Every year, we recognize the Rams' incredible accomplishments at the Athletic Awards Banquet. Awards are presented for outstanding performances on and off the field of play.

Athletes of the Year
Thomas Henderson (woodsmen) and Emily Merks (soccer)  with Dr. Gray

Most Valuable Players

front left-right Luke MacKinnon (badminton), Craig MacEachern (soccer), Neel Amin (basketball), Thomas Henderson (woodsmen)
back left-right Jessie Swinamer (woodsmen), Hannah Arseneault (cross country), Thea McLachlin (volleyball), Emily Merks (soccer), Brette Holland (golf), Rebecca MacSwain (equestrian), Katie McQueen (rugby)

Contribution Award
Mason MacDonald

Coaches Choice Award

front left-right Sho Tamura (basketball), Murray Clements (woodsmen), Richard MacNevin (soccer), Ryland Murphy (badminton
back left-right Emily Sutherland (cross country), Sarah Mossman (woodsmen), Lindsay Scott (equestrian), Jill Bent (rugby), Janelle MacKeill (soccer), Kayla Wolfe (volleyball)

Most Improved Player Award

front left-right Cole Yuill (basketball), Jonathan Bent (soccer), Brendan Shaw (woodsmen), Nicolas Wentzell (cross country)
back left-right  Kelsey Henneberry (badminton), Eilish Conners (woodsmen), Melanie Wood (rugby), Chelsea Carree (volleyball), Angelique Dewaard (equestrian), Brette Holland (soccer)

Rookie Award

front left-right Kyle Corsten (woodsmen), Jan Meijer (soccer), Brian Sawler (basketball)
back left-right  Katelyn Jackson (equestrian), Caiti McCavour (badminton), Hannah Mawhinney (cross country),  Breanna Balcom (volleyball), Sian Rankin (soccer), Shannon Spencer (rugby), Emily Langille (woodsmen)

CCAA Academic All Canadians
Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association's most prestigious student-athlete award, epitomizing their mandate of recognizing excellence in academics and athletics.  To achieve this honour, a student-athlete must be named to his/her respective Conference All-Star teams (1st and 2nd) in a CCAA Sport, and must achieve a GPA standing of 3.7 or higher (honors average - 1st semester).

front left-right Emily Merks (soccer), Hannah Arseneault (cross country)

K.S. Marchant Award
Presented to the student athlete with highest GPA in Degree and Technology carrying a minimum of 4 courses, 1st semester.

left-right Lucy Nguyen (badminton) Degree, Chelsea Carree (volleyball) Technical, Ken Marchant, Connor Morse (woodsmen) Degree, Jordan Bujold (badminton) Degree, Hannah Arseneault (cross country) Degree.

4th Year Athletes

front left-right Jessie Swinamer (woodsmen), Kamryn Findlay (woodsmen), Kaylee Little (rugby)
back left-right Janelle MacKeil (soccer), Josh Hamlin (soccer), Chris Morash (soccer)
missing:  Whitney Shaver (rugby)

5th Year Athletes
(picture coming)
Kayla Graham (woodsmen), Craig MacEachern (soccer), Brittany Green (soccer)

ACAA All Conference - Soccer - 2015-16

left to right Sian Rankin, Craig MacEachern, Richard MacNevin, Emily Merks 

ACAA Gerry LeBlanc Award - Cora Sharp

ACAA All Conference - Rugby - 2015-16

left to right Jill Bent, Katie McQueen

ACAA All Conference - Cross Country - 2015-16
and ACAA Runner of the Year

Hannah Arseneault

ACAA All Conference Volleyball

Thea McLachlin

Woodsmen - Thomas Henderson

DAL AC All Academic Athletes
Athletes who have demonstrated excellence in academics and athletics, achieving GPA of 3.7 or above for "honors" and a position on a varsity team (1st semester)

Ryland Murphy
Jordan Bujold
Lucy Nguyen
Caiti McCavour

Jillian Bent
Arin Douglas
Sarah Levesque
Melissa Mammoliti
Kaylee Little
Katie McQueen
Shannon Spencer
Jocelyn Manley

Rachel Hirtle
Emily Merks
Laura Groves
Jonathan Bent
Patrick Belliveau
Alexis Barrister
Todd Myette

Breanna Balcom
Chelsea Carree

Rachel Bekkers
Kyle Corsten
Thomas Henderson
Devin Holmes
Riley Kilfoil
Daniel McCallum
Connor Morse
Melissa Baxter
Melanie Bos
Kamryn Findlay
Emily Langille
Mandy Smith
Jaylene Woodworth

Cross Country
Hannah Arseneault

Lindsay Scott
Kayla Watton
Haley Greenbank
Reina Fennell

Lindsay Cameron

CCAA National Scholars 2015-16
Honors average over academic year and participate in CCAA Sport

Ryland Murphy
Jordan Bujold
Lucy Nguyen
Caitlin McCavour

Cross Country:
Hannah Arseneault

Brett Holland

Rachel Hirtle
Emily Merks
Laura Groves
Jonathan Bent
Patrick Belliveau
Todd Myette
Al Loureiro

Breanna Balcom
Chelsea Carree
Jackie McClelland