachelor of Science)
Hu, Zhouzi (Bachelor of Science)
Huang, Boyun(Michael) (Bachelor of Science)
Huang, Lingyi (Bachelor of Technology)
Huang, Xiaoting (Bachelor of Engineering)
Huang, Yijun (Bachelor of Engineering)
Huang, Zili (Bachelor of Commerce)
Hubbard, Scott Douglas (Bachelor of Engineering)
Hudd, Grace Elaine (Bachelor of Science (Nursing))
Hudder, Jensen Marie (Bachelor of Engineering)
Hudson, Jared Alyn (Bachelor of Commerce)
Hue, Victoria Lillian Elizabeth (Bachelor of Science (Agriculture))
Hughes, Alexandra Keddie (Bachelor of Arts)
Hughes, Christine Philomena Clara (Bachelor of Arts)
Hull, Sydney Ann (Juris Doctor)
Hung, David (Doctor of Medicine)
Hunt, Lauren Julia Grace (Bachelor of Science (Nursing))
Hunter, Emily Jean (Juris Doctor)
Hunter, Jenna Maureen (Bachelor of Community Design)
Huntington, Erin Melissa (Juris Doctor)
Hussain, Huzefa (Bachelor of Engineering)
Huynh, Alexander Khanh (Diploma in Engineering)
Hyndman, Alexander (Bachelor of Science)
Hynes, Lora Jean (Bachelor of Arts)
Hynes, Megan Victoria (Diploma in Dental Hygiene)


Iatrou, Katerina (Diploma in Engineering)
Ibrahim, Mohamed Attia Ahmed (Diploma in Engineering)
Idemudia, David Osalumese (Bachelor of Engineering)
Idrisova, Aydan (Bachelor of Arts)
Iles, Patrick Llewelyn (Doctor of Medicine)
Ilesov, Evghenii (Bachelor of Engineering)
Imai, Joji Rei (Bachelor of Science)
Ingham, Allison Kate (Bachelor of Science)
Inman, Scott Donald C (Bachelor of Technology)
Irish, Brendan (Bachelor of Science)
Iruegas, David Edward (Bachelor of Science)
Irvine, David Blair (Juris Doctor)
Irvine, Jack Christopher (Bachelor of Engineering)
Irwin, Ryan Evelyn (Bachelor of Arts)
Isaacs, Shannon Marie (Bachelor of Engineering)
Isnor, Ashton Adrianna (Bachelor of Social Work)
Isnor, Sean Kenneth (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Issa, Nader Khalil (Bachelor of Arts)
Issekutz, Peter Bela (Bachelor of Science)


Jackson, Ashley Elizabeth Moran (Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences)
Jacobs, Alison Julia (Juris Doctor)
Jacobs, Brady Alexander (Bachelor of Engineering)
Jacobson, Kyle Zachary (Juris Doctor)
Jad, Motaz (Doctor of Dental Surgery)
Jadav, Smita Dilipsinh (Doctor of Dental Surgery)
Jafari, Shailan (Bachelor of Dental Hygiene)
Jafer Idris, Karin (Diploma in Dental Hygiene)
Jalal, Nashita (Diploma in Engineering)
Jamieson, Paige Lauren (Bachelor of Science)
Jang, Jinwon (Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences)
Jankee, Pravish Akhilsingh (Bachelor of Engineering)
Jansen, Tyler James (Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies)
Jansen-Faught, Claire Barbara (Bachelor of Arts)
Janson, Peter Randall (Bachelor of Arts)
Jaramillo, Sebastian (Bachelor of Commerce)
Jardine, Connor Shawn (Bachelor of Engineering)
Jarrar, Ameer Bassam (Doctor of Medicine)
Jarvis, Alexa Frances (Juris Doctor)
Jarvis, Hailey Veronica (Bachelor of Arts)
Jaume, Sergio (Bachelor of Engineering)
Jaunkalns, Emily Krista (Bachelor of Commerce)
Jawich, Wesam (Bachelor of Applied Computer Science)
Jeffers, Yushaner Alida Melrica (Bachelor of Science (Agriculture))
Jenkins, Lewis Victor (Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences)
Jensen, Danielle Sawyer (Bachelor of Arts)
Jensen, Rielle Evie d'Entremont (Bachelor of Engineering)
Jerrott, Emma Kathleen (Bachelor of Science)
Jessome, Alexander Chaytor (Juris Doctor)
Jessop, Luke Thomas (Bachelor of Engineering)
Jewers, Anna Kathleen (Bachelor of Arts)
Jewers, Eric Karl (Bachelor of Engineering)
Ji, Zeen (Bachelor of Engineering)
Jia, Peng (Bachelor of Management)
Jiang, Haiying (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Jiang, Haochen (Diploma in Engineering)
Jiang, Qiucheng (Bachelor of Science (Agriculture))
Jiang, Shanglin (Bachelor of Commerce)
Jiang, Silong (Bachelor of Science)
Jiang, Yuqi (Bachelor of Science)
Jiang, ZongXu (Bachelor of Science)
Jinks, Connor William Blair (Bachelor of Science)
Joe, Madison Andrew Peter (Juris Doctor)
Johns, Sydney Katherine (Bachelor of Science)
Johnson, Kyle Hayden (Bachelor of Science)
Johnson, Louise Mae (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Johnson, Robert J. (Doctor of Dental Surgery)
Johnson, Shiloh Pedlar (Bachelor of Engineering)
Johnson-Conrod, Mia Rae Dawn (Bachelor of Science)
Johnston, Steven Lowell (Diploma in Engineering)
Johnston, William John (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Jolly, Isaac Thomas (Diploma in Engineering)
Jonasson, Alexander Edward Frederick (Bachelor of Commerce)
Jones, Katrina Erin (Bachelor of Arts)
Jones, Kervin Anthony (Bachelor of Engineering)
Jones, Kirsten Madeline (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Jones, Nicole (Bachelor of Science)
Jonnalagadda, Padmini (Bachelor of Social Work)
Josey, Katie Ann (Bachelor of Science (Recreation))
Joyce, Kaitlyn Shawna (Juris Doctor)
Jung, Desmond Paul (Juris Doctor)
Jurcina, Christopher Edward (Bachelor of Applied Computer Science)
Justrabo, Charity (Bachelor of Science)


Kabiito, Jonathan Samuel Rubuubi (Bachelor of Science)
Kachmar, Amanda Elizabeth (Bachelor of Commerce)
Kadernani, Abdulmajid Ahmed (Bachelor of Engineering)
Kadijk, Eileigh Christine (Bachelor of Science)
Kahil, Alexandra (Diploma in Engineering)
Kajetanowicz, Aleksandra Kay (Doctor of Medicine)
Kalucha, Aman (Doctor of Dental Surgery)
Kamaldin, Adam (Bachelor of Management)
Kamelle, James (Bachelor of Engineering)
Kamga P, Jordan Sop Fozin (Bachelor of Engineering)
Kammonah, Ahmad Muneer Mahdi (Diploma in Engineering)
Kane, Cydney Lynn (Juris Doctor)
Kane, Reilly Alexander (Bachelor of Science)
Kanellakos, John James (Bachelor of Arts)
Kang, Shaoming (Bachelor of Science)
Kanji, Aliana (Bachelor of Science)
Kannathasan, Sreedharan (Doctor of Medicine)
Kapuscinski, Ryan Nicholson (Bachelor of Science)
Kara, Sarah (Bachelor of Science (Agriculture))
Karaballi, Tariq (Bachelor of Engineering)
Karacaoglu, Berk (Diploma in Engineering)
Karam, Giorgio Akram (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Karam, Kevin (Bachelor of Engineering)
Karam, Noelle (Bachelor of Commerce)
Kareem, Ajibola Kameel (Bachelor of Science)
Kargbo, John Dura (Bachelor of Commerce)
Kasheke, Gracious Daniel (Bachelor of Science)
Kashgari, Ghadi Abdulrahman A (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Kashgari, Raghdah Abdulrahman (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Kasmani, Irfaan (Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies)
Kaulbach, Ryan Thomas Fraser (Bachelor of Commerce)
Kaumeyer, Louis Gerald (Bachelor of Commerce)
Kav, Harini Annapurni (Juris Doctor)
Kavanagh, Byron John Browne (Bachelor of Management)
Kavanagh, Christopher Patrick (Bachelor of Commerce)
Kay, Noah James (Bachelor of Arts)
Kazma, George (Bachelor of Engineering)
Keay, Emily Nicole (Bachelor of Science)
Keay, Mansfield Heather (Bachelor of Arts)
Keeping, Allison Christine (Doctor of Medicine)
Keeping, Sarah Emma (Bachelor of Science (Nursing))
Keeping-Myra, Bradley Calvin (Bachelor of Community Design)
Kehoe, Breanna Katherine (Bachelor of Health Science)
Kehsler, Daniel (Bachelor of Engineering)
Keirstead, William Spencer (Bachelor of Engineering)
Keith, Nicholas John (Bachelor of Engineering)
Kell, Liam Douglas (Bachelor of Engineering)
Kelleher, Kathleen (Bachelor of Commerce)
Kelly, Jonathan (Bachelor of Commerce)
Kelly, Lauren E (Bachelor of Science)
Kelly, Sonia Elizabeth (Juris Doctor)
Kelsie, Tiara C S Lynn (Bachelor of Dental Hygiene)
Kelvey, Matthew Donald (Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences)
Kempster, Emma (Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences)
Kempston, Brooke (Bachelor of Science)
Kendall, Stephan Craig (Bachelor of Social Work)
Kendrew, Cameron Stuart (Juris Doctor)
Kennedy, Brianna Rose-Mary (Diploma in Dental Hygiene)
Kennedy, Christopher Patrick (Bachelor of Engineering)
Kennedy, Hilary Lynn (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Kenney, Sydney Olivia (Bachelor of Science)
Kenny, Melanie Autumn (Bachelor of Arts)
Kerimbek, Arman (Bachelor of Science)
Kerr, Ian Patrick (Bachelor of Engineering)
Kersey, Josh (Bachelor of Commerce)
Kettlewell, Brenna Catherine (Bachelor of Engineering)
Kettley, Meagan Alice (Bachelor of Arts)
Khalid, Ahmad (Bachelor of Engineering)
Khan, Ali Reza (Bachelor of Science)
Khan, Muhammad Ammar Asif (Diploma in Engineering)
Khan, Sahil (Diploma in Engineering)
Khan, Usman Ghani (Doctor of Medicine)
Khataei, Paria Khamoud (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Kherallah, Riad (Juris Doctor)
Khiroya, Amisha Andrea (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Khiroya, Millen Sujay (Bachelor of Engineering)
Khodabocus, Ibrahim (Bachelor of Science)
Khodabocus, Salma (Bachelor of Science)
Khoury, Allana (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Kiefte, Kerry-Joy (Bachelor of Science)
Kieran, Celeste Naomi (Bachelor of Science)
Kilby, Andrew Allen (Doctor of Medicine)
Kilgour, Mitchell Alastair (Bachelor of Commerce)
Kim, Hwijin (Bachelor of Engineering)
Kim, Hyojae (Bachelor of Engineering)
Kim, Kiha (Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences)
Kim, Minji (Bachelor of Science (Nursing))
Kim, Minsu (Diploma in Engineering)
Kinden, Renee Helene (Doctor of Medicine)
King, Griffin (Bachelor of Arts)
King, Nathaniel David (Diploma in Engineering)
King, Nathaniel David (Bachelor of Engineering)
King, Savanna Lauren (Bachelor of Science)
King, Sebastien John (Bachelor of Engineering)
Kinnear, Kelsey (Bachelor of Arts)
Kinney, Jeremy Clayton (Bachelor of Engineering)
Kirby, Joshua Leigh (Bachelor of Engineering)
Kirk, Ellis Johnstone (Bachelor of Commerce)
Kirkham, Kathryne Nicole (Diploma in Emergency Health Services Management)
Kirkwood, Rebecca Catrena McGillivray (Juris Doctor)
Kirsh, Samuel Harry (Bachelor of Arts)
Kirste, Alexa Bella (Bachelor of Science)
Kivlichan, William Fulton (Bachelor of Arts)
Knickle, Jordyn Margaret (Bachelor of Community Design)
Knight, Bronwen Bailey (Bachelor of Commerce)
Knott, Danielle Renata (Bachelor of Health Science)
Knowles, Hayley (Diploma in Engineering)
Kocay, Milena (Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies)
Kohan, Julian Louise (Bachelor of Commerce)
Kolosova, Kristina (Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies)
Konder, Ricarda Marlene (Doctor of Medicine)
Kong, Yuqi (Bachelor of Science)
Kong, ZhangHao (Bachelor of Technology)
Konings, Emily Alexandra (Bachelor of Science (Nursing))
Konkin, Tatiiana Aleksandra (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Korchak, Dimitri (Bachelor of Engineering)
Korn, Hanna (Diploma in Engineering)
Korol, Larissa (Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies)
Koseoglu, Altay (Bachelor of Engineering)
Koshurba, Makaila Lyn (Bachelor of Science)
Kosturik, Julianna Christine (Bachelor of Science)
Krasna, David Joseph Benjamin (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Kreps, Felicia Arlene (Bachelor of Science)
Kriss, Eric Theodore (Doctor of Dental Surgery)
Krochko, Taryn Danielle (Diploma in Dental Hygiene)
Kropp, Madison Christiana (Bachelor of Science)
Krug, David Mitchell (Bachelor of Science)
Kucera, Lee Joseph (Bachelor of Science)
Kumar, Kunal (Diploma in Engineering)
Kurlanski, Samantha Rose (Bachelor of Arts)
Kustantin, Philip (Bachelor of Engineering)
Kuu, Khai Shuen (Doctor of Dental Surgery)
Kuzniar, Carson (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Kvas, Maia Anne (Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences)
Kwok, Jaymie O'Shan (Bachelor of Science)
Kyle, Mackenzie Graham Rodall (Bachelor of Arts)


L'Abbe, Genevieve (Bachelor of Arts)
Laarakker, Christy Grace (Bachelor of Science)
Labadlabad, Sarah Mae Arca (Bachelor of Science (Nursing))
Lacourciere, Marlee Michelle (Bachelor of Science (Health Promotion))
Lacroix, Niko (Bachelor of Engineering)
Ladd, Keenan Sean (Diploma in Engineering)
LaFleche, Marc Lafleche (Bachelor of Engineering)
Lagunju, Oyinda (Bachelor of Science)
Lahey, Katherine Genevieve (Bachelor of Science (Agriculture))
Lai, Pui Li (Doctor of Dental Surgery)
Laing, Nathan Alexander (Bachelor of Arts)
Lake, Robin Elisabeth (Diploma in Health Services Administration)
Lake, Seth Daniel (Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences)
Lalande, Rachelle Renee (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Lalonde, Joshua Thomas (Diploma in Engineering)
Lambe, Adam (Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences)
Lamell, Lucas Allen (Bachelor of Science)
Lamoureux, Braden Michael (Bachelor of Science)
Landon, Zachary Taylor (Bachelor of Management)
Landry, Samuel Richard (Bachelor of Arts)
Landry, Victoria Louise (Doctor of Medicine)
Lane, Breagh Rowan (Bachelor of Engineering)
Lane, Kristin Alexandra Donnelly (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Lane, Sarah Elizabeth Mary (Doctor of Medicine)
Langdon, Jenna Briana (Bachelor of Science (Agriculture))
Langille, Jack Warren (Diploma in Engineering)
Langille, Lucas Joesph Paul (Bachelor of Engineering)
Langley, Gracen Jayd (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Langor, Raylene Jessica (Juris Doctor)
Lanteigne, Sara Jean (Doctor of Medicine)
Lantz, Madison Caroline (Bachelor of Commerce)
Lapierre, Reilly Amanda (Bachelor of Arts)
Laplante, Yannick Joseph Michel Yves (Diploma in Technology)
Larivee, Natasha Lyne (Doctor of Medicine)
Larsen, Courtney Antonia Fenwick (Doctor of Medicine)
Laurie, Stuart (Bachelor of Applied Computer Science)
LaValle, Nicholas Hastings (Bachelor of Commerce)
Lavoie, Gabrielle Lilianne (Bachelor of Science (Nursing))
Lawen, Christina (Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies)
Lawrence, Mary-Colleen (Juris Doctor)
Lawrence, Rebecca Dawn (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Lawrie, Annika Mharie (Bachelor of Commerce)
Lawson, Abigail Corinne (Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies)
Lawson, Rebecca Emily Ann (Bachelor of Science)
Layton, Brett Steven (Bachelor of Engineering)
Le, Lisa Hieu (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Lea, Meghan (Bachelor of Arts)
Leahy, Keegan William (Bachelor of Science)
Leahy, Keegan William (Diploma in Meteorology)
Leaman, Emily (Doctor of Medicine)
Lebelle, Kirsten Marie (Bachelor of Science)
LeBlanc, Adam Mark (Bachelor of Arts)
LeBlanc, Griffin Thomas (Bachelor of Commerce)
LeBlanc, Jacob Benoit (Bachelor of Engineering)
LeBlanc, Julien Chandler (Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies)
LeBlanc, Mackenzie Raye (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
LeBlanc, Mitchell Howard (Bachelor of Engineering)
LeBlanc, Sally (Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies)
LeBlanc, Travis David Douglas (Doctor of Medicine)
Leckey, Madeline Anne (Bachelor of Science (Nursing))
LeClair, Chad Michael (Doctor of Medicine)
LeClair, Cyrena Marilyn (Bachelor of Health Science)
LeClerc, Melanie Patricia (Bachelor of Science (Nursing))
Lee, Jacqueline Cecelia (Bachelor of Arts)
Lee, Jennifer (Bachelor of Arts)
Lee, Joon Ho (Jimmy) (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Lee, Jung-Soo (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Lee, Sarina (Bachelor of Engineering)
Legault, Jesse Wil (Bachelor of Arts)
Leger, Zack (Bachelor of Arts)
Lei, Yongqin (Bachelor of Management)
Leighton, Matthew Peter Doig (Bachelor of Science)
Leiper, Dylan Ariana Clements (Bachelor of Arts)
Lentz, Ella Morgan (Bachelor of Science (Agriculture))
Leon, Emma Elizabeth Ross (Doctor of Medicine)
Leon, Rebekah Isabel Christine (Bachelor of Arts)
Leon Pinzon, Santiago (Bachelor of Science)
LeRoux, Nicole Kristen (Bachelor of Engineering)
Leslie, Emma Kathleen (Bachelor of Commerce)
Leslie, Spencer Thompson (Bachelor of Engineering)
Lessard, Laura Elizabeth (Bachelor of Engineering)
Letwin, Brittany Rose (Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies)
LeVatte, Madison Jane Fairley (Bachelor of Engineering)
Lever, Allison Emily (Bachelor of Arts)
Levesque, Kristen (Bachelor of Arts)
Leving, Lola (Bachelor of Arts)
Levy, Rycha Jane (Bachelor of Science (Agriculture))
Lewis, Breanne Lori (Bachelor of Engineering)
Lewis, Jack James (Bachelor of Arts)
Lewis, Marc Patrick (Juris Doctor)
Lewis, Patrick Curtis (Bachelor of Arts)
Lezama, Sarah Anne (Bachelor of Science (Nursing))
Li, Amy (Bachelor of Engineering)
Li, Jiawen (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Li, Junxuan (Bachelor of Commerce)
Li, Mengyao (Bachelor of Science)
Li, Nan (Juris Doctor)
Li, Qinbei (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Li, Qiuhui (Bachelor of Science)
Li, Su (Bachelor of Science)
Li, Suyuan (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Li, Weicheng (Bachelor of Technology)
Li, Xiaozhuo (Bachelor of Science (Agriculture))
Li, Yijia (Bachelor of Commerce)
Li, Yiteng (Diploma in Engineering)
Li, Yitong (Bachelor of Science)
Li, Yuan Xin (Bachelor of Engineering)
Li, Yue (Bachelor of Science)
Li, Yulin (Bachelor of Engineering)
Li, Zelin (Bachelor of Engineering)
Li, Zexian (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Li, Zhengchao (Bachelor of Engineering)
Liang, Qiaoling (Bachelor of Technology)
Libbus, Jenna Olivia (Bachelor of Engineering)
Lilly, Shannon Alyssa (Doctor of Medicine)
Lim, Emily (Bachelor of Science (Bioveterinary Science))
Lin, Ann Ching Hui (Diploma in Dental Hygiene)
Lin, Feiyuan (Bachelor of Technology)
Lin, Jianan (Bachelor of Science (Agriculture))
Lin, Yuheng (Bachelor of Technology)
Lin, Zhifan (Diploma in Engineering)
Lin, Zikai (Bachelor of Technology)
Lincoln, Michelle Nellie (Bachelor of Science (Health Promotion))
Lindsay, Katrina Renee (Doctor of Dental Surgery)
Linsdell, Duncan Paul (Diploma in Engineering)
Lippert, Emma Nicole (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Liu, (coco) Xiaoyu (Bachelor of Commerce)
Liu, Emily (Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences)
Liu, Haochen (Bachelor of Science)
Liu, Sean (Bachelor of Applied Computer Science)
Liu, Shenji (Bachelor of Commerce)
Liu, Shuman (Bachelor of Science)
Liu, Shuming (Bachelor of Science (Agriculture))
Liu, Xiaochuan (Bachelor of Engineering)
Liu, Xiaomeng (Bachelor of Arts)
Liu, Xiaoxi (Bachelor of Science)
Liu, Xiaoyang (Bachelor of Science)
Liu, Xinyuan (Bachelor of Science)
Liu, Xuan (Bachelor of Technology)
Liu, Yang (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Liu, Yigan (Bachelor of Technology)
Liu, Yiwen (Bachelor of Science (Health Promotion))
Liu, Yuxiang (Bachelor of Technology)
Liu, Zhenming (Bachelor of Science)
Liu, Zhichang (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Lively, Hunter (Bachelor of Management)
Lloyd, James Rowan (Bachelor of Science)
Lo, Li Chen (Tracy) (Bachelor of Science)
Locke, Daniel Byron (Diploma in Engineering)
Lockhart, Peri Genyse Mildred (Bachelor of Science (Health Promotion))
Lockhart, Raven DKazia (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Loconte, Vincent John (Bachelor of Science (Bioveterinary Science))
Loewen, Adriana Michelle Tromp (Bachelor of Arts)
Logan, Dylan Manchester (Diploma in Engineering)
Logue, Frances Christina (Bachelor of Arts)
Lohnes, Zachary Roger (Bachelor of Arts)
Lombard, Hayley Allyson (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Long, Colin Geoffrey (Bachelor of Commerce)
Long, Juyang (Bachelor of Science)
Lopez Jimenez, Melina Maria (Bachelor of Engineering)
Loreto, John Thomas (Bachelor of Commerce)
Loung, Roey (Bachelor of Science)
Lowe, Daniel James (Juris Doctor)
Lowe, Heather Elaine (Diploma in Health Services Administration)
Lu, Guo (Bachelor of Commerce)
Lu, Ji'an (Bachelor of Commerce)
Lu, Jiayi (Diploma in Dental Hygiene)
Lu, Kaiwen (Bachelor of Science)
Lucas, Adam John (Bachelor of Science)
Lucia, David Scott (Bachelor of Arts)
Luck, Tarren Paul (Bachelor of Engineering)
Luft, Hayley Alysha (Bachelor of Commerce)
Lumsden, Kaleigh (Bachelor of Arts)
Lunda, Joshua Lucas Muyombo M. Ndjamba (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Luo, Junyu (Bachelor of Science)
Luo, Leixi (Bachelor of Commerce)
Luong, David An (Diploma in Engineering)
Lussier, Jesse Jacob Andrew (Bachelor of Commerce)
Lyn, Jeffrey Jentung (Diploma in Engineering)
Lynds, Ben (Bachelor of Science (Agriculture))
Lynds, Taylor Anne (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Lynds, Trent Michael (Bachelor of Science)
Lyu, Liang (Bachelor of Engineering)
Lyu, Pengyu (Bachelor of Science)
Lyu, Zhishuang (Diploma in Engineering)


Mabil Khot, Deng William (Diploma in Engineering)
MacAlpine, Evangeline Terese (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
MacArthur, Emily Sue (Bachelor of Science)
Macartney, John (Bachelor of Engineering)
MacAulay, Ireland Paige (Bachelor of Science (Bioveterinary Science))
MacAulay, Rebecca (Diploma in Dental Hygiene)
MacCorquodale, Fiona Claire (Bachelor of Arts)
MacDonald, Amanda Irene (Doctor of Medicine)
MacDonald, Amy Clare (Bachelor of Science)
MacDonald, Benjamin Andrew (Diploma in Engineering)
MacDonald, Camden Kenneth Charles (Bachelor of Engineering)
MacDonald, Emma Maggie-Jean (Bachelor of Social Work)
MacDonald, Jacob A. (Bachelor of Music)
Macdonald, Jacob William (Bachelor of Arts)
MacDonald, Jayden Lynn (Bachelor of Computer Science)
MacDonald, John Robert (Diploma in Technology)
MacDonald, Jordan Elizabeth (Bachelor of Science (Recreation))
Macdonald, Julia Kathleen (Bachelor of Science (Nursing))
MacDonald, Keegan Scott (Bachelor of Engineering)
MacDonald, Liam John Angus (Bachelor of Engineering)
MacDonald, Lisa Michelle (Bachelor of Science (Recreation))
MacDonald, Malcolm Stewart (Diploma in Engineering)
Macdonald, Olivia Paige (Bachelor of Science)
MacDonald, Scott (Bachelor of Engineering)
MacDonald, Scott Brendon (Bachelor of Computer Science)
MacDonald, Vanessa Judy (Bachelor of Science (Agriculture))
MacDonnell, Lauren Hayley (Bachelor of Engineering)
MacDougall, Jacob James (Bachelor of Community Design)
MacDow, Andrew James (Bachelor of Engineering)
Mace, Caitlynn Monica Irene (Bachelor of Social Work)
MacEachern, Emma Elizabeth (Bachelor of Community Design)
MacEachern, Jenna Elaine (Bachelor of Science (Recreation))
MacEachern, Jenna Elaine (Bachelor of Management)
MacEachern, Sarah Hartery (Doctor of Dental Surgery)
MacGillivray, Brian (Bachelor of Engineering)
MacGillivray, Taylor (Bachelor of Music)
MacGregor, Jenna Catherine (Doctor of Medicine)
MacGregor, N. Angus (Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences)
MacGregor, Rebecca Frances (Bachelor of Science (Nursing))
MacInnis, Eric Alexander (Bachelor of Engineering)
MacIntosh, Alexander Aaron (Diploma in Engineering)
MacIntosh, Morgan Grace (Bachelor of Science)
MacIntyre, Anne Alexandra (Bachelor of Science)
MacIntyre, Duncan Francis (Bachelor of Science)
MacIsaac, Leah Kathleen (Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences)
MacIsaac, Sarah Kathleen (Bachelor of Arts)
MacKay, Carson Andrew (Diploma in Engineering)
MacKechnie, Sam (Bachelor of Arts)
MacKeen, Jessica Jahn (Bachelor of Arts)
MacKenzie, Alexandra Macculloch (Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences)
MacKenzie, Kyle Nicholas (Bachelor of Engineering)
Mackenzie, Lauren Emily (Bachelor of Science)
Mackinnon, Erin Renee (Diploma in Engineering)
MacKinnon, Holly Marissa (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
MacKinnon, Ian Lauchlin (Juris Doctor)
MacKinnon, Jenna Lee (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
MacKinnon, Kelly Marie (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
MacKinnon, Laura Ann Elizabeth (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Mackinnon, Mason Aaron (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
MacKinnon, Matthew Brian (Bachelor of Arts)
MacKinnon, Rebecka (Diploma in Costume Studies)
MacKinnon, Sydni Marie (Bachelor of Science (Nursing))
Macklin, Rory Donald John (Bachelor of Science)
MacKnight, Michael James (Bachelor of Engineering)
MacLatchie, Katherine (Bachelor of Science (Recreation))
MacLean, Jessica Ellen (Doctor of Medicine)
MacLean, Katelyn Marie (Bachelor of Science (Nursing))
MacLean, Katherine Lauretta (Bachelor of Science)
MacLean, Kelsey Annabelle (Diploma in Technology)
MacLean, Sarah Elizabeth (Bachelor of Engineering)
MacLennan, Simone Arlene (Juris Doctor)
MacLeod, Hilari Lauren Quinn (Doctor of Medicine)
MacLeod, Jenna Isabelle (Bachelor of Science (Nursing))
Macleod, Maggie (Bachelor of Science (Agriculture))
MacLeod, Matthew Gordon (Bachelor of Commerce)
MacLeod, Nyle Gordon (Bachelor of Commerce)
MacLeod, Sarah Lindsay (Juris Doctor)
MacMaster, Christopher Lawrence (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
MacMaster, Raymond Edward (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
MacMillan, Joshua William Michael (Bachelor of Science)
Macmillan, Kate Janet (Bachelor of Community Design)
MacMillan, Luke (Diploma in Engineering)
MacMillan, Michael James (Doctor of Medicine)
MacMillan, Taylor Helena (Bachelor of Science (Nursing))
MacNeil, Andrea Marie (Bachelor of Engineering)
MacNeil, Benjamin Graham (Bachelor of Engineering)
MacNeil, Holly Ann (Bachelor of Science)
MacNeil, Kyle (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
MacNeil, Micaela Constance (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
MacNeil, Ryan Daniel (Bachelor of Engineering)
MacNeill, Darcy Peters (Bachelor of Engineering)
MacNeill, Eric Matthew (Doctor of Medicine)
MacNeill, Michael Liam Spence (Bachelor of Science)
MacPhee, James Gregory (Bachelor of Science)
MacPhee, Sara Clare (Bachelor of Science)
MacPhee, Sarah Breanne Kathleen (Bachelor of Arts)
MacPherson, Bryanna Marie (Diploma in Dental Hygiene)
MacPherson, Kristen Alexandra (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
MacPherson, Rebecca (Bachelor of Engineering)
MacQueen, April Dawn (Bachelor of Science (Recreation))
MacRae, Elizabeth Louise Isabelle (Diploma in Technology)
MacVicar, Julia Lynn (Bachelor of Arts)
Maddalena, Sophia Tess (Bachelor of Engineering)
Mader, Joanna (Doctor of Medicine)
Mader, Rachel Phyllis (Bachelor of Arts)
Madill, Luke Brian (Juris Doctor)
Maessen, Connor Maarten (Bachelor of Science)
Mah, Elise Dannay (Diploma in Dental Hygiene)
Mahboubi, Kiana (Doctor of Medicine)
Mahody, Lily Sarah (Bachelor of Commerce)
Mahon, Joseph Michael (Bachelor of Engineering)
Mahoney, Jack Hamilton (Bachelor of Engineering)
Mailman, Gregory Bruce (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Mak, Victoria (Bachelor of Arts)
Makaruk, Harrison William James (Bachelor of Commerce)
Makkena, Madhav (Bachelor of Science)
Makramalla, Mark Gamal (Diploma in Engineering)
Maksym, Alistair Lloyd (Diploma in Engineering)
Mallery, Kayla Victoria (Doctor of Medicine)
Mallov, Daniel Martin Faulkner (Bachelor of Arts)
Mallov, Ross Samuel Faulkner (Bachelor of Science (Agriculture))
Manalang, Merlin Lirio (Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies)
Mancusi, Suzana (Doctor of Medicine)
Mann, Bethany Lea (Bachelor of Engineering)
Mann, Kelsey Kathrine (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Mannette, Jarod Randall (Diploma in Engineering)
Manning, Max Ian Alexander (Bachelor of Engineering)
Mansfield, Melanie Danielle (Diploma in Dental Hygiene)
Mansfield, Rachael (Diploma in Dental Hygiene)
Mansvelt, Abigail Mary (Bachelor of Science (Recreation))
Mantolino, Alan Jason Buno (Bachelor of Applied Computer Science)
Manuel, Matthew Wayne (Bachelor of Engineering)
Manzer, Benjamin (Bachelor of Management)
Manzoor, Asjad (Bachelor of Engineering)
Marcellino, Donatus (Bachelor of Commerce)
Marchand, Kirsten (Bachelor of Science)
Marino, Karen Alejandra (Bachelor of Science)
Markotjohn, Melina Elizabeth (Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences)
Marland, Valerie Margaret (Bachelor of Science (Recreation))
Marland, Valerie Margaret (Bachelor of Management)
Marsh, James (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Marshall, Harry (Bachelor of Commerce)
Marsland, Maryn Grace (Juris Doctor)
Martell, Breagh Elizabeth (Bachelor of Science)
Martheleur, Devin Bruleigh (Bachelor of Engineering)
Martin, Cameron Francis Peter (Bachelor of Science)
Martin, Patrick Walter (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Martin, Samantha (Bachelor of Arts)
Martin, Stephanie Ellen (Bachelor of Science (Nursing))
Martin, Taylor Olivia (Bachelor of Science (Recreation))
Masciotra, Dylan Joshua (Bachelor of Commerce)
Masimo, Zibani Ndibapi (Bachelor of Science)
Mason, Katelyn Lee (Bachelor of Health Science)
Mason, Matthew Philip Paul (Bachelor of Engineering)
Mason, Nicole Jean (Juris Doctor)
Matchett, Bradley David (Diploma in Engineering)
Matchett, Brittany Anne (Bachelor of Science (Health Promotion))
Matchett, Nathan Leslie (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Matheson, Lauren Susanne (Bachelor of Social Work)
Matthews, Chelsey Danielle (Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences)
Maxwell, Brianna Rosalind (Bachelor of Community Design)
Maxwell, Jennifer (Diploma in Dental Hygiene)
Maybank, Allison Kimberley (Doctor of Medicine)
Mayhew-Gallant, Carly Diane (Bachelor of Health Science)
Maynard, Adria Starr (Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies)
Mazal, Xenna Zofi (Bachelor of Science (Bioveterinary Science))
Mbochwa, One (Bachelor of Engineering)
McAndrew, Conor Patrick (Bachelor of Commerce)
McCabe, Luke Vincent (Juris Doctor)
McCarron, Devon Louise (Bachelor of Arts)
McCarthy, Jenna Marie (Bachelor of Social Work)
McCausland, Owen Edward Gollings (Bachelor of Arts)
McClelland, Connor Anthony (Bachelor of Engineering)
McClintock, Sean Kevin (Bachelor of Science)
McCluskey, Kyle Patrick Burns (Bachelor of Engineering)
McCormick, Maria Elizabeth (Bachelor of Health Science)
McCracken, Aidan Lewis (Bachelor of Engineering)
McCullough, Allie Kamryn (Bachelor of Science (Nursing))
McCullum, Carter (Bachelor of Computer Science)
McDonald, Jane (Diploma in Engineering)
McDonnell, Thomas Kevin (Bachelor of Commerce)
McEachern, Eleri Lynn Fyfe (Bachelor of Science)
McEachern, Jordin Janfada (Bachelor of Engineering)
McElrea, Samuel Adam (Bachelor of Commerce)
McGillan, Locksley V. H. (Bachelor of Science)
McGilvray, Claire (Bachelor of Arts)
McGinnis, Brian Mark (Bachelor of Commerce)
McGugan, Emma Suzanne (Bachelor of Arts)
McGuire, Duncan Andrew (Diploma in Technology)
McInnis, Miranda Dakota (Diploma in Technology)
McInroy, Evan Paul (Diploma in Engineering)
McKay, Wendy Lou (Bachelor of Technology)
McKend, Martin James (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
McKenna, Martin Lawrence (Bachelor of Engineering)
McLatchy, Anna Julia (Bachelor of Commerce)
McLaughlin, Patrick Edward (Bachelor of Applied Computer Science)
McLean, Ian Donaldson (Bachelor of Science)
Mclellan, Michael Thomas (Bachelor of Engineering)
McLeod, Anja Marie (Bachelor of Arts)
McMahon, Kathleen Brittany (Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies)
McMillen, Chelsea Kathleen (Bachelor of Arts)
McMullan, Peter John (Bachelor of Engineering)
McMullin, Brennan Alexander (Bachelor of Engineering)
McNally, Kelcy Anna (Doctor of Medicine)
McNeil, James Connor (Bachelor of Engineering)
McParland, Caoimhe Ann (Doctor of Medicine)
Meade, Nicholas Carl (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Meagher, Kate (Juris Doctor)
Medcalf, Kate (Bachelor of Science)
Megens, Job Hannes (Bachelor of Science (Bioveterinary Science))
Megla, Bishoy Hani Thabet (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Meijer, Jan (Bachelor of Agriculture)
Meisner, Robin Karla (Bachelor of Science (Nursing))
Melanek, Melissa (Diploma in Technology)
Melanson, Micala Hope (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Melnyk, Jacob (Bachelor of Science)
Melvin, Payton Brianna (Bachelor of Science)
Mendolia, Nicole Concetta (Diploma in Technology)
Meng, Xin (Bachelor of Commerce)
Meng, Yanyue (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Mensah, David (Bachelor of Engineering)
Menzies, Gabrielle Chloe (Bachelor of Commerce)
Merchant, Alexandra Elizabeth Margaret (Bachelor of Engineering)
Mercier, Antoine Kibbins (Bachelor of Arts)
Meyer, Jessica Anne (Bachelor of Health Science)
Michaud, Emily Alison (Bachelor of Science)
Michels, Victoria Rebecca (Bachelor of Arts)
Mihelcic, Jessica Marie (Bachelor of Management)
Mikhail, Bassem Rammah (Bachelor of Engineering)
Milford, Jake (Bachelor of Engineering)
Millen, Kyle Geoffrey (Bachelor of Engineering)
Miller, Blair Joseph (Bachelor of Management)
Miller, Carly Valentyne (Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences)
Miller, Finlay Lee (Bachelor of Engineering)
Miller, Greg (Bachelor of Applied Computer Science)
Miller, Hannah Anderson (Bachelor of Science)
Miller, Jordan Robert (Diploma in Engineering)
Miller, Juliana (Bachelor of Commerce)
Miller, Molly Jean (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Miller, Morgan Hunter (Bachelor of Science)
Miller, Sydney Ann (Bachelor of Science (Nursing))
Milroy, Sean Patrick (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Minard, Ethan Craig (Bachelor of Engineering)
Miniou, Colin David (Bachelor of Arts)
Misson, Joel Eric (Bachelor of Science (Nursing))
Mitchell, Alexandria Eva Victoria (Bachelor of Science)
Mitchell, Claire Joanna (Diploma in Technology)
Mitchell, Erin (Juris Doctor)
Mitchell, Johnson (Bachelor of Commerce)
Mitchell, Madison Mary Caroline (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Moazensafaei, Pegah (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Mockford, Kevin Stanley (Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies)
Modler, Jacqueline Francis Isobel (Bachelor of Science)
Mohamed, Dina Ramzy (Diploma in Health Services Administration)
Mohegh, Ashkan (Bachelor of Science)
Molino, Robert Laurent C. (Bachelor of Science)
Mongrain, David Robert (Bachelor of Applied Computer Science)
Moniz, Jess (Bachelor of Arts)
Monk, Daniel Reid George (Bachelor of Engineering)
Monson, Leah Aaron (Bachelor of Science)
Moore, Jacob Lawrence (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Moors, Thalia Analise (Bachelor of Management)
Morash, Julie Doris (Diploma in Dental Hygiene)
Morcos, Maria (Bachelor of Engineering)
Morgan, Catherine Elizabeth Wilton (Doctor of Medicine)
Morgan, Connor Marie (Diploma in Technology)
Morley, Erin (Bachelor of Science)
Morris, Calum Gordon (Bachelor of Science)
Morris, Hannah Margaret (Diploma in Engineering)
Morris, Rebecca Mabel (Diploma in Engineering)
Morris, Sarah Elizabeth (Diploma in Technology)
Morris, Sean Eric (Bachelor of Applied Computer Science)
Morrish, Edward William (Bachelor of Commerce)
Morrison, Ben Michael (Bachelor of Engineering)
Morrison, Nicole Deborah (Bachelor of Health Science)
Morse, Keighan Alexander (Diploma in Engineering)
Mosaheb, Sydney (Bachelor of Science)
Mosher, Sarah Christine (Bachelor of Arts)
Mosher-Sabine, Evelyn Keilidh (Bachelor of Social Work)
Mosiychuk, Ilya (Bachelor of Engineering)
Moss, Alex (Bachelor of Engineering)
Mostovac, Sennah (Bachelor of Commerce)
Moulaison, Nicole Annette Carrie (Bachelor of Science)
Mountenay, Julia Catherine (Bachelor of Arts)
Mourad, Danielle Georges (Bachelor of Arts)
Mouser, Lauren Julia Arsenault (Diploma in Engineering)
Mudduraju, Adith (Bachelor of Arts)
Muise, Danielle Faye Evangeline (Bachelor of Commerce)
Muise, Evan Robert (Bachelor of Science)
Muise, Spencer Wyatt (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Mulligan, Andrew Michael (Bachelor of Science)
Mullin, Jared Bradford (Bachelor of Science)
Mullins, Devon Morgan (Bachelor of Engineering)
Mullins, Graeme (Doctor of Medicine)
Mulvihill, Matthew Paul (Bachelor of Commerce)
Mumby, Griffin Michael (Bachelor of Science)
Munroe, Mallory Jill (Bachelor of Health Science)
Munroe, Paula Joelean (Bachelor of Arts)
Munsie, Kim M (Bachelor of Technology)
Murium, Rabiah (Juris Doctor)
Murphy, Emily (Diploma in Engineering)
Murphy, Jessica Dawn (Bachelor of Science)
Murphy, Jillian Margaret (Bachelor of Arts)
Murphy, John Joseph (Bachelor of Agriculture)
Murphy, Kaitlin Elizabeth (Bachelor of Engineering)
Murphy, Laura Joanne (Bachelor of Science (Bioveterinary Science))
Murphy, Michael Stephen (Bachelor of Commerce)
Murphy, Paige Ashley (Bachelor of Arts)
Murphy, Sarah Michele Elizabeth Rose (Juris Doctor)
Murphy, Sean Patrick Roy (Bachelor of Engineering)
Murray, Emily Elizabeth (Juris Doctor)
Murray, Emma Alexandria (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Murray, Johanna Mary (Bachelor of Social Work)
Murray, Matt (Bachelor of Health Science)
Murray, Naomi Sarah Potter (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Mustafa, Syed (Bachelor of Science)
Myers, Callie Rae (Bachelor of Science (Nursing))


Nader, Riley Nathan (Bachelor of Engineering)
Nakanishi, Yuno (Bachelor of Science)
Nam, You Sung (Bachelor of Science)
Namgyal, Kunsang (Doctor of Dental Surgery)
Nann, Abby Ellen (Juris Doctor)
Nason, Katherine Joyce (Bachelor of Science (Agriculture))
Nasor, Mundhir Haroub Mohammad (Diploma in Engineering)
Nasser, Ahmed Saleem (Doctor of Medicine)
Naugler, Julia Allison (Bachelor of Science)
Nauman, Faiza (Bachelor of Science)
Nauman, Neha (Bachelor of Engineering)
Nauman, Neha (Diploma in Engineering)
Nead, Graham Stewart (Bachelor of Commerce)
Nearing, Sarah (Bachelor of Arts)
Needler, Silas Markus (Diploma in Engineering)
Negahban, Sareh (Bachelor of Engineering)
Nelson, Jessica Agnes (Bachelor of Arts)
Nesdoly, Taylor (Juris Doctor)
Neufeld, Alyson Renae (Bachelor of Science (Agriculture))
Neufeld, Taryn Kelly Caldwell (Bachelor of Arts)
Neville, Kayla Aline (Bachelor of Science (Recreation))
Newbold, Megan Krystal (Bachelor of Science (Agriculture))
Newcomb, Benjamin Robert Webster (Bachelor of Engineering)
Newcombe, Abigail Annette (Juris Doctor)
Newcombe, Abigail Elizabeth Ruby (Diploma in Technology)
Newman, Christopher Glen (Bachelor of Commerce)
Ngo, Dong (Bachelor of Management)
Ngo, Trisa (Bachelor of Science)
Nguyen, Cindy (Bachelor of Science)
Nguyen, Thao Lee-Ann (Bachelor of Engineering)
NguyenHa, Tai Huu (Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies)
Nian, Tingyao (Bachelor of Engineering)
Nicholas, Pacifique (Bachelor of Engineering)
Nichols, Daniel Craig (Bachelor of Science (Agriculture))
Nichols, Ming (Bachelor of Social Work)
Nichols, Samantha (Bachelor of Science (Agriculture))
Nicholson, Gareth Scott (Bachelor of Commerce)
Nicholson, Sabrina Siobhan (Bachelor of Science (Bioveterinary Science))
Nickerson, Isabelle Erin (Bachelor of Community Design)
Nicoll, Katherine Marie (Bachelor of Science)
Nielsen, Kent Erik (Bachelor of Engineering)
Nielsen, Madalyn Judith Patricia (Bachelor of Science (Bioveterinary Science))
Nimer, Essa Jamal (Bachelor of Engineering)
Ning, Xiaoyang (Ryan) (Bachelor of Engineering)
Nisbet, Aki Roxanne (Bachelor of Science)
Niu, Jiashu (Bachelor of Technology)
Njoroge, Kelvin Michael (Bachelor of Applied Computer Science)
Noddle, Rachel (Bachelor of Science)
Noel, Andrew Fraser (Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences)
Nolan, Jenna Shirley (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Nolte, Laure (Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies)
Norman, Kelsey Lynn (Bachelor of Science)
Nose, Hiroki (Diploma in Engineering)
Noseworthy, Jessica Elizabeth Colleen (Diploma in Technology)
Noujaim, Laila Diana (Bachelor of Commerce)
Noussis, Alexandros Petros (Diploma in Engineering)
Nowe, Jerylin Nicole (Bachelor of Engineering)
Nuttall, Brandon William (Bachelor of Science)
Nwaigwe, Victor Chidiebere (Bachelor of Commerce)
Nyenhuis, Sarah Elizabeth (Bachelor of Arts)


O'Brien, Adam (Bachelor of Engineering)
O'Brien, Cameron Robert Neil (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
O'Brien, Connor Edward Joseph (Juris Doctor)
O'Brien, Devin Jarrad (Doctor of Medicine)
O'Brien, Grace Alexandra (Juris Doctor)
O'Brien, Kathleen Sarah (Juris Doctor)
O'Brien, Rachel Ziff (Bachelor of Arts)
O'Brien, Rory S E (Bachelor of Engineering)
O'Brien, Zachary Jefferey Robichaud (Bachelor of Science)
O'Brien Dockendorff, Jaye Laura (Bachelor of Commerce)
O'Connell, Morgan Allister Don (Bachelor of Science (Nursing))
O'Connor, Ryan (Juris Doctor)
O'Connor, Shannon Marie (Bachelor of Engineering)
O'Grady, Ryan Thomas (Bachelor of Commerce)
O'Malley, Brianna (Bachelor of Engineering)
O'Malley, Justin (Bachelor of Commerce)
O'Neail, Joseph Michael (Bachelor of Engineering)
O'Neail, Joseph Michael (Diploma in Engineering)
O'Neil, Ethan Alexander (Bachelor of Engineering)
O'Neil, Kathryn Sarah Jean (Juris Doctor)
O'Neil, Ryan Patrick (Bachelor of Engineering)
O'Shea, Liam Erin (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Obeid, Victor Peter (Bachelor of Science)
Oberholster, Rachel Starr (Bachelor of Science (Recreation))
Obulor, Sarah Osayame (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
OConnor, Erin Patricia (Bachelor of Management)
Odenthal, Brighid Elizabeth (Bachelor of Science)
Odewale, Olayemi Olugoke (Bachelor of Health Science)
Ogbudibe, Nnadozie Yadilichukwu (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Ogrodnik, Mary Catherine (Bachelor of Science)
Oickle, Taylor Ashley (Bachelor of Science)
Okoroafor, Ihuoma Stephanie (Bachelor of Science)
Okoroafor, Samuel (Bachelor of Engineering)
Okundonor, Eseohe Victory (Bachelor of Science)
Oldfield, Ellen Clare (Bachelor of Science (Nursing))
Olowu, Abieyuwa (Bachelor of Social Work)
Olscamp, Jayde Alexa (Bachelor of Engineering)
Oni, Moyosore Olumuyiwa (Diploma in Engineering)
Onur, Berkay (Diploma in Engineering)
Oragui, Chukwuka Arinze (Bachelor of Engineering)
Orehova, Ksenia (Juris Doctor)
Ormiston, Dylan Arthur (Bachelor of Engineering)
Orovec, Liam Michael (Bachelor of Science)
Ortile, Andrew Nico Pagal (Bachelor of Engineering)
Osa-Peters, Ashley (Bachelor of Science)
Osborne, John Sognier (Bachelor of Arts)
Osborne, Sara Madeleine (Bachelor of Science)
Ost, Deborah (Bachelor of Agriculture)
Otis, Emma Jane (Bachelor of Science (Recreation))
Ou, Yeyao (Bachelor of Technology)
Ouimet, Jeffery Brian (Bachelor of Arts)
Oulabi, Daniel (Bachelor of Engineering)
Oulabi, Daniel (Diploma in Engineering)
Outerbridge, Samantha Madeleine Scott (Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies)
Outhit, Elizabeth Margaret Jane (Bachelor of Science)
Ozter, Burak Can (Bachelor of Engineering)


Paas-Lang, Lea Justine (Bachelor of Arts)
Pace, Sophie Ann (Bachelor of Science (Nursing))
Pacheco, Joseph Michael (Bachelor of Commerce)
Packer, Maja Janelle (Bachelor of Arts)
Packman, Chelsea (Juris Doctor)
Pagal, Rej Jerome Gonzales (Bachelor of Science)
Pahapill-Osostowicz, Lukas (Bachelor of Arts)
Pak, Veronika (Bachelor of Science)
Paliwal, Shailesh Jai (Diploma in Engineering)
Palmer, Natalie Andrea (Bachelor of Arts)
Pan, Alex (Doctor of Medicine)
Pan, Wei (Bachelor of Science)
Pan, Yuhao (Bachelor of Technology)
Pancura, Devan Reese (Bachelor of Science)
Pandya, Samira Anwar (Doctor of Medicine)
Panikkar, Kenna Marie (Bachelor of Arts)
Panzarasa, Jade Erin (Doctor of Medicine)
Panzarasa, Tess Piera (Juris Doctor)
Papp, Elodie Justine (Bachelor of Arts)
Parent-Long, Brianna Marie (Bachelor of Arts)
Park, Andrew (Bachelor of Engineering)
Park, David (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Park, Gina (Diploma in Engineering)
Park, Grace (Doctor of Medicine)
Park, Joel Ji-Ho (Bachelor of Engineering)
Park, Justin S (Bachelor of Commerce)
Park, Quinn (Bachelor of Commerce)
Parker, Ashlee (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Parker, Maureen (Bachelor of Science)
Parks, Katie Lynne (Bachelor of Science)
Parmiter, Benjamin James (Bachelor of Engineering)
Parry, Allison Leigh (Bachelor of Science)
Parsons, Cathryn Anna Mae (Bachelor of Science (Nursing))
Parsons, Jenna Rose Emma (Bachelor of Science)
Pask, Violet Shoshana (Bachelor of Arts)
Patel, Diptej Jayendra (Bachelor of Applied Computer Science)
Paton, Jamie Leanne (Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences)
Paton, Samuel E.J. (Bachelor of Science)
Patrick, Mikaila (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Patriquin, Blake Everett (Bachelor of Applied Computer Science)
Patterson, Connor (Bachelor of Engineering)
Paul, Armand William (Juris Doctor)
Paulin, Amelie (Bachelor of Science)
Pawson, Halle Jacqueline (Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences)
Payne, Morrgan Bennett (Bachelor of Science Major Conversion)
Payne, Samantha Grace (Bachelor of Commerce)
Pearson, Bess Anna-Florence (Bachelor of Science)
Peck, Devin Carroll (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Peddle, Alexander Jordan (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Peddle, Jura (Bachelor of Science)
Pei, Junhui (Bachelor of Science)
Peill, Christopher Micheal (Bachelor of Science (Agriculture))
Pellerin, Matthew Xavier (Bachelor of Engineering)
Peltekian, Sophie Margaret Dorothy (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Peng, Renjie (Bachelor of Science)
Penkar, Eliran (Bachelor of Engineering)
Penney, Nathaniel George (Bachelor of Engineering)
Penney-Cameron, Macy Elizabeth (Bachelor of Agriculture)
Penny, Veronica Irene (Bachelor of Arts)
Pepperdine, Sarah Marie (Bachelor of Science (Agriculture))
Peraza, Daniel (Bachelor of Engineering)
Perkins, Jessica Louise Paz (Bachelor of Science)
Perrotte, Ethan James (Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies)
Perry, Kamarie Breann (Bachelor of Health Science)
Perry, Krista Anne (Bachelor of Health Science)
Perry, Sarah Marie (Bachelor of Arts)
Persaud, Brandon Gyan (Doctor of Medicine)
Pestana-Marchand, Kadi Silvina (Bachelor of Science (Health Promotion))
Peters, Jeremy Michael (Bachelor of Science)
Petricca Sciamanna, Fabiana (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Petrie, Connor Daniel W (Bachelor of Engineering)
Petterson, Jennifer Lynn (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Phelan, Emily Yvonne (Bachelor of Science (Nursing))
Phillips, Danika Maija (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Phillips, Maesey Anne Belle (Bachelor of Science (Agriculture))
Phillips-Smith, Catherine (Juris Doctor)
Phippen, Grace Lawrie (Bachelor of Commerce)
Photopoulos, Gregory Spiro (Bachelor of Health Science)
Pickard, Reilly (Diploma in Engineering)
Pickett, Emily Sue (Bachelor of Science)
Pilon, Sacha (Bachelor of Commerce)
Pin Young Sen, Brandon (Bachelor of Engineering)
Pinsent, Luke Peter (Diploma in Engineering)
Pitman, Jessica Rae (Bachelor of Science)
Pittman, Ryan James (Bachelor of Management)
Plaggenborg, Kari L (Bachelor of Science (Recreation))
Plant, Darcy Michael Frederick (Bachelor of Commerce)
Plasse, Katrina (Bachelor of Social Work)
Plaza Santana, Jorge Andres (Diploma in Engineering)
Pletsch, Dawn Christine (Bachelor of Commerce)
Plourde, Joshua Adam (Diploma in Engineering)
Pobre, Michelle (Bachelor of Science)
Pocock, Evelyn Elizabeth (Bachelor of Science (Agriculture))
Poirier, Brayden (Bachelor of Engineering)
Poirier, Jeffrey Mark (Bachelor of Health Science)
Poirier, Jennifer Katlyn (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Poirier, Joscillyn Marie Charlotte (Bachelor of Engineering)
Poitras, Justine (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Ponneri, Gayathri Sireesha (Bachelor of Science)
Popp, Nicholas Rolf Hamilton (Bachelor of Engineering)
Portea, Rean (Bachelor of Science)
Porter, Garridan Kai (Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences)
Porter, John M (Diploma in Engineering)
Porter, Ryan Anthony (Bachelor of Science (Agriculture))
Potter, Chloe Danielle (Bachelor of Engineering)
Pottier, Alexandre Joseph (Bachelor of Engineering)
Poulton, Alexander Brian (Bachelor of Science)
Pour Hamzeh, Khashayar (Doctor of Dental Surgery)
Powell, Paige Marie (Bachelor of Commerce)
Power, Jack (Bachelor of Arts)
Power, Kate (Bachelor of Arts)
Power, Melissa Catherine (Doctor of Medicine)
Poy, Daphne (Bachelor of Science)
Presse, Ian James (Doctor of Dental Surgery)
Prest, Taylor Gail (Diploma in Engineering)
Presunka, Madison Victoria (Bachelor of Science)
Price, Kathryn Marie (Bachelor of Community Design)
Priddle, Charlotte Elizabeth Legge (Bachelor of Management)
Prime, Craig Donald (Doctor of Medicine)
Pringle, Kathryn (Bachelor of Social Work)
Proctor, Rhea Isabel (Diploma in Engineering)
Proctor, Tawni Ludean Marie (Juris Doctor)
Pronovost, Nicholas Eric (Bachelor of Management)
Prosper, Marissa J (Juris Doctor)
Protich, Jennifer (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Pruis, Elisabeth Victoria (Bachelor of Agriculture)
Pruski, Roman Liang (Bachelor of Science)
Prystupa, Samuel John Peter (Bachelor of Science)
Publicover, Daniel (Juris Doctor)
Pullen, Alexandra (Bachelor of Engineering)
Pupek, Alexander Edward (Doctor of Medicine)
Purcell, Ian Kenneth (Bachelor of Engineering)
Purchase, Julia Elizabeth (Bachelor of Science (Nursing))
Pye, Amanda Dawn (Bachelor of Science (Nursing))
Pye, Hannah Kathleen (Bachelor of Science)
Pye, Joshua Riley (Juris Doctor)


Qi, Qian (Bachelor of Engineering)
Qi, Xinke (Bachelor of Engineering)
Qi, Xuliang (Bachelor of Engineering)
Qiu, Changwei (Bachelor of Technology)
Qu, Yuze (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Quartermain, Skylar Willis (Bachelor of Commerce)
Que, Qiyun (Bachelor of Commerce)
Quigley, Kennedy Marie (Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences)
Quigley, Sydney Theresia (Bachelor of Science)
Qureshi, Muhammad Taimoor (Bachelor of Engineering)
Qureshi, Muhammad Taimoor (Diploma in Engineering)


Raditz, Rachel Dorrie (Bachelor of Science (Recreation))
Radomske, Taigan Nicole (Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences)
Rafiq, Farina (Doctor of Medicine)
Rafuse, Petra Jean (Doctor of Medicine)
Ragab, Mariam Hisham (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Rajagopalan, Archa Devi (Bachelor of Engineering)
Rajan, Preethi (Bachelor of Technology)
Rajaraman, Drew Arun (Doctor of Medicine)
Rajda, Caroline Magdalena (Bachelor of Science)
Rakshit, Agnivo (Diploma in Dental Hygiene)
Ramadan, Ahmed Fathi (Bachelor of Engineering)
Ramia, Elias Leba (Diploma in Engineering)
Ramia, Jessica Mary (Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences)
Ramiscal, Jacob Galacinao (Bachelor of Engineering)
Ranasinghe, Dulanga Anjali (Doctor of Medicine)
Rand, Emma Louise (Juris Doctor)
Randell, Kaitlyn Diana (Bachelor of Science (Nursing))
Rankin, Damon George (Juris Doctor)
Rankin, Sian (Bachelor of Science (Bioveterinary Science))
Rankine, Joshua Keeley Osborne (Bachelor of Commerce)
Rathgeber, Janessa Lindsey (Bachelor of Science (Agriculture))
Ratushny, Mhairin Elizabeth (Bachelor of Arts)
Ravindran, Anju (Juris Doctor)
Rawlyk, Brooklyn Danielle (Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences)
Raza, Malik Muhammad Bilawal (Bachelor of Engineering)
Ready, Alec Aubrey (Bachelor of Science (Agriculture))
Reardon, Mitchell Vincent (Diploma in Engineering)
Redgate, Miles Roberts (Bachelor of Applied Computer Science)
Redondo, Chasteen Leigh Fermin (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Reede, Brett Erica (Bachelor of Engineering)
Reid, Sonya Elizabeth (Juris Doctor)
Reigate, Mackenzie Trevor (Diploma in Engineering)
Reinson, Sydney Jane (Bachelor of Commerce)
Ren, Yuhan (Bachelor of Management)
Ren, Yuxuan (Bachelor of Science)
Ren, Zixuan (Rosa) (Bachelor of Engineering)
Reno, Kathleen (Bachelor of Engineering)
Revell, LeAnne (Doctor of Medicine)
Reyes, Jonathan Patrick (Bachelor of Science)
Reynolds, Isabelle Margaret Frances (Bachelor of Arts)
Reynolds, Maya Claire (Bachelor of Commerce)
Rhodenizer, Jonathan Blair (Bachelor of Science)
Rich, Ashley Rose (Bachelor of Engineering)
Richard, Jasper (Diploma in Costume Studies)
Richards, Tiffany Rae (Doctor of Medicine)
Richardson, Tyler Murray (Bachelor of Engineering)
Richardson, Tyler Murray (Diploma in Engineering)
Riche, Isabelle Jean (Bachelor of Music)
Riegel, Cameron Stewart (Bachelor of Arts)
Rigg, Evan George (Bachelor of Engineering)
Ring, Alexis Gaile (Diploma in Technology)
Ringle, Andrew Douglas (Doctor of Dental Surgery)
Rizvi, Arezoo (Bachelor of Health Science)
Rizvi, Syed Muhammad Ali (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Roach, Isabelle (Bachelor of Science)
Roache, Riley Matthew (Diploma in Engineering)
Robart, Tess Eliza (Doctor of Medicine)
Robert, Ian Joesph (Bachelor of Engineering)
Roberts, Emily Kate (Bachelor of Arts Honours Conversion)
Roberts, Jacob (Diploma in Engineering)
Robertson, Connor Graham (Bachelor of Community Design)
Robertson, Madelaine Kate (Bachelor of Science)
Robertson-Orkish, Cyrus Tearlach (Bachelor of Science)
Robertson-Tran, Morgan Samara (Bachelor of Commerce)
Robichaud, Braeden Leonard (Bachelor of Engineering)
Robichaud, Kamryn Michelle (Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences)
Robinson, Alexis Jamie (Doctor of Dental Surgery)
Robinson, Brianne (Doctor of Medicine)
Robinson, Carolyn Erin (Bachelor of Arts)
Robinson, Clare Margaret (Juris Doctor)
Robinson, Haley Anne (Bachelor of Commerce)
Robinson, John Kelton (Bachelor of Science)
Robinson, Kyrie Adele (Bachelor of Arts)
Robinson-Boivin, Jane Ivy (Bachelor of Arts)
Roda, Nicole Suzanne (Doctor of Medicine)
Roder, Scott Alexander (Bachelor of Arts)
Rodriguez, Cesar (Bachelor of Engineering)
Rogan, Jakob Tate (Bachelor of Commerce)
Rogers, Abigail Faith (Bachelor of Commerce)
Rogers, Connor Daniel (Juris Doctor)
Rogers, Marla-Ann Kaitlin (Bachelor of Social Work)
Rogers, Michael (Bachelor of Science Honours Conversion)
Rolfe, Olivia Isabel Rei (Bachelor of Science)
Rolle, Ureaka Riviana (Diploma in Emergency Health Services Management)
Rollini, Alice (Bachelor of Science)
Romkey, Isaac David (Bachelor of Science)
Roots, Galena Megan Christine (Bachelor of Science)
Rosario-Hachey, Melodi Marie (Diploma in Dental Hygiene)
Rose, Annika Karin (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Ross, Graham Fraser (Bachelor of Engineering)
Ross, Gwyneth Kathleen (Diploma in Dental Hygiene)
Ross, Margaret Mathilda Jean (Bachelor of Arts)
Ross, Olivia Mary (Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences)
Ross, Paul-Ryan (Bachelor of Engineering)
Rotenberg, Carolyn Gail Kayla (Doctor of Medicine)
Roth, Daniel Robert Kennedy (Juris Doctor)
Rousseau, Luc Mario (Bachelor of Engineering)
Roy, Chloe (Diploma in Technology)
Rshaidat, Faisal Rakan (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Rubin, Breana Hayley (Bachelor of Science (Health Promotion))
Rudahigan, Sophie (Bachelor of Arts)
Ruelland, Amanda Marie (Bachelor of Social Work)
Rukavina, Jacob Philip (Bachelor of Science)
Rumscheidt, Taylor (Bachelor of Arts)
Rundle, Amanda Mary (Doctor of Medicine)
Russell, James Alexander (Juris Doctor)
Russell, Kevin Harold (Doctor of Medicine)
Russell, Mary Weaver (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Russell, William Joseph (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Ruston, Emily Mae (Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences)
Ryan, Connor David (Bachelor of Commerce)
Ryther, Camilla Mary (Bachelor of Science)


Saadat, Fatemeh (Bachelor of Science)
Sabri, Basel (Bachelor of Engineering)
Sabu Zacharia, Christy (Bachelor of Science)
Sahan, Egemen (Bachelor of Engineering)
Sahiti, Qendresa (Bachelor of Science)
Sainsbury, Alisa Lee (Bachelor of Science (Bioveterinary Science))
Salaam, Fatimot Oluwabukola (Bachelor of Science)
Saleh, Omar Mohamed (Diploma in Engineering)
Salim, Hasan I (Doctor of Dental Surgery)
Sallie, Christopher (Juris Doctor)
Salmon, Drew Michael (Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences)
Salyzyn, Camryn Grace (Bachelor of Science (Health Promotion))
Samija, Tegan Holly Valentine (Bachelor of Arts)
Sampson, Hannah Rose (Bachelor of Engineering)
Sampson, John Alexander Robertson (Bachelor of Arts)
Sampson, Joshua Owen (Diploma in Engineering)
Samson, Dante Micheal Theo (Bachelor of Community Design)
Samson, Taylor Jenna (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Samuel, Tom Mboya (Bachelor of Engineering)
Sandham, Camille Lisa (Bachelor of Arts)
Sandhu, Manbir (Doctor of Dental Surgery)
Sangster, Hannah Maureen (Bachelor of Arts)
Sanil Kumar, Yedhu Krishna (Bachelor of Technology)
Sanni, Deborah Ayomikun (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Sanni, Emmanuel Ayomide (Bachelor of Engineering)
Saoud, Nicholas Emanuel (Bachelor of Engineering)
Sargent, Benjamin Carl (Diploma in Technology)
Sarhan, Fatma Ammar Mahmoud (Bachelor of Science)
Sarhan, Ziyad Tarek (Diploma in Engineering)
Saricicek, Emre Burak (Diploma in Engineering)
Sarty, Julia Mackenzie (Bachelor of Engineering)
Sarty, Kathleena Irene (Doctor of Medicine)
Sarycheva, Victoria (Bachelor of Commerce)
Saulnier, Kristin Haley (Bachelor of Engineering)
Saulnier, Tressa Mae (Bachelor of Science)
Saumure, Brock St. Clair (Bachelor of Science)
Savell, Gibson Joseph (Bachelor of Arts)
Sawler, Brian Robert (Bachelor of Engineering)
Saxberg, Graeme Scott (Bachelor of Engineering)
Sayafi, Mersedeh (Doctor of Dental Surgery)
Scanlon, Jacob Troy (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Schick, Branden Darryl (Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies)
Schmalz, Adrienne Margaret (Juris Doctor)
Scholz, Dana Lynne (Juris Doctor)
Schoonhoven, Leonard John (Bachelor of Science (Recreation))
Schrader, Nils Anton (Diploma in Engineering)
Schramm, Hillary Dawn (Bachelor of Science (Agriculture))
Scott, Brandon Paul (Doctor of Medicine)
Scott, Cassidy Rae (Bachelor of Science)
Scott, Katie (Bachelor of Science)
Scott, Matthew Craig (Bachelor of Arts)
Scott-Black, Elizabeth Iris (Bachelor of Arts)
Scullion, Nicole Ricky-Leigh (Bachelor of Science (Nursing))
Sculthorpe, Quinn Alice King (Bachelor of Arts)
Sealy, Noah Anthony (Bachelor of Science)
See, Hui Yi (Bachelor of Arts)
Seelemann, Erica Rachel (Bachelor of Science)
Sefau, Yousef Suleiman (Bachelor of Science)
Sehgal, Chandni (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Sehmbey, Naomi Jean (Bachelor of Science (Bioveterinary Science))
Seidel, Jessica Raye (Bachelor of Arts)
Seidler, Reagan Reese (Juris Doctor)
Selman, Taline Jessica (Bachelor of Arts)
Semeniuk, Darren Jeffrey (Bachelor of Engineering)
Senay, Genevieve Noemie (Bachelor of Health Science)
Sethuram, Claire Priya (Bachelor of Science)
Sevigny, Arielle Emilie (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Sexton, Jennifer Vivian (Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies)
Shadbolt, Jalyssa Marie (Bachelor of Science)
Shadbolt, Jessica Lynn (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Shadbolt, Jillian Leigh (Bachelor of Health Science)
Shaddock, Jenna Christena (Juris Doctor)
Shahrstan, Faraj (Bachelor of Engineering)
Shakhzodov, Aziz (Bachelor of Science)
Shan, Sen (Bachelor of Science)
Shane, Megan Shirley Josee (Diploma in Technology)
Shang, Shuting (Bachelor of Science)
Shang, Zhengyang (Bachelor of Science)
Sharma, Shivi (Diploma in Engineering)
Sharpe, Cortney Elizabeth Helen (Bachelor of Science (Agriculture))
Sharpe, Deana Victoria (Doctor of Dental Surgery)
Shash, Ibrahim Yasser (Bachelor of Management)
Shaw, Aaron Thomas (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Shaw, Gabrielle Samantha Yvonne (Diploma in Technology)
Shaw, Nika Florence (Bachelor of Health Science)
Shaw, Rachel Rene Marchand (Bachelor of Arts)
Shearing, Anna Elise (Bachelor of Arts)
Shears, Dylan Thomas (Bachelor of Science)
Sheffield, Keegan Coldwell (Bachelor of Engineering)
Sheftman, Jordan Tyler (Bachelor of Commerce)
Sheha, Noor Ahmed Galal (Bachelor of Engineering)
Shen, Yihui (Bachelor of Science)
Shepard, Sydney Brooke (Bachelor of Science)
Sheppard, Emily Anne Laura (Doctor of Medicine)
Sher, Caleb (Bachelor of Arts)
Sherman, Ashley Elaine (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Sherrard, Tara Lynn (Bachelor of Engineering)
Sherwood, James Tyler (Bachelor of Science)
Sheydaei, Sara (Bachelor of Commerce)
Shi, Ruoxiao (Bachelor of Science (Agriculture))
Shi, Xinrui (Bachelor of Technology)
Shin, Jimin (Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences)
Shirt, Keenan Geoffrey James (Diploma in Engineering)
Shore, Mary Matlen (Bachelor of Science)
Short, Robin Lei Lei (Bachelor of Science)
Shortliffe, Cole (Bachelor of Science)
Shumba, Tanaka Malobela (Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences)
Sibanda, Sage (Bachelor of Science)
Sibley, Lindsay Mary (Bachelor of Dental Hygiene)
Sidney, Lauren (Bachelor of Arts)
Silva Rangel, Gilberto Enrique (Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies)
Silver, Kayla Verlene (Bachelor of Science)
Simm, Allison Amy Leigh (Bachelor of Science (Nursing))
Simmons, Caitlin Elizabeth (Bachelor of Science (Nursing))
Simmons, Kyla Leona (Bachelor of Science)
Simmons, Shirina Oneia (Bachelor of Science)
Simms, Gordon Anthony (Doctor of Medicine)
Sinclair, Ghislaine Iren (Bachelor of Arts)
Sinclair, Rachel Jane (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Singer, Jacob Ethan (Bachelor of Arts)
Singh, Abbey (Bachelor of Science)
Singh, Kuljinder (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Singh, Smriti (Doctor of Medicine)
Singh, Vanshika (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Sittler, Kennedy Victoria (Bachelor of Science)
Skinner, Christopher Brian (Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences)
Skinner, Leah Emmeline (Bachelor of Arts)
Skinner, Rachelle F (Bachelor of Social Work)
Slater, Robyn Drew (Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences)
Slattery, Jan (Bachelor of Arts)
Slawter Wright, Chelsea Catherine (Bachelor of Science (Recreation))
Smalley, Rachel Diana (Bachelor of Commerce)
Smith, Hailee Marie (Bachelor of Health Science)
Smith, Jack Emerson (Bachelor of Arts)
Smith, Madeleine Rose (Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences)
Smith, Matthew Lawrence Lloyd (Bachelor of Applied Computer Science)
Smith, Matthew Roger (Bachelor of Applied Computer Science)
Smith, Michael Stephen (Bachelor of Engineering)
Smith, Molly Catherine (Bachelor of Community Design)
Smith, Paula Lynn (Bachelor of Health Science)
Smith, Rebecca Dawn Beatrice (Bachelor of Science)
Smith, Rikki Patricia (Diploma in Dental Hygiene)
Smith, Ryan Alan (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Smith, Ryan Gregory (Doctor of Dental Surgery)
Smith, Sarah Rebecca (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Smith, Stacie Lee (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Smith, Zoe (Diploma in Engineering)
Smyth, Michael (Doctor of Medicine)
Snider, Nathaniel (Bachelor of Applied Computer Science)
Snow-Swetnam, Brittany Michele (Bachelor of Science (Nursing))
So, Mara Liana (Bachelor of Science)
Sobey Skelton, Caitrin Gray (Bachelor of Science)
Somerville, Julia (Bachelor of Commerce)
Somji, Sabreen (Bachelor of Arts)
Son, Heeran (Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences)
Song, Brian Hyukyong (Bachelor of Engineering)
Song, Cathy (Bachelor of Engineering)
Song, Hongyan (Bachelor of Commerce)
Song, Runze (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Sorbara, Noa Teagan Sian (Bachelor of Science)
Soroka, Mikaela Lisa Maria (Bachelor of Science)
Soulier, Colette Ann (Bachelor of Science)
Sowinski-Banfield, Basia Sophia (Juris Doctor)
Spearns, Clayton Thomas (Bachelor of Engineering)
Spears, Carli Judith (Bachelor of Engineering)
Spinney, Angela Jean (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Spinney, Joshua Ryan Willison (Bachelor of Engineering)
Squires, Sarah Marie-Evelyn (Juris Doctor)
St James, Andrea Frances (Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies)
Stafford, Braden Andrew (Bachelor of Engineering)
Stanhope, Toni Jaclynn (Bachelor of Engineering)
Stanley, Cameron Douglas (Bachelor of Commerce)
Stanley, Cameron Katie Page (Bachelor of Science)
Stanley, Nathan Douglas (Juris Doctor)
Stanton, Zachary William (Doctor of Medicine)
Staples, Ryleigh Camryn (Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies)
Steele, Jacob Daniel (Bachelor of Engineering)
Steele, Kathleen Marie (Bachelor of Science (Recreation))
Steele, Reid William (Bachelor of Science)
Steeves, Kaley MacKenzie (Bachelor of Science (Agriculture))
Steeves, Megan Elizabeth (Juris Doctor)
Stegmeier, Samantha Alexandria (Diploma in Engineering)
Stephen, Derek Thomas (Bachelor of Engineering)
Stephens, Trystan Jon (Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences)
Stevens, Loryn Dais (Bachelor of Arts)
Stever, Adam Yvon (Bachelor of Science (Agriculture))
Stewart, Andrew Samuel (Bachelor of Science (Agriculture))
Stewart, Courtney Dawn (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Stewart, Glynis Charlotte (Doctor of Dental Surgery)
Stewart, Graym Duncan (Bachelor of Engineering)
Stewart, Hailey Rebecca (Bachelor of Commerce)
Stewart, Matthew David (Doctor of Medicine)
Stewart, Stirling Chandler (Bachelor of Science)
Stickings, Emma Nicole (Bachelor of Science (Nursing))
Stiles, Michaela Marie (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Stock, Luke Antony James (Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies)
Stoddart, Mikaila Olivia (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Stokdijk, Hannah Marie (Diploma in Engineering)
Stokes, Katelyn Laura (Bachelor of Science (Agriculture))
Stoll, Marijke Anneli (Diploma in Engineering)
Stoodley, Rianna Ashley (Diploma in Dental Hygiene)
Strachan, Erin Alyssa (Bachelor of Arts)
Stratton, Kethry Anne (Bachelor of Science)
Strba, Courtney Michaela (Bachelor of Science (Recreation))
Streb, Mackenzie James (Diploma in Engineering)
Street, Theodore Ellison (Bachelor of Engineering)
Stronach, Preston George (Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies)
Stubbington, Megan Christina (Diploma in Emergency Health Services Management)
Stylianides, Iona Eugenie (Bachelor of Science)
Su, Ruiyuan (Bachelor of Engineering)
Su, Tingyu (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Sudds, Emily Amanda (Bachelor of Science)
Suh, Bokang (Bachelor of Arts)
Suh, Sowon (Bachelor of Science)
Sui, Linshan (Bachelor of Commerce)
Sui, Mutian (Bachelor of Science)
Sullivan, Erica Lynn (Diploma in Technology)
Sullivan, Victoria Cynthia (Doctor of Medicine)
Sun, Chang (Bachelor of Science)
Sun, Jiawei (Bachelor of Management)
Sun, Leonard Suhao (Bachelor of Engineering)
Sun, Xinya (Bachelor of Commerce)
Sun, Yiqin (Bachelor of Technology)
Sun, Yuanhao (Bachelor of Commerce)
Sundhu, Sachin Dev Singh (Bachelor of Arts)
Sunil, Sandra Rachel (Bachelor of Science)
Surette, Stephen Alexandre (Bachelor of Science (Bioveterinary Science))
Susko, Melissa Lynn (Bachelor of Arts)
Sutherland, Carla Dawn (Diploma in Dental Hygiene)
Sutherland, Connor Morgan (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Sutherland, Craig Alexander (Diploma in Engineering)
Sutherland, Rachel Jane (Bachelor of Science (Nursing))
Sutter, Kaitlyn Anne (Bachelor of Arts)
Swain, Joshua (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Sweidan, Omar (Bachelor of Arts)
Sweny, Alexandra Lee (Bachelor of Arts)
Swinamer, Ryan Douglas (Bachelor of Engineering)
Swinton, Jaime Elizabeth (Bachelor of Community Design)
Syed, Mohammed Ali (Bachelor of Engineering)
Syed, Zamin (Bachelor of Science)
Syme, Charlotte Rachel (Bachelor of Science (Recreation))
Symonds, Bria Dawn (Bachelor of Social Work)
Szentesi-Thomas, Charlotte Rebecca (Bachelor of Science)
Szeto, Mitchell (Bachelor of Engineering)
Szymanski, Kes Riley (Bachelor of Commerce)


Taggart, Riley (Bachelor of Arts)
Tait, Devin (Bachelor of Arts)
Tait, Mikayla Symone Yang Fen (Bachelor of Community Design)
Taljit-Goodluck, Lorlene (Bachelor of Health Science)
Tang, Madeline Joan Eleanor (Bachelor of Arts)
Tang, Sabrina Kun (Doctor of Medicine)
Tanveer, Harris Bin (Bachelor of Engineering)
Tao, Sunyang (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Tarr, Zack Spencer (Bachelor of Engineering)
Tarrant, Bailey Christina (Bachelor of Science (Agriculture))
Tarrant, Mitchell David (Bachelor of Arts)
Taylor, Dre (Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies)
Taylor, Hailey Kathleen (Diploma in Engineering)
Taylor, Havard George (Bachelor of Science)
Taylor, Kelsey Renee (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Taylor, Richard Simon (Bachelor of Arts)
Taylor, Ryan Gordon (Bachelor of Engineering)
Taylor, Spence A (Bachelor of Management)
Taylor, Zachary David (Bachelor of Management)
Tayyab O Tahir, Muhammad (Diploma in Engineering)
Te, Christian Soliman (Doctor of Dental Surgery)
Tench, Jayden Donovan (Diploma in Engineering)
ter Beek, Jacob Rikkert (Bachelor of Science (Agriculture))
Tereposky, Kathleen Mary (Bachelor of Commerce)
Tetreault, Riel Douglass (Bachelor of Science)
Thebeau, Kamden Patrick Dunphy (Diploma in Engineering)
Theoret, Mallory Rachelle (Bachelor of Arts)
Thiesen, Timothy Andrew (Diploma in Engineering)
Thirugnanasambandam, Ilakkiya T (Bachelor of Technology)
Thomas, Isabel Barbara (Bachelor of Science Honours Conversion)
Thomas, Jin Sun Lee (Doctor of Dental Surgery)
Thomas, Owen Benson (Bachelor of Arts)
Thomas, Tyler Morrison (Bachelor of Arts)
Thomas, William (Bachelor of Arts)
Thompson, Charlotte Lee (Bachelor of Management)
Thompson, Iain (Bachelor of Engineering)
Thompson, Jade Marie-Therese (Bachelor of Science (Bioveterinary Science))
Thompson, Jordan Spencer (Bachelor of Science)
Thompson, Megan Kathleen (Juris Doctor)
Thomson, Alanah-Marie (Bachelor of Science (Nursing))
Thonhaugen-Good, Samantha Katrine (Bachelor of Social Work)
Thorne, Jordan Daniel Wheeler (Doctor of Medicine)
Tian, Zengwei (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Tichinoff, Joel Walter Lech (Juris Doctor)
Tingley, Rebecca Grace (Bachelor of Engineering)
Titus, Allison Jane (Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences)
Titus, Lauren Ashley (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Toba-Oluboka, Temilolu Tomike (Bachelor of Science)
Tok, Damla (Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences)
Tolton, Adam James (Bachelor of Engineering)
Tomchyshyn, Andrew Michael (Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies)
Tomko, Andrea Michele (Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences)
Tomlinson, Kimlee Ashleigh (Bachelor of Engineering)
Tompkins, Graham Kelly (Bachelor of Engineering)
Toner, Danielle Elizabeth (Bachelor of Arts)
Tong, Yao (Bachelor of Engineering)
Tonner, Aaron James (Bachelor of Engineering)
Tooker, Riley Kennedy (Bachelor of Science)
Toole, Katelyn Marie (Diploma in Technology)
Topitzer, Oliver Wardwell (Bachelor of Arts)
Toro, Delicia Marie Michelle (Bachelor of Science)
Torrealba, Christina Norma (Bachelor of Science)
Toulany, Aeilee (Bachelor of Science)
Tousignant, Hannah Lynn (Bachelor of Social Work)
Toutsenko, Serguei (Bachelor of Engineering)
Townsend, Denny Lee (Bachelor of Arts)
Townsend, Julia Vera (Bachelor of Science)
Trabulsi, Akram (Bachelor of Engineering)
Trabulsi, Bader (Bachelor of Engineering)
Tracy, Kate Elizabeth (Bachelor of Arts)
Tran, Khang Nhu (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Tranquilla, Adam Konrad (Bachelor of Engineering)
Trecarten, Neal (Doctor of Medicine)
Tremblay, Daniel Adrien (Bachelor of Engineering)
Tremblay, Olivia Imelda (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Trenholm, Michelle Jean Ann (Doctor of Medicine)
Trim, Michael J (Bachelor of Science)
Tripathi, Apurv (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Trites, Joel Mark (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Trottier, Carleigh Faith (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Trudeau, Kaitlyn Anne (Bachelor of Science (Recreation))
Tu, Hua (Bachelor of Science (Agriculture))
Tully, Christopher Daniel James (Bachelor of Arts)
Turenne, Anne-Marie (Bachelor of Arts)
Turnbull, Paige Elizabeth (Bachelor of Science (Agriculture))
Turner, Lauren Elizabeth (Bachelor of Engineering)
Tweedlie, Brian Douglas (Juris Doctor)


Ugbebor, Jesimiel (Diploma in Engineering)
Upshaw, Jenna (Bachelor of Science (Health Promotion))
Ur, Jessica (Bachelor of Arts)
Urquhart, Maya Catherine (Diploma in Engineering)


Vaisman, Sophie Isabel (Bachelor of Arts)
Valentine, Mackenzie Paige McCallum (Bachelor of Science)
Valenzuela Medina, Luis Hector (Diploma in Engineering)
Van Allen, Nicholas (Juris Doctor)
van den Heuvel, Kira Ann (Diploma in Engineering)
van den Hoogen, Monica (Diploma in Engineering)
van der Poel, Mike (Bachelor of Engineering)
van Dongen, Savannah Joy (Juris Doctor)
Van Dyk, Thomas Christopher (Bachelor of Science)
Van Eijck, Lotte (Bachelor of Commerce)
Van Every, Tanner Michael (Bachelor of Science)
Van Iderstine, Fraser Alan Carter (Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies)
van Vilsteren, Claudia Johanna (Bachelor of Science (Agriculture))
van Woerkens, Colette Fleur (Bachelor of Science (Recreation))
VanBuskirk, Kaylie Jane (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Vandyke, Thea Anne (Bachelor of Arts)
Vansickle, Raven Linda (Bachelor of Science)
Vanstone, Rena Elizabeth (Bachelor of Arts)
Varao, Zachary John (Bachelor of Arts)
Vautour, Elijah Harrison (Bachelor of Engineering)
Veenstra, Kaitlyn Leigh (Bachelor of Management)
Veinotte, Chansey Jonah (Doctor of Medicine)
Veinotte, Chantal Claire (Juris Doctor)
Venkataraman, Maya Amelia (Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences)
Verma, Monica (Doctor of Dental Surgery)
Versloot, Austin (Diploma in Technology)
Vigneau, Kevin Matthew (Bachelor of Commerce)
Villemure, Samuel Eddy (Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences)
Viner, Emma Grace (Bachelor of Science)
Vogel, Lauren Addie (Juris Doctor)
von Bredow, Sarah-Jane Elizabeth (Bachelor of Arts)
Vosman, Julia Anne (Bachelor of Science (Agriculture))
Vragovic, Alexandra Jordan (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Vranjes, Tara Nada (Bachelor of Arts)
Vu, Tung Khanh (Bachelor of Science)


Wach, Graeme Ethan (Bachelor of Science)
Walcott, Roberto (Juris Doctor)
Walker, Grant Alexander (Bachelor of Commerce)
Walker, Julia Dawn (Bachelor of Science)
Walker, Kathleen Marie (Bachelor of Engineering)
Walker, Mitchel Hubert (Bachelor of Engineering)
Wall, Heather (Bachelor of Science)
Wall, Jacob William (Diploma in Engineering)
Wallace, Andrew Paul (Bachelor of Engineering)
Wallace, Jesse Robert (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Wallace, Natalie Rose (Doctor of Medicine)
Wallace, Ryan Leonard (Diploma in Engineering)
Walsh, Alexandra Susan Elizabeth (Bachelor of Arts)
Walsh, Hayley Rebecca (Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences)
Walter, Briana (Bachelor of Science)
Walter, Emily Marie (Bachelor of Arts)
Walwyn-Venugopal, Rishi Alexander (Bachelor of Engineering)
Wamback, Samantha Dawn (Bachelor of Arts)
Wamboldt, Jazmin Evangeline (Diploma in Engineering)
Wang, Chengyi (Bachelor of Engineering)
Wang, Haoyue (Bachelor of Technology)
Wang, Harvey (Bachelor of Science)
Wang, Heyao (Bachelor of Engineering)
Wang, Kevin (Bachelor of Engineering)
Wang, Lei (Bachelor of Science)
Wang, Manwei (Bachelor of Commerce)
Wang, Mengyao (Bachelor of Science)
Wang, Qi (Diploma in Engineering)
Wang, Rita (Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies)
Wang, Rufeng (Bachelor of Engineering)
Wang, Sean (Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences)
Wang, Shi (Bachelor of Science)
Wang, Shihao (Bachelor of Engineering)
Wang, Shiyu (Bachelor of Science (Agriculture))
Wang, Siyao (Bachelor of Arts)
Wang, Xinhao (Bachelor of Arts)
Wang, Xinting (Bachelor of Technology)
Wang, Xueying (Bachelor of Arts)
Wang, Yahu (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Wang, Yijie (Bachelor of Commerce)
Wang, Youyun (Bachelor of Engineering)
Wang, Yue (Bachelor of Technology)
Wang, Yujiao (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Wang, Yuqi (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Wang, Yuting (Bachelor of Science)
Wang, Yuyu (Bachelor of Science)
Wang, Zhe (Bachelor of Science)
Wang, Zhiyuan (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Wang, Ziyilin (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Wang, Ziyu (Bachelor of Science)
Wang, Zongsheng (Bachelor of Science)
Waqas, Nisha (Doctor of Medicine)
Ward, David Logan (Diploma in Engineering)
Ward, Gillian Allegra (Bachelor of Management)
Warde, Fiona Ashleigh (Doctor of Medicine)
Warmerdam, Meghan Nicole (Bachelor of Science)
Warren, Chloe (Bachelor of Arts)
Warren, Kelci Lauren (Bachelor of Community Design)
Waterman, Max Douglas (Juris Doctor)
Watson, Daemon Nicholas (Diploma in Engineering)
Watson, David Gregory Thomas (Diploma in Engineering)
Watters, Kaelen Keilty (Bachelor of Science)
Watton, Jerid Richard (Bachelor of Science)
Wawer, Elzbieta Maria (Bachelor of Engineering)
Waxman, Michael (Bachelor of Commerce)
Waye, Courteney Amber (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Webb, Matthew James (Bachelor of Science)
Weerasinghe, Vinod (Bachelor of Science)
Wei, Chutian (Bachelor of Science (Agriculture))
Wei, Liangqian (Bachelor of Management)
Weiland, Clara Judith (Bachelor of Arts)
Weismann, Elaine Lillian (Doctor of Dental Surgery)
Wells, Patrick Conrad (Bachelor of Engineering)
Wen, Ronghua (Bachelor of Engineering)
Wen, Xinyi (Bachelor of Engineering)
Wen, Ya (Bachelor of Arts)
Wentzell, Meghan Laura (Doctor of Medicine)
Wentzell, Victoria Ellen (Bachelor of Engineering)
Werbitt, Jonathan (Bachelor of Arts)
Were, Jack Albert (Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies)
Werny, Andrea Robyn (Bachelor of Science)
Wesley, Brayden Mathew (Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies)
West, Courtney Shawna Alexandra (Bachelor of Science in Medical Sciences)
Whalley, Nicole Kathleen (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Whebby, Luke A. W. (Bachelor of Engineering)
Whebby, Mallory Ann (Bachelor of Science)
Whitcomb, Michael Adam (Doctor of Medicine)
White, Amber Alexis (Doctor of Dental Surgery)
White, Jenna Marie (Bachelor of Science (Nursing))
White, Liam Becker (Bachelor of Commerce)
Whitehouse, Madeline Sarah (Diploma in Engineering)
Whittaker, Alexander Ian (Bachelor of Engineering)
Whitworth, Alex (Bachelor of Science)
Whyte, Richard Paul Allison (Bachelor of Arts)
Wicha, Katrina Josephine (Bachelor of Science)
Wieschkowski, Rebecca Jamie (Juris Doctor)
Wile, Jade Makenzie (Diploma in Dental Hygiene)
Wile, Megan Danielle (Bachelor of Health Science)
Willemsen, Angelina Katharina Gertrud (Bachelor of Agriculture)
Willett, Lauren (Bachelor of Commerce)
Williams, Daniel Alfred (Bachelor of Science)
Williams, Ellen Clare (Juris Doctor)
Williams, Hilary Agnes (Doctor of Dental Surgery)
Williams, Jack Jamieson (Bachelor of Arts)
Williams, Lauren (Diploma in Engineering)
Williams, Lucio (Bachelor of Management)
Williams, Meg Kathleen (Juris Doctor)
Williamson Bellefontaine, Matthew Robert (Diploma in Engineering)
Willner-Fraser, Eleanor (Bachelor of Arts)
Wilson, Carolyn Nicole (Bachelor of Arts)
Wilson, Jason Robert (Bachelor of Social Work)
Wilson, Lindsey (Juris Doctor)
Winer, Sophie (Bachelor of Arts)
Winters, Douglas Liam (Bachelor of Engineering)
Wisawakornsakow, Aisariyaporn (Bachelor of Science)
Witter, Courtney Susan (Bachelor of Arts)
Wnuk, Cassandra (Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies)
Wojcik, William Robert (Juris Doctor)
Wonders, Katrina Juliette (Bachelor of Management)
Wong, Chak Kei (Bachelor of Arts)
Wood, Brandon Lorne (Bachelor of Commerce)
Wood, Katherine Danielle (Diploma in Technology)
Wood, Mackenzie Kaitlyn (Bachelor of Science (Nursing))
Wood, Parker Mackenzie (Bachelor of Commerce)
Woodside, Sarah Melissa (Bachelor of Science)
Woodworth, Ellen Deanna (Doctor of Dental Surgery)
Woodworth, Laura Diana Joanna (Juris Doctor)
Worthen, Brandon Joseph (Bachelor of Science)
Wright, Cassidy Nicole (Bachelor of Engineering)
Wrona, Brynne Marguerite (Bachelor of Science)
Wu, Chung Yuan (Juris Doctor)
Wu, He (Bachelor of Engineering)
Wu, Junzhuo (Diploma in Engineering)
Wu, Qianjiang (Bachelor of Engineering)
Wu, Qinhong (Bachelor of Science (Agriculture))
Wu, Yanlin (Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology))
Wu, Yuan (Bachelor of Science)
Wu, YueWen (Bachelor of Agriculture)
Wudrick, Alannah Nicole (Bachelor of Science)


Xia, Yi (Bachelor of Commerce)
Xiang, Wenhao (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Xiao, Chengyao (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Xiao, Shao (Bachelor of Science)
Xiao, Yifan (Bachelor of Technology)
Xiao, Yuxuan (Bachelor of Science)
Xiao, Ziqi (Bachelor of Engineering)
Xu, Chang (Bachelor of Engineering)
Xu, Congyi (Bachelor of Commerce)
Xu, Xiangxu (Bachelor of Engineering)
Xu, Xintong (Bachelor of Arts)
Xu, Yifan (Bachelor of Engineering)
Xu, Yunpeng (Bachelor of Engineering)
Xu, Zhongyi (Bachelor of Engineering)
Xu, Zhoubin (Bachelor of Engineering)
Xue, Xiao (Bachelor of Science)


Yacyshyn, Leah Carolyn (Bachelor of Science)
Yaiesh, Lianne M Fawzi (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Yamin, Adnan Khaled (Bachelor of Engineering)
Yammine, Celine (Bachelor of Science)
Yan, Hao (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Yan, Sijia (Bachelor of Science (Agriculture))
Yang, Huiyi (Bachelor of Engineering)
Yang, Jiaxin (Bachelor of Technology)
Yang, Jingyi (Bachelor of Science)
Yang, Jinhao (Bachelor of Science)
Yang, Olivia Hyewon (Doctor of Dental Surgery)
Yang, Philip (Juris Doctor)
Yang, Qiannan (Bachelor of Commerce)
Yang, Ran (Bachelor of Commerce)
Yang, Xin (Bachelor of Engineering)
Yang, Yipeng (Bachelor of Engineering)
Yang, Yuqing (Bachelor of Commerce)
Yang, Zekun (Diploma in Engineering)
Yang, Zhixian (Bachelor of Science)
Yao, Noah Tianchi (Bachelor of Commerce)
Yao, Yihong (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Yashayaeva, Abigail (Bachelor of Science)
Yau, Long Yin (Matt) (Bachelor of Science (Bioveterinary Science))
Yazigy, George Esber William (Bachelor of Engineering)
Ye, Shushu (Bachelor of Commerce)
Ye, Xiaotong (Bachelor of Science)
Yeoh Hong Yi, Justin (Doctor of Dental Surgery)
Yetman, Cameron Christopher (Bachelor of Arts)
Yi, Wenhao (Bachelor of Engineering)
Yin, Xiaohe (Bachelor of Engineering)
Yin, Xueyi (Bachelor of Commerce)
Yin, Yun (Bachelor of Engineering)
Yiridoe, Conrad Ankaaraba (Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy))
Yorke, Hayden Thomas (Diploma in Engineering)
Young, Shannon Dale (Diploma in Dental Hygiene)
Young, Sydney Theodora (Bachelor of Arts)
Yousif, Haitham Waleed Farouk (Bachelor of Engineering)
Yowart, Alicia Taylor (Juris Doctor)
Yu, Bohan (Bachelor of Science)
Yu, Chee Sheng (Diploma in Engineering)
Yu, Joyce (Bachelor of Science)
Yu, MengYu (Bachelor of Science (Agriculture))
Yu, Sixian (Bachelor of Science (Agriculture))
Yue, Liangliang (Bachelor of Engineering)
Yule, Jonathan (Bachelor of Arts)
Yung, Perry (Juris Doctor)
Yurkovich, Claire Elizabeth (Bachelor of Science)
Yurtsever, Deniz (Diploma in Engineering)


Zachernuk, Nick (Bachelor of Engineering)
Zagar, Ellen Freeman (Bachelor of Arts)
Zanatta, Olivia Alexandra (Bachelor of Science)
Zeineddin, Abdallah Majed T (Diploma in Engineering)
Zhai, Ang (Bachelor of Technology)
Zhang, Chao (Bachelor of Commerce)
Zhang, Chi (Bachelor of Science)
Zhang, Hanxiang (Bachelor of Engineering)
Zhang, Jiaxin (Bachelor of Science (Agriculture))
Zhang, Jiutian (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Zhang, Jun (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Zhang, Junmiao (Bachelor of Science)
Zhang, Kan Yu (Bachelor of Science)
Zhang, Qi (Bachelor of Engineering)
Zhang, Rui (Bachelor of Engineering)
Zhang, Runting (Bachelor of Engineering)
Zhang, Shuhe (Bachelor of Science)
Zhang, Tingyu (Bachelor of Science)
Zhang, Wang (Bachelor of Science)
Zhang, Wenyi (Bachelor of Science)
Zhang, Xiaojun Doris (Bachelor of Engineering)
Zhang, Xueying (Bachelor of Science)
Zhang, Yafei (Bachelor of Engineering)
Zhang, Yang (Bachelor of Engineering)
Zhang, Yichen (Diploma in Engineering)
Zhang, Yicheng (Bachelor of Science)
Zhang, Yikun (Bachelor of Science)
Zhang, Yue (Bachelor of Science)
Zhang, Yunzheng (Bachelor of Science)
Zhang, Ziwei (Bachelor of Science (Agriculture))
Zhang, Ziyang (Bachelor of Science)
Zhao, Edward Lu (Bachelor of Engineering)
Zhao, Jiamin (Bachelor of Management)
Zhao, Yiming (Bachelor of Science)
Zhao, Yuxuan (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Zheng, Chao (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Zheng, Fenglin (Bachelor of Commerce)
Zheng, Mao (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Zheng, Wensi (Bachelor of Management)
Zheng, Yukun (Bachelor of Engineering)
Zheng, Yukun (Diploma in Engineering)
Zheng, Yunheng (Bachelor of Engineering)
Zheng, Yuxiao (Bachelor of Commerce)
Zhong, Yuqi (Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies)
Zhou, Mohan (Bachelor of Science (Agriculture))
Zhou, Qi (Bachelor of Commerce)
Zhou, Tejun (Bachelor of Engineering)
Zhou, Tian (Bachelor of Technology)
Zhou, Xiaohang (Bachelor of Science)
Zhou, Yang (Bachelor of Commerce)
Zhou, Yuye (Bachelor of Science)
Zhou, Zixin (Bachelor of Commerce)
Zhouri, Chanel Latifi (Bachelor of Science)
Zhu, Jiapeng (Bachelor of Engineering)
Zhu, Junyi (Bachelor of Technology)
Zhu, Kaiying (Bachelor of Dental Hygiene)
Zhu, Keqin (Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies)
Zhu, Qiuyi (Bachelor of Commerce)
Zhu, Yuqing (Bachelor of Science)
Zigrossi, Ryan Joesph (Bachelor of Science)
Zilkowsky, Morgan Cathrine (Bachelor of Science (Nursing))
Zionce, Micah (Bachelor of Arts)
Zozuk, Cory Donovan (Bachelor of Engineering)
Zubricki, Natasha Carole Elizabeth (Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies)
Zuliniak, Rachel Alexandra (Juris Doctor)