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Earn money while you study

Prepare yourself for the workforce with a Co-op Program in Informatics or Computer Science.


Get involved in our student life

Join the CS Society, CS Grad Society, Web Development Society, or Women in Technology Society.


Working on community-based projects

Informatics students work in collaborative teams for real clients.


Be part of our community

You’ll love the faculty’s tight-knit, family feel. Here, profs and students work, study and hang out together, inside and outside the classroom in our 'home away from home' building. You can study for a Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS) or a Bachelor of Informatics (BINF). You may opt to customize your BCS degree by taking a specialization or you may opt to customize your BINF degree by majoring in Sustainability. The ability to customize your degree is part of what makes us so unique.

Choose to do a co-op degreeearning experience and money. No matter what you decide, check out the many scholarships available to our students.