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Graduate Programs

Graduate Application Deadline: January 31*

* The Graduate Admissions Committee reserves the right to consider late applications if justified.

2014-2015 Graduate Handbook

Download the Graduate Studies Handbook for 2015-2016 [PDF - 650 kB]

Course Information

Graduate Course List [PDF - 481 kB] for 2013-14

Graduate Student Grading Rubric

Graduate Student Grading Rubric [PDF - 29KB]

MA Degree Program

The MA is a one-year (12 month) program consisting of three full-credit classes (or the equivalent in half-credit classes) and a thesis. Classes include at least two of the core graduate seminars and not more than one credit of classes cross-listed as undergraduate / graduate (3000/5000). Applicants whose native language is not English must demonstrate a minimum TOEFL score of 600, or the equivalent score on a comparable test.

PhD Degree Program

The PhD program requires two years of full-time residency, and can be completed in three to four years. The principal requirements consist of one year of coursework; comprehensive examinations in a major field, a minor field, a bibliographic essay; and an original thesis. Course work will be required as appropriate to prepare students for their comprehensive examinations. These examinations will include both written and oral components. Before proceeding to the thesis, a student must present and defend a thesis proposal. Also, reading competence in a second language, usually French, must be demonstrated before the student begins work on the thesis. The thesis is written under the direction of a committee comprising the supervisor and two other members, and may include qualified faculty members from other departments or universities. The completed thesis is subject to a public, oral defence.