Grad Photos/Hoods

NOTE: The health and well-being of our students is the highest priority for us. Due to the current situation with COVID-19, the Registrar's Office is not open for in-person services and cannot accommodate academic dress loans at this time. 

Renting Academic Dress

Graduates who wish to have their portrait taken in academic dress have several options.

Our academic dress vendor, Gaspard Inc., offers month-long rentals of undergraduate and masters level academic dress for a flat rate:

  • $30.00 (academic dress rental)
  • $20.00 (shipment to an address of your choosing
  • $20.00 (return shipment to Gaspard, shipping label included with renta)
  • Plus taxes (plus tax, plus $40 shipping and return shipment) to an address of your choosing. The rental includes a black gown and the academic hood that represents your program. 

The rental includes a black gown and the academic hood that represents your program.

Please visit Gaspard's Online Rental Portal for further assistance. 

Graduate Portrait Sittings

Lifetouch Photography is usually at our Convocation ceremonies offering on-site portrait sittings. Their studio has their own inventory of Dalhousie hoods on hand, and they are currently accepting appointments for portrait sittings.

The following list of photographers in the Halifax have their own inventory of Dalhousie hoods on hand and are taking graduate portraits while respecting social distancing guidelines. We will continue to update this list as we learn of more studios with a compliment of Dalhousie hoods:

Applehead Studio

Calnen Photography

Moments in Time Photography

For Agricultural Campus students, please contact Unique Images, who have our Faculty of Agriculture hoods on hand.

Please email if you wish to be informed once academic dress loans from the Registrar's Office have resumed.


Graduate Recognition by Black Student Advising Centre

The Black Student Advising Centre celebrates the achievements of all graduating black students of African descent and is pleased to announce that Kente sashes will be available at the Centre for graduates to borrow and wear during their ceremonies. Contact the Black Student Advising Centre at or 494-6648 to borrow a sash.