May 22–24, 2020

The Awtiget Indigenous Student Mini-University Camp gives you a taste of university life. Indigenous students will experience a weekend packed with academic, physical, creative, cultural and social activities! This camp provides a perfect opportunity to learn first-hand all about post-secondary education and envision your educational options in the future. Awtiget is open to all Indigenous students (First Nations, status/non-status, Métis and Inuit) in Grades 8–10*.

*Note: Ages outside of these boundaries will be assessed on a case-by-case basis

Awtiget camp logo

Registration for Awtiget 2020 is NOW OPEN

Apply now! [PDF]

How to apply

Step 1: Download the Awtiget Camp 2020 application and complete by April 22nd, 2020.

Step 2: Click through the PDF to fill in fields/answer the questions.

Note: Date of Birth is drop-down calendar, click arrow and then date at top to find birth year, then month and day or type in the date.

Step 3: For the Yes/No questions: Are you the legal guardian? Any known allergies? Medications? And Dietary Restrictions? Click the applicable bubble and the dot should colour your answer.
Step 4: To choose your shirt size, click arrow and select the applicable size.
Step 5: The date on the waiver is Time, Day, Month, Year.
Step 6: Create an electronic signature:  
1. Click on signature field/line, a pop-up box will appear.
2. Select “Configure Digital ID”. Select “Create a new Digital ID” and “continue”.
3. Select “Save to File” and “continue”.
4. Complete required fields (name and email address).  
5. Change Country/Region to CA - CANADA and select “continue”.
6. Enter a Password you will remember as it will ask for this password whenever you insert a digital signature into a form/PDF. Choose a file location and it will save to your computer. Select “save”.
Step 7: Click on the applicant signature and select your digital ID. Enter your password and “Sign”. It will ask you to save a copy of the application to your computer. Make sure to enter the date.

Step 8: Repeat steps 6-7 for the Parent/Guardian’s signature.
Step 9: You will need to insert both digital signatures again in the waiver on page 4, to do so follow select the participant box and then the participant Digital ID (as seen in step 7), repeat for the guardian.
Step 10: Once you have filled in all the questions (including the selection questions), save a final copy of your application on your computer and then send a copy to (or click on the email link in the PDF) with the subject line “Awtiget Registration-Applicant Name”.

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Help us get the word out

Download the printable poster [PDF - 5MB] and post it in your community


This program is made possible by the generous support of Farm Credit Canada