Academic Support

Get the assistance you need to reach your goals

Academic support on the Agricultural Campus in Truro ranges from tutoring to disability support functions. If you find you're struggling with your studies, or want to improve your current writing and studying techniques, come see us!


Register for courses

Find all the information you need about choosing your courses, creating your schedule, transfer courses, changing courses, wait lists, and more.

Academic advising

Our Academic Advising team does more than support you with your academic planning—they can help you reach your educational, career, and life goals.

Study support & tutoring

The Student Success Program offers personal coaching/tutoring and free group workshops to help enhance your study skills and academic potential.

Writing support

The Writing Centre offers support in all subjects for students who want to improve their written work. Schedule an appointment by emailing

Grades & records

Find all the information you need about Dalhousie's grade scale, definitions of grades, academic standing, the GPA Calculator, transcripts, and more.

Academic accommodations

Our Accessibility Coordinator works with students who request academic accommodations to develop strategies for success. Learn more about their services

Enrolment Services Centre

The Enrolment Services Centre, located on the upper level of Cumming Hall, offer a wide variety of services including campus tours, admissions, registration support, academic counseling, academic transcripts, student financial accounts, scholarships and bursaries, financial aid and financial counseling, DalCard student-ids and external invigilation.