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Master of Applied Computer Science

Program at a glance

The Faculty of Computer Science offers both a thesis option(Master of Computer Science, MCS) and a project option (Master of Applied Computer Science, MACS). The MACS is intended primarily for students who intend to seek employment in industry as opposed to possibly pursuing a Ph.D or research career. It is also open to students with degrees in other disciplines who wish to switch to a computer science / software engineering career in industry.

One-year project Master

The one-year project Master is intended for students with an undergraduate degree in computer science and it requires eight graduate courses in computer science and a project. Two of the eight graduate courses can be replaced by graduate courses from another Faculty (approval required). The project report is submitted in writing and must be presented in a seminar forum before its approval by the supervisor and another faculty member.

A Project should provide a useful demonstration of a novel capability using existing technology, or a survey of an area that has high tutorial value (for example usable in a senior level undergraduate or graduate course to introduce an area to students).

Up to three additional undergraduate courses, to be taken in the first two terms in the program, may be required to fill particular gaps in the student's background.

Two-year project Master

The two-year project Master is intended for those students whose undergraduate degrees are not computer science. The first year of this two-year program requires a set of specified undergraduate courses. The second year is the same as the one-year project Master program.

All theses and projects should be of high enough quality to be published in an online Thesis/Project report series. Completed Theses/Projects are placed in the library in paper form.