Get Consent

It is everyone's responsibility to get consent if he/she wants to engage in sexual activity with another person. Sexual activity requires consent.

If you do not get consent, you are at risk of doing something the other person doesn't want you to do. You might disrespect and hurt someone. You are also at risk of breaking the law and facing criminal charges.

You need to get consent for any sexual activity or intimate contact - not just sexual intercourse. This includes kissing and touching. Grabbing someone’s breasts, genitals or buttocks is sexual assault, so is making someone touch you.

Any form of sexual activity with another person without her or his consent is sexual assault.

Check out our Brochure : SEX should not be a crime

  • No means No 
  • Silence means No 
  • Drunk means No 
  • Not Now means No

Silence means NO

Information on this site adapted with permission from the University of Toronto Ask First Campaign


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