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Office of Sustainability

The Dalhousie Office of Sustainability works to incorporate sustainability concepts and criteria into policy and planning, building and retrofit projects, and operations. The Office strives to engage and encourage student, staff, and faculty in practicing sustainable behavior.

The Office works with many campus and community partners to achieve its objectives. By ourselves we are one, together we are a community!

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Found Forgotten Food-Truck

Found Forgotten Food

Found Forgotten Food has reduced 28,610 pounds of food waste by gathering, preserving and sharing forgotten fruits and vegetables in Nova Scotia. 


EAC Showcases biodiversity in Nova Scotia coastal waters

Photographer Nick Hawkins showcases rugged coastlines and ocean wildlife. The project will remain until the end of the summer and may see as many as 1,000 people a day.

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A cross-country roadtrip that became a movie about business

The Social Shift movie is the creation of three film-makers and one activist travelling over 8000km in two years, and conducting 70 interviews. Needless to say, it was a labour of love.

Read more about twins Meaghan and Marie Wright (Mirror Image Media), Joseph Huyer and Kevin Courtney, and their incredible journey here.

Source: The Chronicle Herald

YESS - Your Environmental Student Society

YESS(Your Environment Sustainability Society) is a student group at Dal dedicated to engaging and empowering the community through education and leadership. You can check out their Facebook page and stay tuned by checking in here!


Junior University helps prepare Indigenous teens for careers in health

This July, 40 Indigenous youth from Atlantic Canada and as far away as Quebec and Labrador attended week-long health science camps at Dalhousie, Cape Breton University and St. Francis Xavier University.

Now in its second year, Junior University aims to “expel the myths and nervousness of leaving their communities and coming to a university to study,” says Joe MacEachern, manager of Indigenous health programs at Dalhousie Medical School and coordinator of the Dalhousie camp.

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The Tare Shop the first zero-waste bulk store and cafe in Halifax

Kate Pepler graduate from the College in 2016 and has been busy ever since. She's currently in the process of starting her own company called The Tare Shop, which aims to be Halifax's first zero-waste cafe and bulk store.


ESS Alumni Uytae Lee participates in a documentary film competition

Synopsis of the Documentary:

When immigrants come to Canada, they often settle in a community of their peers, an immigrant neighbourhood. In Metro Vancouver, these communities are especially pronounced in cities such as Richmond and Surrey. Opinions on these communities have been divided - some see them as essential support networks for newcomers while others believe they create isolating spaces. This documentary will explore Vancouver’s major racialized communities to better understand these spaces and why they exist. I will visit the neighbourhoods of Richmond and Surrey where I will interview residents while documenting guided tours of these areas. Additionally, I will tie in my own personal experiences as a Korean immigrant in Canada to the story.


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Mount Saint Vincent University to offer students free menstrual products

The MSVU Students’ Union has successfully lobbied the university to provide menstrual health products to all students on campus.

Access to safe menstrual health products is paramount to providing accessible and equitable opportunities for women, non-binary, and trans students on campus. With half the population requiring access to these products, this is a huge step towards menstrual equity not only on the MSVU campus, but hopefully sends a message to other campuses, businesses, and public organizations to follow suit.

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Student‑led ShARCC links research and advocacy to protect shark populations

Manuel Dureuil wants people to rethink what they think they know about sharks.

For example: those massive great white sharks that have shaped the public image of sharks since the days of Jaws, and which take up a disorientate amount of the real estate during the Discovery Channel's annual Shark Week each summer? They’re hardly representative of sharks in general.

“It’s a good example that shows you how uncertain these assessments are and how we need further research,” says Dureuil.

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Jeff Dahn and Tesla

At his Dalhousie lab in collaboration with Tesla, physicist Jeff Dahn leads a team of 20 researching the challenges of prolonging the life and lowering the costs of lithium-ion batteries.


Divest Dal

A collective of students, alumni and concerned community members committed to environmental justice, transparency, and meaningful participation in Dalhousie’s decision-making process.


Check out the Chef's Garden at the Dal Ag Campus

“The Chef’s Garden was started by one of our students, Meghan Summers, as a fourth-year project,” explains Julie Fowler, Food Service Director for Chartwells, Dal AC’s catering service. “The vision was to create a market garden on campus that could also act as a living classroom. In addition to supply both Truro and Halifax campus’s with vegetables, it acts as an educational resource for students on campus.”

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Dartmouth North Community Food Centre

The Dartmouth North Community Food Centre is a partner site of Community Food Centres Canada (CFCC), a national organization that’s driving the development of CFCs across the country. Along with other Community Food Centres in communities across Canada, the Dartmouth North Community Food Centre is helping to increase access to healthy food for low-income Canadians while proving that food can be a transformative force in our communities. For more on this national project,  visit