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Master of Computer Science

A collaborative approach to research

Graduate students are a vital part of the extensive research conducted in the Faculty of Computer Science. Many of our faculty members are also engaged in industry-related, funded research at the national and international level. Research here is extensive and varied. 

As a master's student here, you'll have many opportunities to become involved with the investigation and the development of new knowledge.

Our Faculty's research concentrations include big data analytics & machine learning, systems & networks, and human-computer interaction & visualization

Program overview

The Faculty of Computer Science offers both a Master of Computer Science (MCS) and Master of Applied Computer Science (MACS). The MCS is appropriate for students who wish to pursue a career in research and development or a PhD and an academic career. This is a full-time program and typically takes 2 years to complete.

Program Details

  • Four graduate courses in computer science and a successfully defended thesis in front of a three-member examining committee.
  • With the approval of the Graduate Committee Chair, a maximum of one non-CSCI graduate course may be included in the student's program course requirements. No undergraduate course should be approved as a graduate course requirement. 
  • One CSCI 6901 directed studies course may be allowed as a graduate course requirement. 
  • Up to three additional undergraduate courses may be required to fill particular gaps in the student's background. These courses are expected to be taken in the first two terms in the program.
  • Other fourth-year undergraduate courses that the student may wish to take for building up background in the thesis area are in addition to the 4 graduate courses.

A Master's thesis should be of sufficient quality to be publishable in a fully refereed conference in its field. Completed Theses are placed in the library in paper form.

Your future

A master's in computer science opens the door to a variety of careers and opportunities:

  • leading teams in larger companies like Google and Microsoft, or medium-sized companies like T4G
  • founding a start-up
  • employment in government 
  • completing a PhD in computer science; or an interdisciplinary PhD