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Academic Dress

Academic dress — also known as academic costume or regalia — are the regal robes worn by graduands that distinguish Convocation as a formal academic ceremony.

The ceremonial hoods worn by each graduand are colour-coded to identify the graduand’s field of study.

Indigenous students are welcome to wear traditional dress in a manner that celebrates their heritage with or instead of the gown. In those instances, graduands must still wear their ceremonial hood.

Graduands do not need to rent their academic dress; they can pick it up in the Gowns Room the days leading up to the ceremony.

Your academic dress will depend on the degree you will receive:

  • Diplomas - black gown and stole
  • Bachelor’s degree - black gown and hood
  • Master’s degree - black gown, hood and mortar board
  • PhD recipients - PhD gown, hood and birretum

Graduate Recognition by Elders

Graduate Recognition by Black Student Advising Centre