The planning process

How do we move from strategic plan to operational reality? That process is underway, under the leadership of Dalhousie’s Provost. It includes:

  • Aligning the university budget and plans with the academic mission of the university;
  • Ensuring that goals are integrated across academic and administrative units;
  • Providing a structure that enables clear and efficient decision making.

Strategic Planning milestones


Fifth year progress report

The June 2019 Progress Report marks the completion of the university’s most recent Strategic Direction, Inspiration and Impact.

Highlights from the Fifth year progress report

Highlights from the Inspiration and Impact report.

Fourth year progress report

The June 2018 Progress Report highlights a year of inspiring successes as we enter the final year of our plan.

Third year progress report

The June 2017 Progress Report highlights a year of significant and exciting successes, tempered with the recognition that we still have work to do.

Second year progress report

The June 2016 Progress Report is our second annual report on progress towards creating an environment that is open to tough questions, committed to transparency and united in a desire for positive change.

Dalhousie University Plan

Dalhousie University Plan 2015 was developed to turn the goals of Inspiration and Impact into reality, providing a map to guide our work in our five strategic areas and associated strategic priorities.

First year progress report

The June 2015 Progress Report provided a snapshot of our first year, highlighting some of Dalhousie’s significant achievements as we strive to fulfil our strategic priorities by 2018.

Project charters approved

Provost committee approves project charters in January 2015.

Inspiration and Impact

Inspiration and Impact: Dalhousie Strategic Direction 2014-18, the university’s new set of strategic priorities, was approved by both Senate and the Board of Governors in the late spring of 2014.

Vision and Mission

Senate drafts the revamped Vision and Mission statements in May 2014.

100 Days of Listening

The final 100 Days of Listening report was published on December 23, 2013. The overall response indicated that report provided a reasonable snapshot of the main issues and opportunities facing Dalhousie.

Strategic Planning principles

Aligned decision forum: Include the right people at the right time
Value creation: Focus decisions on creating value at each stage
Comparable monitoring and evaluation: Employ clear, transparent monitoring and evaluation
Embraces uncertainty and is dynamic: Expect and track changes; Strategic Priority remains
Inclusive and collaborative process: Identify and involve stakeholders each step of the way
Clear communication and learning: Assess, track, inform, and continuously improve


Roles and Responsibilities

President's Executive

Governance Definition Objective Activities

Oversight of 5 Strategic Areas:

  • Teaching & Learning
  • Research
  • Service
  • Partnership and Reputation
  • Infrastructure and  Support

Strategic Priorities managed in a coordinated way to support strategy and to deliver results in line with strategic priorities.

Focused on doing the right things

  • Strategic-fit and alignment

Provost Committee

Governance Definition Objective Activities

Oversight of 25 Priorities

Initial 10 Priorities

Strategic priorities managed in a coordinated way to attain the business objectives and benefits.

Focused on realizing the benefits/results

  • Governance/Control
  • Verification and validation
  • Prioritization
  • Resources

Executive Sponsors

Governance Definition Objective Activities

Accountable for advancing 25 priorities (Charters)

Priorities advanced to achieve intended results

Focused on doing things right

  • Scope
  • Quality
  • Cost
  • Time

Project Leads

Governance Definition Objective Activities

Execution of Project

Deliver on the project

Focused on implementation in keeping with project goals

  • Finalize Charter
  • Develop Project Plan
  • Progress Reporting
  • Manage Project Execution

Project Teams - Academic Leaders, Faculty, Staff, other key stakeholders

Governance Definition Objective Activities

Responsible for implementation of Project Plans

Deliver on the tasks

Focused on implementation, and monitoring and assessment

  • Tasks
  • Milestones