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200th Anniversary Faculty Champions Committee

  • Keltie Jones, Agriculture
  • Elizabeth Loeffler, Architecture and Planning
  • Jure Gantar, Arts & Social Sciences
  • Christian Blouin and Rebecca Rawcliffe, Computer Science
  • Jennifer Hann, Continuing Education
  • Denise Zwicker and Cheryl Bell, Dentistry
  • Josh Leon, Engineering
  • Marty Leonard and Hannah Beck, Grad Studies
  • Dawn Morrison, Health
  • Camille Cameron, Law
  • Mike Smit and Nicole Maunsell, Management
  • Darrell White, Medicine
  • Chris Moore, Science
  • Kirsten Tobin, Advancement
  • Luke Smith, Creative Services
  • Brian Leadbetter, Communications and Marketing
  • Hope McCallum, Communications and Marketing
  • Catherine Bagnell Styles, Project Lead
  • Allison Auld, 200th Anniversary Operations Manager