International Research & Development

Promoting, facilitating and monitoring international activities


International Research & Development (IR&D) began as the Lester Pearson Institute for International Development in 1987, which later became known as Lester Pearson International (LPI).

The institute aimed to contribute to international development and enrich teaching and research at Dalhousie through the involvement of the university community in international development activities. The institute also sought to advance public awareness and understanding of international development issues and Canada’s role in international development activities.

In 1994, LPI’s mandate was expanded to include support for a broader range of activities. This helped to internationalize the university by adding to its original role of support and guardianship of externally-financed international programs and projects.

In 2009, LPI became IR&D, as part of a larger initiative to streamline, integrate and improve the provision of services to researchers within the university community. IR&D is now one of the component units of the newly-created Dalhousie Research Services.


IR&D reports to the Vice-President Research. IR&D's mandate is to promote, facilitate and monitor Dalhousie’s institutional initiatives in international development and international research.

In support of this mandate, IR&D provides:

  • promotion and facilitation of opportunities for international collaboration
  • project and proposal design and development
  • advisory support for the administration and implementation of successful projects
  • oversight for project administration to ensure accountability (particularly financial)
  • an internal and external international liaison role for the university—IR&D's director serves as the university's International Liaison Officer

IR&D serves as a contact point at Dalhousie for the transmission of information about international opportunities and activities. We provide information on Dalhousie's international activities to both the university and external communities. We also receive and disseminate information on international opportunities to faculty members, departments and deans.