Our commitment: Transportation provided to Dalhousie employees and students is accessible.



Develop a Landscape Master Plan for Halifax and Truro campuses, addressing accessibility standards and best practices and outlining maps, standards and projects


Develop a multi-year budget and annual allocation process for accessible transportation initiatives. This would include:
  • Development of a funding plan
  • Development of signature joint projects
  • Allocation of additional funding through existing sources such as facilities renewal (no current funding stream for new accessibility projects), new strategic initiative funding, loan and grant program leveraging in partnership with government entities, or capital campaigns


Develop and execute a project to ensure accessible signage and wayfinding, specific to transportation on and around campuses


Expand research project opportunities for students - identified and secured by working with faculty and students through classes, internships and thesis work 


Ensure updates and revision to Dalhousie’s Multi-Campus Master Plan address:
  • Parking lot accessibility improvements 
  • Outdoor lighting upgrades 
  • Pathway upgrades, including slopes, sidewalks, roadways and entrances


Develop and deliver accessibility education and training for departments and senior leaders responsible for transportation


Define projects around critical destination routes


Deliver program and service upgrades such as adaptive bikes in loan program, covered bike parking and others