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Sharpen your language skills

Deepen your knowledge of English in Lyn Bennett's Writing Practice course, with applied training in teaching, writing and editing.


A gentle obsession with words

Fourth year honours student Rosie Jacobs loves exploring language. She nurtured her inner word nerd at Dal, tutoring at the Writing Centre and working on our undergraduate journal.


Come to English teatime

English students are very social. Conversations about culture and art extend beyond the classroom into cosy meetups like the popular Tea on Tuesdays.


Enjoying the best of both worlds

Jackie Nguyen stayed an extra year at Dal to do a combined honours in Biology and English. She says studying arts and science is an amazing experience everyone should try.


Program snapshot

Top 7 reasons to study English at Dal:

  1. Community: We hold Scrabble nights, Teatime Tuesdays, poetry and fiction contests, an honours conference and publish an undergraduate journal.
  2. Award-winning teaching: Faculty regularly win awards for the quality of their teaching.
  3. Small class sizes: Upper-level courses are close and friendly.
  4. As you like it: Choice and flexibility from our course offerings.
  5. Great combinations: Combine your studies with Creative Writing, Journalism, Contemporary Studies (King’s) and more.
  6. Active research: Faculty engaged in internationally recognized research across all literary fields.
  7. Artistic connections: Be a part of Halifax’s large, lively and accessible arts community.

What will I learn?


English courses explore a broad range of ideas and art: fraud, medieval romance, the history of copyright, health, hockey, and nationalism.

What can I do?


Dalhousie English graduates are creative, adaptable and culturally aware. English graduate Ava Czapalay founded her own company.