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Our researchers are a unique breed

PhD candidate Catherine Reeve is working with a team of dedicated canines to explore whether dogs can detect changes in the blood sugar of people with diabetes, and how they do it. [Dal News]


Enticing others to stop and 'take note'

Planning students Peter Nightingale and Jeremy Banks are the masterminds behind colourful pianos set up around Halifax for public use. [Dal News]


Black and gold spirit. Rainbow pride.

Dalhousie marches through the streets as part of the 28th annual Halifax Pride Parade.


Shape your university experience as much as it shapes you

From residence clusters to clubs and societies, we have a community that's right for you. Explore all that Dal student life has to offer.


SUB Renovation Project
Rendering of SUB Renovation

Site preparations for the Student Union Building Renovation Project began July 24. Check out some of the key projects currently under construction on campus.

Dal Ocean Research
Dal ocean research

As a leader in ocean studies, Dalhousie delivers global solutions to the complex challenges facing our life-sustaining oceans. Learn more about Dal's strength in ocean research.

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Labour Relations at Dal

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