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A multidisciplinary approach

IMPART is not only for students in the health services field. There are opportunities for students from many disciplines who have a common interest in pharmaceutical policy.


The IMPART team

Learn more about Dr. Ingrid Sketris' many acomplishments as chair of IMPART along with the expertise and diversity of the IMPART team.


Build your resume and your research skills

Undergraduate students can gain valuable research experience through IMPART. Learning opportunities are available for both undergrads and graduate students who are interested in pharmaceutical policy.


Dalhousie's first Dobbin scholar

Learn more about the knowledge exchange between Dalhousie's IMPART and the College of Pharmacy at the University of Cork in Ireland.


About the Chair


In June 2000, Dr. Ingrid Sketris of the College of Pharmacy received a Chair in health services research, valued at $3 million over 10 years. Read more about what Dr. Sketris and IMPART have accomplished during this decade of research.

Research Opportunities


The IMPART team has been active in many areas of pharmaceutical policy, including drug policy, safety and quality of medication use, prescribing, leadership and managment, pharmacist interventions, and other areas. Find out more about research opportunities through IMPART.