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Focusing on the psychosocial aspects of sport and physical activity.

Kinesiology prof Lori Dithurbide's research focuses on helping athletes, coaches, organizational leaders, and health service providers with the best ways to help increase the performance and well-being of their respective groups and teams. (Photo courtesy of Camilla Holmvall)


Why choose Recreation and Management at Dal?

A university program that combines business and leisure? Graduate with two separate degrees at once? What's not to like? Kuda Ndadzungira is in her final year of a BSc Recreation/B Management Honours program.


Focusing on strengths

Therapeutic Recreation prof Susan Hutchinson wants to bridge gaps between clinical and community recreation services to promote positive mental health and overall well-being.


Health Promotion

There are many reasons to study Health Promotion at Dalhousie



At the School of Health and Human Performance, our interprofessional learning environment encourages you to build your critical-thinking skills while exploring how leisure and recreational activities enhance and impact our lives. You could learn about injury prevention and athletic performance, or the benefits of leisure activities in different groups such as cancer survivors and home-based workers. Find out more.

HAHP in Dal News

  • A spectacular supervisor
    Sara Kirk, Canada Research Chair in Health Services Research at the School of Health and Human Performance, is the inaugural recipient of Dalhousie's teaching award for excellence in graduate supervision.
  • Celebrating Dal's top teachers
    Meet this year's winners of Dalhousie's newly expanded set of university-wide teaching awards.
  • Dalhousie researchers receive funding to further discoveries
    Fifty-four Dal researchers received funding from NSERC's Discovery Grants Program this week, including Heather Neyedli for her work in human motion and Mark Obrovac in advanced battery technology.
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Our professors aren't only dedicated to student education, they're also active researchers. From the physiology of exercise, HIV/AIDS prevention, and gender-based analysis of health policies to Aboriginal health issues, professors in HAHP are investigating cuttng-edge topics in health and recreation research - all with the goal of making society a better place to live. Find out how you can contribute.


  • A Spectacular Supervisor
    Dalhousie created a new award for excellence in graduate supervision this year to celebrate the important mentoring and professional development work being done by professors like Dr. Sara Kirk, who is the inaugural recipient of the prize.
  • The science behind our split-second decisions.
    Dr. Heather Neyedli, Assistant Professor, Kinesiology, is one of 54 researchers from Dalhousie to receive funds from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council’s (NSERC) Discovery Grants Program.
  • The economic burden of mental illness
    Dr. Lynne Robinson, Associate Professor, Health Promotion, is an expert in mental health and a licensed psychologist. Robinson said the province is not spending enough money on mental health.