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Director Ruben Zaiotti awards Davin St. Pierre the 2013 Essay Prize

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Panel Discussion on Ukraine

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Upcoming talk, Wednesday, September 24th

Corruption and the Future of Ukraine

The recent regime change and continued instability in eastern Ukraine are partially driven by corruption of the Central Government. This talk will discuss how corruption played a role in bringing down the Yanukovych regime and what needs to be done to enhance the stability of the current Government.

Time  12:30 - 2.00pm
Location Lord Dalhousie Room, Henry Hicks A&A

Additional Information

Donald Bowser is a Canadian national who has been working in the anti-corruption field since 1998 when he joined Transparency International as its first Program Officer for the former Soviet Union. Since leaving TI in 2001, Mr. Bowser has been providing policy advice on anti-corruption around the globe, mostly in the former Soviet Union and Asia but also in Africa. Currently in addition to his St Mary’s duties he is serving as Team Leader for an evaluation of the rule of law program of the US State Department in Tajikistan and developing a new global standard on asset declarations for Transparency International.