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Societies and Organizations

Your official voice on campus

The Dalhousie Student Union (DSU) is your student union and your voice on campus in the HRM and Nova Scotia. The objectives of the DSU are torepresent the interests of students internally and externally, to promote accessibility and a high quality of education, and to provide affordable services to all students.

Within the Student Union Building (SUB), the DSU provides a number of services to make your life at Dalhousie more enjoyable. These services include:

  • The Grawood Lounge
  • Tim Hortons
  • Union Market
  • Student Advocacy Service
  • Campus Copy (photocopy centre and computer facility)
  • society space
  • meeting facilities
  • locker rentals
  • support for Tiger Patrol (drive-home service)
  • CKDU, our own radio station
  • The Gazette (student newspaper)

In addition to these services, the DSU also organizes clubs and societies on campus. 

Societies and Organizations

With so many clubs and organizations on campus, not only will you find plenty of people who share common interests, but you’ll have an opportunity to try something completely new. TigerSociety offers a searchable listing of hundreds of student clubs and societies. Browse the listings and find societies that suit your interests.

Also, be sure to watch for the Society Fair in September. The fair is a chance for all societies to showcase their activities and objectives to other Dal students. Drop in, visit society booths and discover clubs, societies and organizations that may be of interest to you. Watch for details on the DSU website.

A glimpse into some of the clubs and societies you’ll find:

  • Dalhousie Tea Drinkers' Society
  • Dalhousie Kayaking Society
  • Dal-King’s Sailing
  • Dalhousie Fencing Club
  • Dalhousie Swing Dance Society
  • Dalhousie Ultimate Frisbee Club
  • Dalhousie Football Club
  • Dalhousie University Cheerleading Team

And, if you don’t find a society of interest, start your own!