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Doctor of Philosophy, Computer Science

Make an impact through research

Enroll in Dalhousie's PhD in Computer Science and conduct independent and original research in one of the Faculty of Computer Science's research concentrations alongside internationally respected faculty members. Advance the frontier of knowledge and publish high-quality, peer-reviewed conference papers and journals. 

The PhD program is designed to focus the student onto research early on, under the mentorship of a thesis supervisor, assisted by a supervisory committee. A PhD thesis often involves work on a research problem motivated by industry, in a team setting. Students are expected to lead a well-defined component of a wider project, and be the prime author in the resulting publications.

Program Overview

The Ph.D. program requires a minimum of TWO graduate courses*, successful completion of the qualifying process and original research leading to a successfully defended Ph.D. thesis. Ph.D. students are normally accepted with funding, which is guaranteed for a minimum of FOUR years, subject to successful completion of the milestones of the PhD program. Funding is available for a FIFTH year following review of progress by the graduate committee.

PhD Requirements

A Ph.D. thesis should be of sufficient quality to be publishable in a fully refereed international scientific journal.

All theses and projects should be of high enough quality to be published in an online Thesis/Project report series. Completed Theses/Projects are placed in the library in paper form.

*Candidates entering the program before spring 2009 are required to complete a minimum of 4 graduate courses.

Your future

By the time you've completed your degree, you will be ready for a career in industry, or within an academic setting. Some of our alumni have found jobs as:

  • Professors in computer science 
  • Conducting advanced research in industrial or government research labs
  • Cheif Technical Officers
  • CEO of their own start-up