Transit Passes

Dalhousie Halifax Campuses have two types of transit passes; Student Upass and Employee Transit Pass (Epass)


Employee Transit Pass Program (Epass)

Dalhousie has partnered with Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) SmartTrip to launch a reduced-cost Metro Transit bus pass program available to all permanent full-time and part-time employees, as well as associate employees.

 The program was piloted in 2013 and was renewed in 2014.

Epass 2014

Epass registration for 2014 is now closed. We will be hosting a registration event in December 2014 for the 2015 epass. Stay-tuned for more details to be posted on this site and to be sent via email to all departments and supervisors.

Please e-mail with any questions or concerns.

Employee Transit Pass

Transit Pass - Quick Facts

The SmartTrip EPass is a discounted MetroTransit bus pass purchased by employees through Dalhousie University’s payroll deduction. A SmartTrip EPass is valid for travel on the Metro Transit system.


A primary goal of the SmartTrip EPass program is to reduce rush hour traffic in HRM by encouraging employees to use transit whenever possible. The program complements the SmartTrip initiatives to reduce the number of vehicles being driven to the workplace.

Cost & Savings:

The cost of the EPass is deducted from payroll monthly. Eligible employees will pay $58.50 (monthly) for an EPass, $70.88 (monthly) for a LinkPass, or $83.26 (monthly) for a MetroXPass. This employee discount represents a 25% savings. Dalhousie is supplementing part of the cost of each bus pass, in partnership with HRM.


Employees are required to sign on until the end of 2014 (December 31st, 2014). However, anyone can opt out who has a change in shift, workplace location, or change in residence where new location is not within 1 kilometre of conventional transit service, MetroLink service, or conventional ferry. The SmartTrip Epass must be returned to the Office of Sustainability (e-mail before payroll deducations can be stopped. An employee requesting to leave the SmartTrip Epass program prior to the end of the pilot period, for reasons other than those listed above, is required to repay SmartTrip the difference between the cost of the regular monthly pass and the cost of the SmartTrip EPass for each month in the program.

For more detail, see the SmartTrip EPass Terms and Conditions [PDF - 109 KB].

For more transit information, visit, call the HRM Call Centre at (902) 490-4000, pick up a Riders Guide or map at any one of the 50 transit retail outlets throughout HRM and follow Metro Transit on Twitter at @hfxtransit.

Transit Pass - FAQs

Q. Why can’t I use my Dal ID card for the employee bus pass program?

A. The HRM Epass/LinkPass cards are unique in that they are designed to be swiped and easily identifiable to Metro Transit drivers. The passes are also personalized and cannot be transferable.

Q. Is the employee bus pass program offered to all Dalhousie employees?

A. The program is offered to all permanent employees (full-time and part-time) and associated employees.

Q. What is the difference between an EPass, a LinkPass and a MetroXPass ?

A. The EPass is for riders who use the conventional bus routes determined by Metro Transit. The LinkPass is for those riders who use the MetroLink Service, including the portion of the bus service provided by HRM known as routes, 159 Portland Hills Link; 165 Woodside Link; and 185 Sackville Link. The MetroXPass if for riders who use the MetroX service, which is a limited-stop, commuter-based service linking the Airport/Aerotech Park and Fall River community, as well as the Tantallon/Sheldrake Lake area, to the downtown.

Q. What is the cost for the transit passes for employees?

A. Eligible employees will pay $58.50 (monthly) for an Epass, $70.88 (monthly) for a Linkpass and $83.26 (monthly) for a MetroXPass. This employee discount represents a 25% savings. Dalhousie is supplementing part of the cost of each bus pass, in partnership with HRM.

Q. Is there a discount for seniors?

A. Yes, the EPass is offered to seniors for $50.75.

Q. Do the EPass, LinkPass, and MetroXPass include access to Metro Transit’s Park and Ride program?

A. Yes, the Epass/LinkPass/MetroXPass entitles pass holders can participate in Metro Transit’s Park and Ride program. Parking at most HRM lots is free except Dartmouth Sportsplex, Woodside Ferry Terminal and Alderney Gate, which have low monthly parking rates.

Q. What if I lose my EPass/LinkPass/MetroXPass?

A. Any lost, stolen or damaged SmartTrip EPass is subject to a replacement fee of $25, which will be deducted from payroll. If your card is lost or stolen, please contact and we will work with HRM to replace your card.


The rates for the EPass, LinkPass and MetroXPass are as follows:


Monthly Rate



EPass - Senior






Tax Credit

Based on current Federal legislation, the SmartTrip Epass qualifies for the transit tax credit of 15%. The Tax Credit for Public Transit Passes is a non-refundable tax credit for the cost of buying a monthly (or longer duration) pass for commuting on buses, streetcars, subways, commuter trains and local ferries. The credit applies to all passes purchased for travel after July 1, 2006 (CRA, 2006).

*** The portion of the discount provided by the employer is a taxable benefit. The matching discount from SmartTrip is not taxable. For more information about taxable benefits, please visit or Canada Revenue Agency.

Dalhousie will be reporting the deductions for the Transit Passes directly on T4 slips.


Commitment until the end of 2014 is required to register for the SmartTrip EPass/LinkPass/MetroXPass. Cancellation is not permitted, except for the following reasons. An employee’s participation in the program may also be suspended for a period of time.  

  • A change in employment status where the employee is no longer an Eligible Employee including where the employee retires.
  • The commencement of  maternity leave or paternity leave.
  • The commencement of leave due to illness where the Participating Employee is receiving benefits under a long-term disability plan or benefits from the Worker’s Compensation Board.
  • Any other reason acceptable to HRM in its sole discretion.

Cancellation or suspension of payments for holidays or seasonal use is not permitted. The SmartTrip program offers a minimum of three months of free transit, to cover holidays and other periods where you may not ride frequently.

How to cancel:

Dalhousie is responsible for collecting and returning any SmartTrip Epasses of departing employees. Prior to terminating payroll deductions for a pass, an employee must physically return their pass to the Office of Sustainability (e-mail to coordinate) for purposes of cancellation and reporting.