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Textbooks, supplies and Dal gear

In addition to textbooks and academic supplies Dalhousie Bookstores are your campus source for Dalhousie crested sportswear, gift items, graduation rings and other merchandise. You can even order custom clothing for your faculty/society/department.


Check your course outline (usually given to you on the first day of class) for your list of required textbooks and use the online textbook search to find your books.

Have your books delivered to your residence in September. Check out our "Books in Rez" program.

Order online

Purchase books or general merchandise online for “at-your-door” delivery. The Bookstore offers a worldwide, special order service, so you if you are looking for a particular book, we can help you find it.


Pay with your DalCard and earn 5% back to be used toward your next purchase.


  • Studley Campus
    Lower Level, Student Union Building
    Telephone: 494-2460
    E-mail: bookstore@dal.ca  (Studley Bookstore only)

  • Carleton Campus
    Main Level, Dentistry Building
    5981 University Avenue
    Telephone: 494-3020 
  • Sexton Campus
    Main Level, A Building
    1360 Barrington Street
    Telephone: 494-3985
Buy used textbooks and save
  • Used textbooks are integrated with the new textbooks currently on the shelves, marked with a yellow "USED" sticker on the spine. The standard pricing policy for used textbooks is 75% of the current retail price of an identical new textbook.
  • You can also find used books through The Dalhousie Student Union Online Book Exchange.