Classroom Accommodations

Classroom accommodations and other supports may be approved to reduce or remove barriers as a result of a disability, religious obligation and/or other protected characteristics under human rights legislation. Accommodations are considered on a case-by-case basis and vary depending upon the barriers identified by the student.

Note taking

One possible accommodation might be note taking. The Student Success Centre facilitates arrangements for a peer note taker. As we rely on other students to make this service successful, we cannot guarantee a peer note taker. We encourage you to check out assistive technologies  for additional support and meet with the Coordinator of Academic Accommodations to discuss alternatives.

You may be eligible for financial assistance in the form of government grants to pay for note taking. Alternatively, we will pay a honourarium for note taking.

Requesting notes

Once note taking has been implemented as part of your accommodation plan, talk to the Accommodations Coordinator.

Interested in becoming a Note Taker?

If you would like to become a Note Taker, please review and submit our Note Taker Application [PDF] within the first week of class (for fall and winter terms); or within the first two days of class (for spring/summer terms).


Whether you’re looking for a note taker, or wish to become a note taker, please contact