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Fact Sheets & Resource Booklets

Alcohol Low Risk Drinking

Alcohol Low Risk Drinking (You Tube link)

Alcohol Reality Check ( take the test)

Alcohol and Caffeine

Birth Control Options

Bacterial Vaginosis (STI) ENGLISH

Bacterial Vaginosis ( STI) CHINESE

Chlamydia  ( STI) ENGLISH

Chlamydia  ( STI) CHINESE

Common Cold Facts

Genital Herpes (STI) ENGLISH

Genital Herpes( STI) CHINESE

Gonorrhea (STI) ENGLISH

Gonorrhea ( STI) CHINESE


HPV (genital) Infection ENGLISH

HPV ( genital) Infection CHINESE

HPV & Men (genital) ENGLISH

Meningococcal Meningitis

Pelvic Inflamatory Disease (PID) ENGLISH

Pelvic Inflamatory Disease( PID) CHINESE

Positive Body Image

Relationships - Healthy

Relationships - Unhealthy

Sex - A Healthy Sexuality Reource (Sex Relationships & Decisions; Sexual Assault; Sexually Transmitted Infections; Preventing Pregancy; Useful Information)

Sexual Health (American document)

Signs of Alcohol Poisoning  

Sleep Tips

Stress Management

Study Station Set Up

Syphillis (STI) ENGLISH

Syphillis (STI) CHINESE

Ticks - enjoy outdoors without ticks

TRANSITIONS: Making The Most of Your Campus Experience


Links & Web Resources

Asthma Society of Canada ( Allergy Trigers, etc)

Anxiety Canada ( Anxiety Tools)

Anti Vacination -Debunking ( You Tube Link)

Antbiotic Awareness

Caffine Calculator

Canada's Food Guide

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Depresion ( tools)

Depression - The Science of Depression - YouTube link

Depression - What is Depression? - YouTube link

Erectile Dysfunction  

Flu (influenza)

Hangover - What Causes a Hangover? - You Tube Link

Hangover - Scientific Cure for a Hangover - You Tube link

Heartbreak - The Science of Heartbreak - YouTube link

HIV/ AIDS - The Science of HIV/AIDS - YouTube Link

Mayo Clinic

PROSocial Project (Caring Campus)

Pimples - Is There a Pimple Cure? - You Tube link

Relaxation Techniques

Sexuality and U

Sleep - How Much Sleep do you Need? - You Tube link

Study Tips - The 9 Best Study Tips - You Tube link

Smoking - Tobacco Free Nova Scotia - quit smoking resource  

Smoking - Leave The Pack Behind - quit smoking resource

Smoking - Smoking vs Vapping - You Tube link

What Vaccines Do You Need? - CDC quiz

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