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Cost of Living in Halifax

A low cost of living and a high quality of life make Halifax an enjoyable and affordable place to live. Whether you live on or off campus, it’s a good idea to work out a monthly budget.  Below is a sample* of some common living/lifestyle expenses to give you an idea surrounding the cost of living in Halifax.
*All costs are provided as estimates only.

Sample of expenses

Average/approximate cost
Rent for a two-bedroom apartment
$799/month (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation)
Hot water cost per (two person) household
$29.75/month (120 litres/day)
Electricity/home heating
$90-$110/month (varies based on consumption and method of heat
Basic service/month: $25.00 (local)
Long distance varies.
Cable television
Basic service/month: $20.00
Digital services/month: $65.00+
Movie theatre
Adult pass: $10.99
$0.90-$1.20 per liter

Use our online budget tool to get a detailed estimate your costs while studying at Dalhousie.

Consider living in residence

Nothing is quite as convenient as living right here, on campus.

  • You're close to classes, friends, meeting places and athletic facilities.
  • There are plenty of people nearby to help you adjust to university, and succeed in school.
  • Your meals are prepared for you.
  • Internet, cable and local phone are included - no monthly bills to worry about.
  • Some of your neighbours will become lifelong friends.
  • For more information, view Residence & Housing.