Impact Ethics

NTE In Action

Françoise Baylis presents a talk at the McGill Journal of Law and Health's annual Colloquium on the legal and policy issues associated with assisted reproduction in Canada. 6 February 2016
Françoise Baylis is interviewed by Piya Chattopadhyay, CBC Radio. 5 Feb 2016
Françoise Baylis interviewed by Stéphane Côté, ICI RADIO-CANADA.CA. 3 Feb 2016
Françoise Baylis, Faye Forbes, and Tim Krahn are interviewed on upcoming public outreach events for Alzheimer's Awareness Month. January 2016
Globe and Mail reporter Elizabeth Church explains Matthew Herder's international letter-writing campaign to get Health Canada to release drug-safety data it now keeps confidential. 22 Dec 2015
Francoise Baylis is a member of the organizing committee for the 1-3 Dec 2015 Summit in Washington, D.C.

NTE In Print

Report from the US National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine references the work of NTE members Françoise Baylis, Alana Cattapan and Dave Snow.
Article by Dave Snow, Françoise Baylis & Jocelyn Downie published in the McGill Journal of Law and Health. 2015-16.
Article by Françoise Baylis published in International Journal of Feminist Approaches to Bioethics (IJFAB). Spring 2015.
An early release publication by Matthew Herder in the Canadian Medical Association Journal. 22 Dec 2015.
A commentary by Gillian Crozier & Tim Krahn on Frédéric Gilbert's paper, "A Threat to Autonomy? The Intrusion of Predictive Brain Implants"
Article by Letitia Meynell and Tim Krahn as published in Focus On University Teaching & Learning