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CanQueue 2015

he 17th Annual Conference for Canadian Queueing Theorists and Practitioners will be held at Dalhousie University, September 3rd and 4th. This conference is organized by:

What is CanQueue?

The CanQueue conference started from a workshop organized by Dr. A.S. Alfa at the University of Manitoba in 1999. The name "CanQueue" was suggested and used at the meeting in London, Ontario, in 2000. The conference is one of the major queueing conferences in North America.

The goal of the conference is to promote research and applications of queueing theory. The annual conference provides a forum where scientists, researchers, engineers, executives, and students in the field meet to encourage on-going research and to discuss work-in-progress.


Detailed program now available  

Thursday, September 3rd

  • 12:00   Registration opens
  • 1:00     Welcoming remarks
  • 1:15     Keynote address
  • 2:15     Coffee break
  • 2:35-5  Scientific sessions
  • 6:00     Conference dinner (Dalhousie University Club)

Friday, September 4th

Location: Morroy Building, 5269 Morris Street, Halifax, NS

Interested speakers, please contact David Stanford.


Keynote Address

Richard Boucherie, University of Twente


Bio: Richard J. Boucherie (1964) received M.Sc. degrees in 1988 in applied mathematics (stochastic operations research) and theoretical physics (statistical physics) from the Universiteit Leiden, and received the Ph.D. degree in econometrics in 1992 for a thesis on Product-form in queueing networks from the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam. Following Post docs at INRIA Sophia Antipolis, CWI Amsterdam, and Universiteit van Amsterdam, since 2000 he is with the department of Applied Mathematics of the University of Twente, where he was appointed in 2003 as full professor of Stochastic Operations Research. His research interests are in queueing theory, Petri nets and random walks with application areas including wireless and sensor networks, healthcare, road traffic, and network intrusion detection and prevention. Richard is co-founder of the University of Twente research center CHOIR (Center for Healthcare Operations Improvement and Research) in the area of healthcare logistics.
Title: On the invariant measure of random walks in the quarter plane: a characterisation via geometric distributions and bounds on performance measures 
Abstract: We consider random walks in the quarter plane that have transitions to neighbouring states that have distance at most one in each coordinate, where the transition probabilities are translation invariant except for the states at the boundary of the state space. First we investigate the class of random walks for which the invariant measure can be characterised as a sum of geometric distributions. We show that each term in this sum must individually satisfy the global balance (or equilibrium) equations in the interior of the quarter plane. For random walks for which the invariant measure cannot be characterised as a sum of geometric terms, for various performance measures we use the class of random walks that have a sum of geometric terms to obtain upper and lower bounds. This is joint work with Yanting Chen and Jasper Goseling. 


Conference logistics

  • Conference hotel: We have secured a conference rate at the Lord Nelson Hotel & Suites - a legendary 4 Star landmark in downtown Halifax located across from the beautiful Public Gardens.  Book by August 05, 2015 for the conference rate.  Make Reservation.