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History, literature, philosophy

Third-year student Michéla d’Entremont finds the Classics program feeds her range of interests - from ancient art and architecture to the social history of the Roman empire.


Take part in the Platonic tradition

Dr. Eli Diamond says Dalhousie is one of the great centres of studying Platonic thought with a long history of important work.


Let the Pythian Games begin

Dr. Jack Mitchell brought back the Pythian Games. Now students compete for prizes every year, performing classical drama and poetry.


Breathe life into the ancient world

First-year student Zoë Vatter says the program really brings to life the everyday world of ancient Greece and Rome.


Learn languages, old and new

Learn Latin, Greek, and even Modern Standard Arabic. Study languages that inform thousands of years of art, religion and philosophy.


Program snapshot

Top 7 reasons to study Classics at Dalhousie:

  1. Size: We offer the second-largest Classics program in Canada, but in an intimate setting.
  2. Recognition: Tradition of internationally distinguished teachers and graduates.
  3. Social: Convivial program with active student society, Res Publica - and overall warm and friendly atmosphere.
  4. Languages: Emphasis on ability to study texts in original Greek and Latin.
  5. Interdisciplinary: Ability to focus on Religious Studies, Arabic, or Ancient History.
  6. Focus: Honours students choose between research streams of literature, history or philosophy.
  7. Platonic studies: With three full-time philosophy professors, we are known for our strength in Classical philosophy.

What will I learn?

Classics professor and student

Classics students discover how ancient Roman, Greek, Hebrew and Arabic languages and cultures help form today's Western identity.

What can I do?

Greek statue

Dal Classics majors have a long tradition of becoming great lawmakers. Read about alumnus Justice Peter Bryson.