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Wild Pollinator Habitat Enhancement Workshop

This event has been cancelled. Next offering TBA

Where would we be...without wild bees?  

Two of Atlantic Canada's most delicious and economically significant crops need bees to pollinate their flowers in order to set fruit: blueberries and apples. While a lot of this pollination is done by honey bees trucked into fields by beekeepers, there are a panoply of wild bees that pollinate these crops too. Almost unnoticed, they travel in and out of fields from undisturbed habitat either in fields or on field edges. This includes everything from the recognizable bumble bee, to small solitary digger and sweat bees.  Studies have shown that these bees already full satisfy the pollination needs of over 25% of blueberry fields in Nova Scotia. This is good news in light of the fact that recent shortages have forced growers to pay increased rental fees for honey bees and to import colonies from as far away as Ontario. - Andony Melathopolous, PhD Candidate and instructor for Modern Beekeeper