Getting the word out. Stuttering doesn’t have to be a shameful secret.

“This isn’t something I have to be ashamed of,” says Casey Kennedy (MSc S-LP'15) of his stutter (featured in this week's edition of The Coast).


Why does it work? Because it's intensive. Because it's tailored to meet the specific needs of each participant. Learn more about our clinical outcomes!


Aboriginal Health Interest Group (AHIG) hosts the annual Health Professions Career Fair that took place in Eel Ground First Nation, NB. First and second year students from the School of Human Communication Disorders represented Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology.


Diversity at SHCD

This March, SHCD students hosted four workshops in practicing the art of Pynsanka. Proceeds from the workshops went to the Dzherelo Children's Rehabilitation Centre in the Ukraine.


SHCD mission

Our mission is to educate audiologists and speech-language pathologists, advance knowledge in communication sciences and disorders, promote diversity in our professions, and advocate for people with communication disorders. Learn more about the School.

SHCD Hours of operation

Regular hours are 8:30am to 5pm - AST, Monday to Friday.


SHCD faculty are actively involved in research in a diverse array of topics. While preparing for professional practice in our programs, Master's students will be involved in theses and projects that address important questions in our fields.  Prospective PhD students are encouraged to contact individual faculty members to discuss research interests.

Our location

1256 Thompson

The School of Human Communication Disorders is located slightly off the main campus. At 1256 Barrington Street, we are just a short walk from the Carleton Campus. For more information about how to reach us, please click on Contact us