Updating Your Address

How to update your address in DalOnline

Please use the following instructions to check and/or update your current address in DalOnline. 

1. Login to DalOnline.
2. Click on “Personal Information”
3. Click on “View/Update Personal Information”
4. Scroll to Address section. Here, you can either Edit your address or Add New address. Editing your current mailing address is best.

You can send the parchment to any address you choose, as long as it is listed as the Mailing Address. Anyone in the household at the Mailing Address can sign for the shipment on your behalf.

DO NOT select Parent Address
 (even if the address is a parent/guardian residence).

If you are adding a new address:
- ensure you select the proper start and end dates for your address.
- ensure you select Mailing Address from the dropdown menu.
- If an existing address is still listed for you, please ensure the address end date is before the start date for your new address.