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M.Sc. Students Represent at AAPG Annual Conference & Exhibition in Calgary

June 19-24, 2016


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The Basin and Reservoir Research Lab is multi-disciplinary. Professor Wach uses a research approach based on integrated, multi-disciplinary research themes:

  • Basin and Field Analysis and Stratigraphy
  • Outcrop Analogs, Core Studies, Geologic and Reservoir Modelling
  • Reservoir Characterization and Provenance Studies
  • Source Rock characterization and Paleoenvironmental interpretation

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NEW! Environment, Society, and Geoscience

  • Lobbied and initiated the first environmental geoscience award to recognize excellence in research and presentation for the Atlantic Universities Geologic Conference (AUGC), 2015
  • Completed the first comprehensive overview of basins suitable for the storage of CO2 gas, 2014
  • Hosted the first public screening in Canada of the movie "Switch" - a comprehensive review of energy challenges facing the world, 2014

What's Happening

Important Dates:

  • Joggins Field Trip-  October 23
  • AUGC - October 27-29

Read our September Newsletter [pdf - 1 MB]

Meet the Team

Led by Professor Grant Wach, our research team applies industry standard technology to research problems in basin analysis, reservoir prediction, characterization and modelling.

Recent Publications

In the Basin and Reservoir Lab, we aim to publish high quality research in internationally recognized peer-reviewed journals and international conferences.