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Bader International Study Centre

The Bader International Study Centre at Herstmonceux Castle is in East Sussex, England, housed in Herstmonceux Castle. The program offers field trips in England and to the continent to complement classroom study. Students can expect a rich culture and historical environment in a quiet country setting.

Dalhousie University students study here through the Canadian University Study Abroad Program (CUSAP). CUSAP students come to the Castle primarily from Canadian universities as well as from other countries.

Study program 

The Bader International Study Centre (BISC) offers an Upper-Year Program for those students in their 2nd or higher year of an undergraduate degree.


Upper-Year Dalhousie students may attend the BISC for one of the following academic terms:

  • Fall Term: September–December (5 courses = 2.5 credits)
  • Winter Term: January–April (5 courses = 2.5 credits)
  • Spring Term: May–mid-June (3 courses = 1.5 credits)
  • Summer Term: mid-June–mid-July (2 courses = 1.0 credits)

Depending on availability, some students also choose to complete a full year of study (Fall and Winter terms) at the BISC. Classes are scheduled Monday through Thursday. Fridays, Saturdays, and some Sundays are reserved for your field studies.


Fees are set annually by the BISC and are paid directly to Dalhousie. 
For more information on these fees visit the BISC website.


Program participants can apply for a maximum of $7,000 CAD through Dalhousie's Bader International Study Centre Grant (deadline October 1, 2015). Visit our Bader International Study Centre Grant for more details.

Note: Students who demonstrate financial need are automatically considered for the George Burris Study in England Awards. You may also qualify for funding through Queen's University.