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Student Health Services

On-Campus Health Clinic

Dalhousie Student Health Services is committed to providing quality health care and services to promote and enhance students' good health and well-being. The services are easily accessible and geared toward the unique health needs and concerns of students.

Medical services

  • Family doctors, registered nurses, nurse practitioner, psychiatrists
  • Limited same-day, non-urgent appointments for students
  • Routine medical exams and consultations
  • Prescriptions
  • Immunizations
  • LGBTQ Health
  • Mental health care
  • Specialist referrals
  • Minor procedures (i.e. stitches and wound care)
  • Urgent matters (i.e. assessment of broken bones)
  • Birth control counselling
  • Emergency contraception (morning-after pill)
  • STI and pregnancy testing
  • Anonymous HIV testing
  • Obstetrical care
  • Psychiatric care
  • Sports medicine
  • Vasectomies

Make an Appointment

To learn more about making an appointment including what to say, types of appointments, availability, fees, and more, visit the Make an Appointment page

Location & Hours

Planning on stopping by Student Health Services? Check the location and hours on each campus.  

Service Fees

Need a Doctor's note? Wondering what the fee for injection is? Visit the service fees page for more information. 

How are you feeling?

WellTrack is a FREE online, self-help tool that targets anxiety, depression, stress and more. Visit dal.ca/welltrack to learn more. 

Notice for Faculty

New! Updated Blue Folder

Our faculty and staff resource, the Blue Folder, has been updated as of November 2015. Visit dal.ca/bluefolder to learn more. 

Notices for Students

Same Day Non-Urgent Appointments

As of October 1, 2015 these appointments will be available for students at 10am and 2pm Monday through Friday

Evening & Saturday Appointments (New for students only)

Starting September 2015, Students can book a physician appointment up until 7pm every Tuesday with Dr. Amanda Crosby or every 2nd Wednesday with Dr. Jacalynne Hernandez-Lee. Starting September 19th, Saturday appointments will be available once per month from 11am-2pm with Dr. Amanda Crosby.

Extended Nursing Office Hours

Starting in September 2015, our Nursing Office Hours will be 9am-7pm Monday-Thursday and 9am-5:30pm on Fridays