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Co‑op Option

Gain experience and get paid for it

Help pay for your degree and get amazing workplace experience with Dal’s Computer Science or Informatics Co-op degrees. Industry leaders such as IBM and EA Video Games – makers of games for Wii, Xbox and PlayStation – have all hired Dal students for co-op placements. That’s great experience, with an added bonus of earning income at the same time!

Enhance your studies with real-world work experience

Co-operative Education will give you a deeper, richer educational experience, hands-on work experience, career connections and employment income during work terms. Co-op allows you to alternate career-focused work terms with study terms and receive special co-op degree designation upon graduation.

Computer Science Co-op students may earn up to $17.00 an hour during work terms, depending on their employer and level of experience.


Sample Co-op Schedule


Year Fall Winter Summer
Year 1

CSCI 1100: CS1
INFX 1615: Concepts
CSCI 1107: Social Comp
Elective: Humanities
MATH 1000: Calculus 1

CSCI 1101: CS2
INFX 1616: Applications
CSCI 1106: Animated
Elective: Bus/Sci/Eng
Math or Stats


Year 2

CSCI 2100: Communication
CSCI 2110: CS3
CSCI 2112: Discrete Math
CSCI 2132: Software
CSCI 2141: Database

CSCI 2121: Comp Org
CSCI 2170: Ser Script
Math or Stats
Elective: Open
Elective: Open

Co-op Workterm

Year 3

CSCI 3101: Ethics
CSCI 3110: Algorithms
Elective: CS 3rd
Elective: Open
Elective: Open

Co-op Workterm

CCSCI 3120: Op Sys
CSCI 3130: Soft Eng
CSCI 3136: Principles
CSCI 3171: Networking
Elective: Open

Year 4

Co-op Workterm

Elective: CS 3rd
Elective: CS 3rd
Elective: Open
Elective: Open
Elective: Open

Elective: CS 4th
Elective: CS 4th
Elective: CS 4th
Elective: Open
Elective: Open

The Bachelor of Computer Science Co-op Program consists of 40 one-term courses and 3 co-op terms.



Is there a fee for co-op?

Yes. You pay a program fee for each 4-month work term you do. Find out more.

To be admitted into the Bachelor of Computer Science Co-op Program, what requirements do I need to meet?

Co-op is optional for CS students.

If you are taking a Bachelor of Computer Science you must have met the following requirements four months before your first work term:

  • A cumulative GPA of 2.0 and be in good academic standing
  • Successful completion of the Online Co-op Orientation and Job 
    Competition Preparation Course (CSCI 8890)
  • Either enrolled in or completed:
    • CSCI 2100 (Communications Skills: Oral and Written)
    • CSCI 2110 (Computer Science III)
    • CSCI 2132 (Software Development)
    • CSCI 2141 (Introduction to Database Systems)
    • One full, or two half-credit courses that meet the first year 
      English/Writing requirement