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Academic and Themed Clusters

Live with people who share your goals and your interests

Clusters, also known as Living Learning Communities, are an innovative approach to living and learning at Dalhousie.

Whether your passion is culture, sustainability, or the sciences, in a cluster you'll be surrounded by like-minded people. You'll also participate in programs designed to help you transition successfully from high school to university, meet staff and faculty, and learn how to become more involved in campus life. All while encountering new ideas, thinking critically and growing personally.

Academic Clusters

Academic Clusters provide you with the opportunity to live near others in your field of study. The sense of community, friendship and academic support is immediate. Your cluster will help you learn new study skills and engage you in discussions and activities relevant to your program. 

Themed Clusters

Themed Clusters give you the opportunity to live near others who share your interests, thoughtsopinions and motivations. Your cluster will engage, challenge and inspire you. And, you don't have to be registered in a particular academic program to participate.


Whichever cluster you choose, you'll benefit from:

  • Engaging programs
    Your cluster leader, a live-in student staff member, will provide you with regular programs and events that will help you connect with friends in your academic program or area of interest.
  • Leadership Opportunities
    You'll have unique opportunities to become involved as a leader in residence or in the broader campus community.
  • Natural study groups
    Imagine how easy it is to find a study partner when you're living with students who have the same exams, the same lectures and the same textbooks as you.
  • Mentors to guide you
    Your cluster leader will co-ordinate study groups, keep you informed about events, and share some personal first-year challenges and experiences.