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Dr. Martha Crago

Vice-president, research


Dr. Martha Crago brings a diverse range of experience to her role as vice-president, research at Dalhousie. As an accomplished academic and researcher, Dr. Crago understands the goals and challenges of conducting research and the importance of mobilizing resources to support it. As a former administrator with a focus on international research at McGill University and the Université de Montreal, Dr. Crago understands the value in making research connections beyond our campus.

Dr. Crago has brought her expertise to bear in creating university networks such as the International Forum for Public Universities and the Canadian Consortium of Ocean Research Universities. Her ongoing objective is to establish Dalhousie as a national and international hub of research.

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A global vision

Dr. Martha Crago came to Dalhousie as vice-president, research in 2008, bringing with her extensive administrative and academic experience from McGill University and the Université de Montreal. Dr. Crago was attracted to Dalhousie by its potential to be an internationally recognized research university with the capacity to advance knowledge in a wide range of fields.

“In addition to its scientific and scholarly significance, research can also have important social, cultural and economic consequences. It becomes a motor for the economy and a source of information for social policy and an inspiration for culture.

“It is the role of the university to be a creator of knowledge and a connector to the places where knowledge is used, whether those are local, national or international.”

Dr. Crago’s unique background has prepared her to take on this challenge. As a former Dean of Graduate Studies at McGill University, she developed relationships with industry and government that paved the way to similar partnerships at Dalhousie. In the role of vice-president, international and federal government relations for the Université de Montreal, she visited universities, government funders and research facilities in Canada and around the world, developing a sense of the globalization of research.

In addition to furthering Dalhousie's reputation as a regional research powerhouse with more than $140 million in annual funded research, Dr. Crago has implemented her vision of Dalhousie as a hub of research collaboration regionally, nationally and internationally. Dr. Crago chairs the Halifax Marine Research Institute, a partnership that includes other Maritime universities, government agencies and private-sector partners. Reinforcing Dalhousie’s strengths in ocean research, Dr. Crago also founded the Canadian Consortium of Ocean Research Universities.

“We have some striking research initiatives where Dalhousie is the hub of a network that goes country-wide or international. That’s the direction science is going. Knowledge is global and there are collaborations that move whole fields forward by people working together across national and disciplinary borders.”

On a more immediate scale, Dr. Crago and her team also help Dalhousie researchers gain access to funding and mentorship. Through her own academic experience as a professor in Human Communications Disorders, Dr. Crago knows first-hand the challenges and pleasure of conducting research.

“I have an idea of the kinds of pressures and competitiveness that can make research difficult, but I also know about the ingenuity and spirit of creativity that makes reserach fun and interesting for the people involved in it.”


Quick facts about Dr. Crago

  • Is a professor of human communication disorders
  • Research specialty is language acquisition and socialization
  • Co-founded International Forum for Public Universities